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Who is Your Favorite Glee Character? 2012-07-18
Who is Your Favorite Glee Character?
2012 Methane Television Awards 2012-07-18 (closed)
From the creator of the Methane Movie Awards comes an award show that celebrates the worst in tel...
western tv shows 2012-07-18
favourite western tv show
Late nite tv talk 2012-07-10
Letterman. Leno. Fallon. Kimmel. Stewart. Colbert. Ferguson. They make us watch, they make us lau...
Supernatural Fanfiction 2012-07-05
In my story "Timor Hominis Arenam" ("Fear The Sandman" in Latin), what should...
Eastenders vs corrie 2012-07-05
Eastenders vs corrie
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2012-07-02
A poll about all aspects of the 3 seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers including rangers, zord...
Which Disney Show Should Be Cancelled? 2012-06-20
There are currently many annoying shows airing on Disney Channel. I won't name them, but I feel ...
which is stronger hurricanes or tornadoes 2012-06-20
Which has more overall destructive power hurricanes or tornadoes of the same ranking.
The Geekly Top 10: TV Theme Songs with lyrics (Select 5) 2012-06-19
Below is a list of catchy theme songs. We tried to think of a good bunch so you'd have plenty to ...
Do You Dream? 2012-06-14
Is there a correlation between those who dream and those who watch TV? Does the amount of time we...
Do you ever want to watch a kid's show? 13 and up only. (Read The Description) 2012-06-13
I'm interested if anybody feels like they want to watch TV series and / or TV movies that are sup...
phineas and ferb song 2012-06-12
most popular songs on 4 phineas and fern albums
All about Glee. 2012-06-11 (closed)
A poll to see what the majority of the fandom likes best.
Favorite horror character (classics) 2012-05-29
Favorite horror character (classics)
Who is your favourite Criminal Minds character? 2012-05-29
Who is your favourite character from the hit TV show Criminal Minds?
American idol 2012-05-29
Who is your favorite
OUAT LOTR race? 2012-05-20
Choose what race the characters would be on LOTR.
2012 Methane Television Awards Nominating Ballot 2012-05-20 (closed)
From the creator of the Methane Movie Awards comes an award show that celebrates the worst in tel...
OUAT Harry Potter Sorting Poll 2012-05-20
OUAT Harry Potter Sorting Poll
ABDC Ever Tourney: Funk Bracket (1st Round, Part. 2) 2012-05-14 (closed)
The second part of the Funk bracket, 1st round of the ABDC Ever Toruney.
Best Nickelodeon TV show 2012-05-07
Best Nickelodeon TV show
Spike VS. Porkchop 2012-05-07
Spike from Rugrats VS. Porkchop from Doug. Who is your favorite?
America's Best Dance Crew Ever Tourney! 2012-05-01
Who is the greatest dance crew to compete on ABDC. I'm conducting a tourney in order to see who i...
Reality Shows 2012-04-26
Finding out your opinions on Reality TV Shows