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Female Wrestling Expo 2001 - The Female Wrestlemania 2001-11-27
A fantasy wrestling poll that includes over 50 of the top female wrestlers in the sport today.
Men boys vs. women girls at sports: battles of the sexes 2002-05-28
Determine how common girl vs. boy and man vs. woman sporting competitions are, and the typical ou...
WWE DIVAS Poll 2003-10-20
Everyone love the WWE Divas, now do a poll on them.
Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength 2003-12-15
In my neighborhood there was a muscular athletic girl who was stronger and tougher than all of th...
Girls vs Boys 2004-07-20
Girls are getting a lot stronger now a days and I was wondering what everyone thought about it.
WWE ~**Divaliscious**~ POLL 2004-11-07
If you're a fan of the WWE and especially a fan of the WWE DIVA'S, then you should take this poll.
WWE Survivor Series 2006 POLL 2007-02-03
WWE Survivor Series 2006 POLL
Cycling Stars 2011-02-14
Who will win the Tour de France this year? Who has brains and golden legs?
who would win in arm wrestling between katie lea burchill vs beth pheonix ? 2013-01-31
wwe divas arm wrestling
Chinese sports battles of the sexes 2014-10-20
Chinese sports battles of the sexes
Jockstrap & Athletic Hard Cup poll 2015-02-09
A poll about Guy's choices / preference for athletic gear for physical activities requiring suppo...
Girls wrestling parties 2015-05-07
For girls that have friends over to wrestle
Wetting while exercizing 2015-07-10
This is a poll to find out what sort of exercising people have wet them selves during :)