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watching people who have to pee badly

Posted by Beethoven on 2005-02-28 22:43:49

Does anyone else find it amusing or funny to watch people when they have to pee really badly? Like watching them squirm of bounce their leg or whatever it is people do when they're tring to hold it in?

Posted by karika on 2005-04-23 15:34:50

I agree with you. Me and my friend play hold it all the time and it's so much fun! I think that it is funny to watch other people when they are desperate.

Posted by user54321 on 2010-07-11 20:40:41

Yeah, someone who's bursting to pee is hillarious. Especially a girl like me, with such a tiny bladder, and cannot hold it a long time. We cross our legs, hold ourselves, and do a pee-pee dance, trying to keep our pans or skirt dry. Once we were on a camping trip to a state park, and my friend has a bladder the size of walnut, yet refuses to use public toilets. I don't blame her, they were gross! Anyway, she was needing to pee quite badly by the time we left, but wouldn't use the bathrooms, so we left. The bus ride was torture for her,she was squirming, holding herself, and moaning the whole way. We love to tease each other, so made the pssssss noise, pointed out all the lakes and rivers we passes, and "accidentally" spilled my bottle of water. When we got back to the school, she had to hobble so slowly to our classroom (we had to ask permission to use the bathroom), and I was laughing so hard, I nearly peed myself too! She pranced and pee-pee danced like crazy until the teacher let her pee. She actually leaked a little on the way there, so there was a golf ball sized patch on her crotch. It was sooooo funny!