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Girls are very good at sports. Are culture is starting to except the fact that girls can be bette...
CFNM Competitive Sports 2012-07-26
Competitive sports from puberty onward are divided by sex. It is generally argued that males hol...
Are Girls better at basketball than Boys? 2001-09-05
Many girls are good at basketball. But can they beat the boys?
Mixed Singles Tennis 2001-11-14
Battle of the Sexes: Which Sex is better at Tennis?
girls versus boys 2002-03-14
Girls boxing against boys
Men boys vs. women girls at sports: battles of the sexes 2002-05-28
Determine how common girl vs. boy and man vs. woman sporting competitions are, and the typical ou...
who is stronger? boys or girls 2002-08-05
Who is stronger and more muscular before the age of 16? BOYS OR GIRLS
Boys only: is you girlfirend stronger than you 2003-09-11
I've recently found out that my hot girlfriend was so much stronger than me when she challenged m...
Are Girls stronger than boys 2003-09-11
We'll soon have an answer to the question of which sex is stronger in the ring.
Wrestling with littlte Girls 2003-09-26
This is a poll for Boys and Girls who wrestling each other and the Girl is dominate the Boy
GIRLS ONLY: Wrestling against Boys 2003-11-04
I am a boys who has recently found out that my girlfriend is not only smarter than me, but she is...
Tough girls vs. girls and boys 2004-02-04
OK, so a lot of girls are weak, but many boys aren't as tough as they're cracked up to be either....
Mixed Boxing (girls only) 2005-02-11
Mixed Boxing is starting to become rather popular, I myself love it, but what do girls think of i...
Best Female Tennis Player 2005-06-21
There have been many female tennis players who have dominated at grand slams. However, most of th...
who is faster at running girls or boys? 2005-07-11
i was just wondering who u thought was faster at running girls or boys?
GIRLS OR BOYS??? 2005-08-22
Which Sex???
Mixed Boxing (girls only) 2005-12-06
Mixed Wrestling Diva Style 2006-03-02
WWE Divas, Female Celebrities, and Female Athletes test their strength against each other. Leave ...
The Life Of Girls and Boys! 2006-04-03
Which Life would be more comfortable to live, girl or boy???
Mixed Wrestling - your views 2006-06-01
This is a poll about mixed wrestling. I've been in mixed wrestling matches with girls and won.
Mixed wrestling complete poll 2009-06-19
Questions for both sexes. An extensive poll to gain data about wrestling among girls and guys.
divas spanked hard 2010-10-15
divas spanked hard
Are Girls Stronger Than Boys? 2012-02-09
Take this poll to find out!
Men only swims 2014-03-31
For decades the YMCA in the USA required nude swimming for men and boys. In the 1970s, it became ...
Mixed Boxing; Where Do You Stand (Guys Version)? 2014-10-20
There aren't many good boxing polls around here, so just answer as best as you can! This is the g...