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Who's Stronger? 2001-11-12
Who's the stronger females of Dragonball?
Tag team partners for the WWF 2001-11-11
About WWF wrestling
Who is the best youthful hero? 2001-11-10
Which is the best
Favourite "Enterprise" character 2001-11-09
Now that "Enterprise" has started... Do you already have a favourite character?
Simpson Poll 2001-11-09
Here's a Simpson Poll, yay for you, don't you feel incredibly special.
Is Cartoon Network for adults only? 2001-11-09
What are the shows on Cartoon Network really about?
Dreamer (Poll 1) 2001-11-09
This is the first Dreamer Poll for The Save Max & Liz Pages
fav cartoon 2001-11-09
Designing Women 2001-11-09
this is a poll to see who your favorite Designin woman is.
Liz& Max (Poll 1) 2001-11-09
This is Poll 1 for The Save Max & Liz Pages. If you are a Dreamer, or fan of Roswell in gener...
Who's the Best Character? 2001-11-09
Vote for you're favorite Character from You're favorite Show!
Star Trek: Voyager 2001-11-09
This is for those who loved star trek :voyager.
Actress vs. Actress (TV) 2001-10-27
Which is better between the match-ups?
Premium Channels 2001-10-25
Pay cable television.
that 70's show 2001-10-24
The best show around but who are the best characters?
who's line games 2001-10-24
I like the AMERICAN Who's line. Which games do you like?
Miss Cleo 2001-10-22
This poll is to see how many people are attracted to Miss Cleo
Invader Zim Poll 2001-10-22
This is just a little Invader Zim thing.
Your Opinion - 1 2001-10-21
Vote your opinion on Gundam Wing and their characters!
The Simpsons 2001-10-20
Like the Title Saids
the t.v series stenfeld has on question i need an answer to, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, GIVE YOUR VOTE!!!
The One With All The Guest Stars 2001-10-20
Ok. Poll #5. We have a few of the more memorable guest appearnces on the show. Dont 4get 2 post u...
Get smart 2001-10-20
Hello, This is a poll for Get Smart. It will be coming in late fall .
Zoidberg 2001-10-19
What is your opinion of the Futurama character Zoidberg?
Computer animated or Classic Cartoons? 2001-10-09
Which do you preffer? The new style of animation used in shows like ReBoot, BeastWars, and Action...