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Pokemon a way of life! 2007-06-06
Many people believe that Pokemon is something bad or evil. I don't think so. Most of the people l...
Family Guy 2008-06-04
Family Guy
American Idol 2009-02-13
This is a poll for die-hard Idol fans.
Cutting the Cord (Cable TV) 2010-12-18
Online video is growing rapidly. Would you ditch your cable TV in favor of purely online enterta...
Your Favorite Old time TV Show 2011-02-10
Name again. Lol
Simpsons Poll 2003-02-27
This is for ALL of you simpsons fans.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2003-02-27
Favorite Crank Yankers character 2003-10-10
Hello. This is the first Crank Yankers poll on Misterpoll.com. Everyone will be able to answer ...
Futurama. Back on the air? 2004-04-02
looking at every aspect of the show.
CHARMED T.V. Series 2005-02-16
Who are your favorite actors and actresses from the CHARMED T.V. Series?
I like television, and I was wondering what people think the best tv show of all time is.
wwe superstars who r losers 2007-02-13
which wwe superstars r losers
X-Files VS Law & Order(All three) VS CSI(All three) 2007-12-06
This is a poll about my favorite mystery/detective shows on television. Which do you think is bet...
Buffy V.S Phoebe 2008-03-01
who would win in a fight
Digi-TV ;) 2008-04-03
Digi-TV ;)
American Idol Top 5 2008-05-03
Who will be the next person to leave?
Which of these shows is your favorite 2008-2009 2008-10-03
These are all the shows I like and I want to know which is best?
Who is the best American idol Winner ever? 2009-05-28
Who is the best American idol Winner ever?
The Ultimate Vampire/Slayer Icon Face-off! 2009-07-07 (closed)
Buffy or Edward...Choose your side!
The Big Bang Theory (TV Show) Poll 2012-04-19
The Big Bang Theory (TV Show) Poll
Reality Shows 2012-04-26
Finding out your opinions on Reality TV Shows
brother vs sister gunge gameshow 2014-04-07
A brother and sister go head to head on a TV show to get the other one covered in gunge! I have n...
The Cartoon Awards 2003-01-02
Vote for your fave in each category! The top nominee is The Simpsons, with 9 nominations!! Vote b...
Teen shows, characters and actors 2004-11-03
What are your favourite TV-shows? And your favourite characters and couples from this TV-show? An...
Favortie Mad TV Cast Member 2005-06-13
Who's your all time favorite Mad TV Cast Member