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RED SOX AND YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!! 2008-03-31
WEW!!!!!!!!!! GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!!
Do the BREWERS really want to win the NL Central? 2007-10-04
Wednesday nite 9/26/07 STL at MIL. Brewer Mgr. Ned Yost inserted RP Seth McClung whom in turn t...
Men only swims 2014-03-31
For decades the YMCA in the USA required nude swimming for men and boys. In the 1970s, it became ...
Teenage boys swimwear 2014-08-13
What do you normally wear before, whilst and after swimming in a communal pool?
Hockey 2003-04-17
I am a FANATIC about hockey...are you?
Nascar 2003-05-06
Do You believe that all stock car racing should be temorariliy banned because of all the fossil f...
Greatest football (soccer) club in the world 2003-09-02
Which is the greatest football (soccer) club in the whole world. Greatest players, most titles wo...
Boys only: is you girlfirend stronger than you 2003-09-11
I've recently found out that my hot girlfriend was so much stronger than me when she challenged m...
California Sports Teams 2003-10-28
This is to find out where California sports fans stand on the pro sports teams in Northern and So...
What is your favorite football team? 2003-10-28
Well I am a football fantic. I love football(american). I want you to tell me if you are the same...
Playoffs 2004-04-23
Choose the winners of each first round series.
Fav Sports 2006-01-03
Wat is ur favourite sports
NFL 2006-01-04
Favorite football team
strength training weight lifting fitness 2006-04-30
Various aspects of strength training with free weights
Should jockstraps be required for middle school basketball? 2006-12-04
My family moved this summer and I am going to a new school this year. I'm in the 8th grade. Since...
S. C. C. A. Production Class Car Racing 2008-02-05
How many Mister Poll participants had a role in the old "club" sports car races? How m...
MLB 2008-02-15
Leotards-is there another choice ? (Females Only) 2008-08-19
Leotards are outdated/uncomfortable to wear, but Females in certain sports/ballet, have little ch...
girlfriend catfight for BOYS only 2009-02-13
girlfriend catfight for BOYS only
Gymnastics & Attire 2009-05-28
Why don't more girls wear leotards for more reasons? Please note this poll is for girls only.
Mixed wrestling complete poll 2009-06-19
Questions for both sexes. An extensive poll to gain data about wrestling among girls and guys.
Baseball and Softball 2010-05-03
Baseball and Softball
Speedos for Guys 2010-09-03
I'm a swim teen love to be in the pool. This poll is about all speedos and types of suits for gu...
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic 2013-11-18
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic
Showering 2014-02-25
This poll is for straight men only to determine how comfortable they are showering with other guy...