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the gymnastics quiz! 2008-07-19
this is a test to see if you have the strength, flexibility, and determination of a gymnast
Communal showers (Guys Only Please!) 2008-06-27
prespective on communal showers amoungst guys
Strong girls 2013-07-02
This is a poll to all the strong girls out there! talking about : training wrestling and how bein...
michelle rodriguez arm wrestling 2013-08-21
michelle rodriguez and kayla harrison arm wrestling
Men boys vs. women girls at sports: battles of the sexes 2002-05-28
Determine how common girl vs. boy and man vs. woman sporting competitions are, and the typical ou...
Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength 2003-12-15
In my neighborhood there was a muscular athletic girl who was stronger and tougher than all of th...
girls wrestling with their sister 2004-12-03
just wondering how many girls wrestle with their sisters frequently.
Naked, when and where? 2005-05-26
When you practice sport, there are many times to be naked: shower, when you change, and so on. Wh...
push ups ( teen girls only) 2005-06-05
I have noticed girls are getting a lot stronger and are not doing "girl" push ups anymo...
Two on One Wrestling 2006-06-14
About wrestling
WWE Create the Wrestlemania matches 2007-05-10
Hi, I have the game SmackDown vs RAW on Xbox 360, and I'm building my own Wrestlemania Pay-Per-Vi...
Jockstrap for sports 2012-08-08
Jockstrap for sports
GIRLS in WRESTLING SLEEPER HOLDS (The Honest Truth) 2013-01-14
This Poll is for all GIRLS Who HAVE BEEN PUT TO SLEEP in a wrestling sleeperhold, By Either Girls...
Speedo 2013-11-12
Questions about speedo
Showering 2014-02-25
This poll is for straight men only to determine how comfortable they are showering with other guy...
Jockstrap & Athletic Hard Cup poll 2015-02-09
A poll about Guy's choices / preference for athletic gear for physical activities requiring suppo...
Greatest Football XI of the Last 20 Years 2015-07-22
Greatest Football XI of the Last 20 Years