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Ultimate wwe poll 2007-12-20
welcoming all wwe fans
Supernatural 2008-06-19
All about the TV show Supernatural
Best Series Four Villian 2008-12-29 (closed)
Best Series Four Villian
American Idol 2009-02-13
This is a poll for die-hard Idol fans.
What tags should "The Games We Play" carry? 2012-02-27
As you can see, I've excluded "Crossover" and "Human" because those obviously...
Reality Shows 2012-04-26
Finding out your opinions on Reality TV Shows
lost vs heroes 2007-02-17
whats better lost or heroes
X-Files VS Law & Order(All three) VS CSI(All three) 2007-12-06
This is a poll about my favorite mystery/detective shows on television. Which do you think is bet...
Married With Children 2008-02-21
This is a poll of my favorite Sitcom TV show. So I want to make a poll about the show.
Digi-TV ;) 2008-04-03
Digi-TV ;)
Which of these shows is your favorite 2008-2009 2008-10-03
These are all the shows I like and I want to know which is best?
Video Games vs. Movies? Which is better? 2009-04-11
This is a question that's a big fight in my family Video Games or Movies. I prefer Video Games. ...
Best Series Two Villian 2009-04-27
Who would you rather see Johnny With 2009-05-21
Who would you rather see Johnny With
Who is the best American idol Winner ever? 2009-05-28
Who is the best American idol Winner ever?
sonic x season 4! 2010-04-24
Who is your favourite Criminal Minds character? 2012-05-29
Who is your favourite character from the hit TV show Criminal Minds?
The Cartoon Awards 2003-01-02
Vote for your fave in each category! The top nominee is The Simpsons, with 9 nominations!! Vote b...
Simpsons Poll 2003-02-27
This is for ALL of you simpsons fans.
pokemon 2006-09-28
Les Stroud Vs. Bear Grylls 2007-04-09
Who is the better survivor?
what is naruto's best move? 2007-10-21
*hint* its like a ball
pokemon 2008-11-18 (closed)
Willow Rosenberg vs Gabrielle Solis 2009-02-28
Willow Rosenberg vs Gabrielle Solis
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2003-02-27