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Rating The Big Brother 2 Guests 2001-09-10
Tell the world how you feel about the BB2 guests .. and how your feelings have changed towards th...
Vote for your fav S'pore/Hong Kong/Taiwan Star 2001-09-02
Vote for your fav star and every each week, I will annouce the top 3 winners.
Buffy rumors 2001-08-24
There have been a few rumors flying about about Buffy's return, a Spike romance, Willow changing ...
Popular TV Shows Poll! 2001-08-13
So... do you like any one show better than the other? Here we can debate!
Which Cartoon Cartoon Dosn't Have Enough C Toons? 2001-07-31
Vote for your Favorite Show, if you think it dosn't have enough C Toons!
Most popular GW character 2001-07-13
Who is you favourite GW character?
Totally TV Poll 2001-07-06
here's a poll with a whole heap of questions that want answers:
Whose Line is it Anyway? 2001-07-02
The biggest and best Whose Line poll! Covers both versions!
Cartoon Orbit Masters Week 5 2001-07-01
Here is the 5th poll for Cartoon Orbit Masters!
Cartoon Orbit Masters Week 3 2001-07-01
Here is Week 3 of the Cartoon Orbit Master's poll!
Disney Channel Girls, who's the cutest? and more DIS Chnl ?s 2001-06-24
Out of the Disney Channel Cuties, who is the cutest girl? (Of course they are all cute). Plus oth...
Monica wrestling Chandler 2001-06-11
Monica challenges Chandler to a wrestling match. Chandler, the guy, is confident he can take her...
Who is your favorite crotch-kicker? 2001-06-09
Couldn't help but the notice the many "female dominating male" movies and TV shows that...
Angel and Buffy 2001-06-03
this is to see what differnet people think of buffy and angel, don't bother takein it if ur not a...
SPANK A CELEBRITY 3: the end 2001-06-01
okay so this is the final part of the trilogy. its simple jusy say which of the the celebrities t...
80's cartoons 2001-05-29
Many cartoons of the 80's were good, and I'm wondering which one was favored the most.
"Friends" Monica and Chandler Poll. 2001-05-26
This poll is to determine what everyone's opinions on Monica and Chandler are as a couple.
M*A*S*H Favorites 2001-05-21
Questions About The TV Show M*A*S*H
charming men/demons/whitelighters 2001-05-15
We know you love em but who do you love the most and whos the best couple???
HOw many hours a day do you watch TV? 2001-05-12
On a scale from 1-10, 1 being the lowest, how many hours a day do you watch TV?
Buffy and Angel Poll.... 2001-05-05
The best Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel poll ever....
South Park Character Poll 2001-04-26
Who is your favorite South Park Character?
X-FILES meets SURVIVOR / week 7 2001-04-25
Hi all you X-Philes, this is an interesting poll for you! It's a blend of CBS's Sur...
80's cartoons 2001-04-24
wich will be the best 1980's cartoon
Evil Inc. Polls (Buffy/Angel) 2001-04-21
These polls are to be used in conjunction with the <i>Buffy</i>/<i>Angel</i&...