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Days Of Our Lives 2004-08-20
Days Of Our Lives
The TV MegaSite's Days of Our Lives Poll 2007-04-13
Polls about the TV show "Days of Our Lives".
American Gladiators 2007-09-27
This is a poll about the Classic TV Sports Competition Show "American Gladiators."
Code Lyoko Poll 2009-07-17
This is my first Code Lyoko Poll. This is for Code Lyoko lovers and fans only. Enjoy! ^_^
BB Mega Poll 2010-06-16
BB Mega Poll
wwe vs tna viewers choice 2 2011-07-26
wwe vs tna viewers choice 2
Breaking Bad Vs. Game of Thrones 2014-01-16
Which show will come out on top?
Edd Ed and Eddy Survivor 2004-08-29
Each Week we will vote off an EEandE Character so keep checking back here each week to vote anoth...
which wwe superstars has the hottest wife 2009-07-02 (closed)
shawn michaels chris jericho randy orton triple h
Real World/Road Rules Hotties 2005-07-11
I should probably say that this poll is mainly for straight girls and gay guys.
SYTYCD-Canada_Top 18 2010-09-07 (closed)
Which top 18 dancer will most likely win it all?
Buffy vs. Xena - Sexy Fantasy Time Travel Duel 2012-09-14
Buffy - Vampire Slayer (5'3''/1,61 m) vs. Xena - Warrior Princess (5'11''/1,80 m): This is an ult...
wwe champs through out the years 2006-05-20
this is about the wwe world champs through out the past years
Cartoon Wars 2006-08-10
best Cartoon
The Simpsons v Futurama 2007-01-04
The Simsons v Futurama (obviously)
Total Drama Island 2008-08-12
Gunge gameshow! 2010-04-05
This is the gameshow which you voted who would be in it, how they were gunged, outfits etc. The ...
Monica wrestling Chandler 2001-06-11
Monica challenges Chandler to a wrestling match. Chandler, the guy, is confident he can take her...
America's Next Top Model - Season 6 2006-05-30
This had to be one of the best seasons since season 3. Now it's time for me to know what you thou...
South Park vs Family Guy 2007-05-18
Which one's better?
Who will win x factor 2008? 2008-12-07 (closed)
Who will win x factor 2008?
Your American Idol, Season 3! 2004-03-30
American Idol is one of my favorite shows on television. However, as much as I enjoy it, it some...
America's Next Top Model: Season Five 2005-12-07
Questions about models, conflicts,and shoots.
Are you a Ted DiBiase Jr Fan? 2009-05-30
If you're a fan of Ted Dibiase Jr, you should take this quiz.
Britains Got Talent 2009-05-31 (closed)
Vote who you think should win BGT Tonight!