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PAY ME!!! 2003-05-14
In my English class we need to do persuasive speeches. I chose the topic, "College Athletes ...
Women's Locker Room Poll 2007-06-10
A brief poll about people of the opposite sex in the locker room.
CFNM Competitive Sports 2012-07-26
Competitive sports from puberty onward are divided by sex. It is generally argued that males hol...
Communal showers (Guys Only Please!) 2008-06-27
prespective on communal showers amoungst guys
the gymnastics quiz! 2008-07-19
this is a test to see if you have the strength, flexibility, and determination of a gymnast
What percentage do you believe would admit to being OUTLIFTED...? 2012-03-14
What percentage do you believe would admit to being OUTLIFTED...?
Armwrestling Mother vs. her 10 to 15 year old son 2001-08-31
Whos the strongest!!mothers and sons test each others strength.
Justine Henin: Tennis star 2002-04-25
Justine Henin has many fans and some say she is beautiful yet she has extra tiny little breasts a...
Emma Watson versus Hermione Granger 2006-05-10
What would happen if Emma fought Hermione?
Women And Muscle 2007-02-03
Welcome to my new poll. With the excellent response from my Calves poll I've started this one jus...
trainers 2 feet........... 2007-06-15
What looks better and why?
Sports Poll (blackninja133) 2008-02-15
I'm so sick of seeing crappy sport polls saying "What sport do you play?" and there is ...
Girl coaching boys 2009-02-04
I am Sarifina D'Italia. During the summer, my niece Thersea found that one of the teams in the ...
Which WWE Diva would you most like to see gunged? 2015-02-09
People get to choose which WWE Divas they would most like to see get gunged/slimed and how.
Tennis Chicks in Catfights: All the Best 2015-06-21
Here's your chance to pick the winners of catfights involving some of the biggest stars in womens...