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What do you think about the SpongeBob episode "Face Freeze?" 2013-08-26
Have you ever seen the new SB episode "Face Freeze?" It's where SpongeBob and Patric...
Prisoner cell block h 2013-08-26
Prisoner cell block h
Doctor Who Favorites 2013-08-14
Geeks unite (again)! if you like Doctor Who then this is the poll for you! Just pick the Doctor W...
Best Cartoon Tournament (Round 1) 2013-08-12
30 cartoons will compete in a huge tourney, where the winner will be crowned The best cartoon!. ...
Merlin 2013-07-15
I love merlin
Knightmare 2013-06-24
I am obsessed with knightmare, please answer these questions.
My little pony pony friendship is magic song list 2013-06-20
What is the most popular song from my little pony friendship is magic
So You Think You Can Dance - Top 20 2013-06-20
Who will most likely win Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance?
BGC Hollywood Fan Favorite BG 2013-05-23
Choose your favorite bad girl and whoever gets the most votes will win the hbic ... but in retur...
Do people really die on the tv show knightmare? 2013-05-20
Do people really die on the tv show knightmare?
wwe/tna superstars best 2013-05-15
wwe/tna superstars best
wwe 2013-05-13
WWE 2013-2014 POLL 2013-05-09
questions for this years WWE Franchise
Futurama vs. Friends 2013-05-08
Futurama vs. Friends
dance moms favorite armpit 2013-04-17
they're always flashing them, so we've all seen them. who's your favorite?
What should ABC do about Castle's "Pit Bull" line? 2013-04-17
What should ABC do about Castle's "Pit Bull" line?
Favorite Spongebob Characters 2013-04-04
A spongebob poll.
That 70s show what was said in the scene when in season 4 episode 21 prank day l 2013-04-01
Queen Chrysalis 2013-03-19
OK, I already did the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic poll, but here's one about the villain,...
which tv show is better 2013-03-07
which tv show is better
That 70s show 2013-03-05
Things about that 70s show
which tv show is better 2013-02-27
which tv show is better
Happy Tree Friends 2 2013-02-19
Happy Tree Friends 2
This poll is the amazing poll for Happy Tree Friends! It has a bunch of questions about HTF for Y...
the original baywatch series 2013-02-05 (closed)
your opinion on the programme