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Has anyone been forced to undress during a crime?

Topic Posts Last Poster Latest
Stripped at Gunpoint in a Parking Lot 1 gettingstuff 1 month
Did Exhibitionism go wrong for you? 1 Amanda48 1 month
robbed and stripped at work 2 slimmate 1 month
Another perspective 104 slimmate 2 months
Robbed At Work 43 xkguy 6 months
Robbed and stripped while clean up a basement 6 xkguy 6 months
Pizza Joint Robbed several times 3 pizzadude 6 months
Robbed outside a tavern 3 shrrr 6 months
Stripping Robberies in the News 35 scott4455 6 months
Robbed in my house 21 guynfl 6 months
Tied in Store Robbery 48 Charlie2591 7 months
Forced to undress two times 3 scott4455 7 months
Stripped for distraction 5 fabyola 11 months
Today, a complete stranger forced me to strip 5 Xdx 1 year
Park Robbery 4 Xdx 1 year
robbed with cousin 8 Xdx 1 year
Why did you post on this forum? 62 Xdx 1 year
Robbed on the beach 4 slimmate 1 year
Robbed with twin brother while abroad 15 Xdx 1 year
Movies and TV Shows with Mugging/Robbery Stripping Scene 15 slimmate 1 year