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Spongebob vs. Patrick 2004-09-06
Who do you think is smarter??
The Women Of Eastenders 2008-04-09 (closed)
The Women Of Eastenders
2012 Black Sitcom Stars Bracket -- Will Smith region 2012-03-21
Pop culture poll to determine best black sitcom star
The Three's Company Complex Trio Tester 2001-04-01 (closed)
Are you a Three's Company fan? Cast your vote with these polls I have created and see the results...
THE BEST American Idol Poll!!! 2002-11-15
You know American Idol, right? Well, who doesn't? Do the poll, it's fun!
Real World - MTV 2003-12-01
The MTV hits reality show, Real World is growing. I just wanted to know which of the past season(...
South Park 2005-09-01
To me south park is the best cartoon ever made.
Best and Worst TV Shows 2007-10-18
Your favorite comedy and drama shows.
SYTYCD SEASON 6 - TOP 16 2009-11-07 (closed)
Who is your favourite?
Who will win "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains?" 2010-01-14
Who will win "Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains?"
So You Think You Can Dance - Top 20 2013-06-20
Who will most likely win Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance?
WWE WrestleMania 24 2008-03-03 (closed)
Predict all the biggest matches for the grandest stage of them all WM 24!
The Sitcom Poll 2009-06-25
There have been some classic sitcoms over the past 50 years, here is a chance to vote for your fa...
Im wondering who girls think is the hottest guy on TV is(reality not included)if your favourite i...
wwe vs tna viewers choice 2 2011-07-26
wwe vs tna viewers choice 2
LOST Season 5 finale 2009-05-17 (closed)
The best cartoons 2005-09-23
Each and everyone of you have watched cartoons or still do like me. This poll is about your favor...
Spongebob 2007-12-03
Spongebob Poll!
Survivor Gabon : Popularity Poll 2008-10-25
Vote for your favorite castaway.
John Cena vs. Dave Batista 2006-02-13
Who do you think is the better WWE Superstar?
The Best Simpsons Episode of All-Time! 2007-07-22
I'm putting all 400 episodes of The Simpsons up to vote for the ultimate 100 greatest Simpsons ep...
Favorite Cartoon 2007-09-20
What's your favorite cartoon. Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, or South...
Which series is you favourite? 2008-01-06
Here are some of my favourite. Sorry if I left some out..!
Which Star Trek has Better Stars? 1999-07-11
This poll basically deals with the star power of the various Trek casts. It also asks your opinio...
Degrassi Poll 2005-01-09
This poll is just to see what your faveourite things about Degrassi: The Next Generation are.