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F-R-I-E-N-D-S 2001-12-03
This poll is about the greatest show on earth: F-R-I-E-N-D-S
Friends:Ross and Rachel 2001-12-03
This is a poll about two best characters and the best couple on the hit TV show FRIENDS!
Friends:9th Season 2001-12-03
There are rumors of whether or not there is a ninth season.
If You Were a FRIEND........ 2001-12-03
Just some questions I thought would be interesting.
Star Trek Voyager 2001-12-03
This is a poll on some things from star trek voyager.
Future of FRIENDS. 2001-12-02
Vote for various things that could/should happen during or after the 8th season of the TV series ...
Worst FRIENDS Episodes. 2001-12-01
Vote for the FRIENDS episodes you dont like.
Best FRIENDS Episodes 2001-12-01
Vote for your favorite episodes of the hit TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
MitM Episode Poll 2001-11-30
Basically, it's a poll for each episode that airs each week.
Spike, Spike, Spike... 2001-11-29
What is with all the S/B nonsense that seems to have attacked the unsuspecting world out of nowhe...
Papa Aaron Spelling 2001-11-29
His shows, his kids, his gift-wrapping room...
Eighties televison makes me smile 2001-11-29
Remember all these shows? Tell me what you think, tell me, tell me!
Malcolm In The Middle Spankings 2001-11-29
Hal and Lois have some very spankable boys.
Charmed 2001-11-28
A poll 2 find out who is the most popular character, best epi etc
Favorite Tv show 2001-11-28
Which of the following are your favorite Tv show?
The Sexiest Man on Y&R 2001-11-27
Tell us in your opinion,who the sexiest man on The Young And The Restless is!
Poll of November 2001-11-27
I cant believe it.. buffy and spike went all the way! but what do u think about willow?
Friends! 2001-11-27
This is a poll dedicated to the best show ever!
Jerry Springer & Judge Judy 2001-11-26
Do these two have anything in common?
Favorite TV Characters 2001-11-26
Vote on your favorite TV Characters for each show
Sattelite TV vs Network TV 2001-11-25
I have trouble receiving Network TV broadcasts in my location, and had network coverage thru Dire...
E!'s "Wild On" Babes 2001-11-24
I like both of them, who do you like?
Charmed 2001-11-21
Hey you.....yes you who else...vote!!!
Sparky's CBS Soaps Polls 2001-11-16
Share your opinions on CBS soaps.
ALL ABOUT DAVIS 2001-11-12
This is a poll to see if your a real davis fan. enjoy