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the gymnastics quiz! 2008-07-19
this is a test to see if you have the strength, flexibility, and determination of a gymnast
Men only swims 2014-03-31
For decades the YMCA in the USA required nude swimming for men and boys. In the 1970s, it became ...
arm wrestling 2013-03-22
judo girls arm wrestling
Jockstrap & Athletic Hard Cup poll 2015-02-09
A poll about Guy's choices / preference for athletic gear for physical activities requiring suppo...
Men's Sportsgear Poll 2015-02-20
Athlete's preferences for athletic gear including Jockstraps, Compression Shorts & Athletic C...
Which Spring Sports Event was most exciting? 2004-03-03
There are always heart-stopping events in Sports that we'll remember.
Mixed Boxing (girls only) 2005-02-11
Mixed Boxing is starting to become rather popular, I myself love it, but what do girls think of i...
best sport poll 2007-11-12
whats the best sport in the world
Lacrosse vs. Baseball 2008-02-15
Which sport is better? The long time question actually answered.
Leotards-is there another choice ? (Females Only) 2008-08-19
Leotards are outdated/uncomfortable to wear, but Females in certain sports/ballet, have little ch...
HeadScissors - Females to Males (Females Answer This) 2010-02-04
This poll is specially about the headscissors move performed by females to males to crush them or...
Your jockstraps 2010-06-16
Your jockstraps
Fit people body measurements 2010-07-05
For people who try to stay fit or physically active. What are your measurements and which is your...
For Girls-More Headscissors 2010-11-30
For Girls-More Headscissors
Girls Wrestling 2010-11-30
Hey ladies. Im looking for women to headscissor me and other submissions. please fill in. open to...
Mixed Boxing only. 2012-01-16
I've read a lot of polls posted before, and I have some questions, too.
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic 2013-11-18
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic
Guy's Sports Jock Cup Poll 2015-03-23
These are additional questions from our other two polls regarding mens' preferences for what supp...
Girls wrestling parties 2015-05-07
For girls that have friends over to wrestle