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Do you watch the great british hairdresser on E4? 2011-04-23
Do you watch the great british hairdresser on E4?
Sea Quest 2011-04-23
Your favourite characters from the Sea Quest TV series--Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea meets Sta...
Best TV Jungle Girl 2011-04-20
Best TV Jungle Girl
American Idol Contraversy 2011-04-16
The 5th question was no longer in effect as of 10 pm EST, May 25, 2011. There were 11 votes for i...
Who will get pregnant? 2011-04-16
Which character on Parenthood will have a 'surprise' pregnancy at the end of the season?
Are you a Jedi or a Teen Titan? 2011-04-09
Would you rather have the super cool lightsaber or the skills of the force? Or do rather have num...
Irwin Allen SF TV series 2011-04-05
Which was the best Irwin Allen SF TV series? Rate the shows according to how much you liked them...
Star Trek: the classic, original, '60s series 2011-04-01
Star Trek: the classic, original, '60s series
Favourite American Idol Winner 2011-04-01
Favourite American Idol Winner
Favorite Homunculi (FMA) 2011-04-01
Who is you favorite Homunculi of the 7?
Andersons TV Puppet Shows 2011-03-31
The Supermarionation series.
Who's your favorite American Idol star ? 2011-03-26
WHo did you vot for ?
What shows would you like to see on this channel? 2011-03-26 (closed)
What shows would you like to see on this channel?
Time Travel TV Series 2011-03-26
My favourite is Time Tunnel. Time Cop seems to have been inspired by Poul Anderson's Time Patrol.
Favourite Space Adventure TV Series 2011-03-26
They come from the US, Britain, Canada (Space Command (James Doohan was 1 of the stars) and Star ...
American Idol 10 2011-03-26 (closed)
American Idol 10
The Amazing race 2011-03-26 (closed)
The Amazing race
Cartoon War All Kinds 2011-03-26
Hope ya like it
American Idol Season 10 2011-03-26 (closed)
American Idol Season 10
Favorite Wwe Diva 2011-03-22
Favorite Diva of all time
Top Gear (BBC 2) 2011-03-20
I am doing a media project at school on TV Shows and would like to find out what people think abo...
TV Quality 2011-03-16
TV Quality
Audiences and 'Lie To Me' 2011-03-12 (closed)
By completing this survey, you give consent to have your results used in a study of how audiences...
American Idol Season 10 2011-03-07 (closed)
American Idol Season 10
Favourite Science Fiction Series? 2011-03-03
What's the best SF TV series? Feel free to add comments.