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6th Annual FitGems Awards 2014-12-08
Vote for your favorites in the 6th Annual FitGems Awards!
Who Is The Greatest Hockey Player Ever? 2007-12-30
Who is the best? YOU vote
Justine Henin: Tennis star 2002-04-25
Justine Henin has many fans and some say she is beautiful yet she has extra tiny little breasts a...
Boys vs. Girls: Age and Strength 2003-12-15
In my neighborhood there was a muscular athletic girl who was stronger and tougher than all of th...
Is LBJ the next MJ? 2004-01-09
Is Lebron James the next Michael Jordan?
Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird 2004-09-17
Earvin "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird were no doubt two of the greatest basketball play...
MILE TIMES- High School Sophomore Guys ONLY 2004-12-28
I am considering going out for track this spring and was wondering what the average time for a hi...
Michael or Tiger 2005-02-21
Whos career would you rather have, Michael Jordan's or Tiger Woods's?
Michael Jordan V.S. Allen Iverson 2005-03-01
Who is a better basketball player?
Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird 2009-02-16
Some basketball fans think that Larry Bird is the greatest athlete to have ever picked up a baske...
Magic Johnson vs. Michael Jordan 2009-02-17
Earvin "Magic" Johnson is consider the greatest winner of his time. Michael "Air&q...
Amateur boxing shirtless 2011-08-08
While in former years till the seventies you could not distinguish amateur and pro boxers by dres...
NBA(who's the best) 2012-04-27
NBA(who's the best)
jordan or kobe 2012-10-26
who is the best 2 guard of all time?
Luvabulls Playboy 2014-03-25
Which of the following current Luvabull dancers would you most like to see in Playboy?