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5th Annual FitGems Awards 2013-12-17 (closed)
Vote for your favorites in the 5th Annual FitGems Awards!
WWE King Of The Ring Round 2 2013-12-12
Who will advance to the WWE King Of The Ring Tournament Semi-Quarter Finals?
WWE Wrestlefest (The Greatest Wrestling PPV Of All Time) 2013-12-06
Who do you think would win?
WWE Dream match card 4 2013-12-06
WWE Dream Match Card 4
Superhero Poll 2013-12-06
Which super hero is better
College football- Florida State 2013-12-06
What is the best team in the ACC, in college football. (Atlantic Coast Conference)
Favortie NFL team 2013-12-06
This is a survey about the teams in the NFL (National Football League)
WWE Dream Match Card 3 2013-11-27
Who Would Win?
king of the ring tournament round 1 2013-11-27
king of the ring tournament round 1
running habits 2013-11-25
running habits
Men/teens beaten by boys from 10-15 2013-11-18
Hello i am a 36 year old man who have a fantasy of been beaten up and humiliated by a young boy 1...
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic 2013-11-18
Maria Sharapova vs Ana Ivanovic
Speedo 2013-11-12
Questions about speedo
your most trusted line brand 2013-11-12
what is the fishing you use?
WWE Dream Match Card 2 2013-10-23
Who Would Win?
WWE Dream match card 1 2013-10-23
Who would win?
What NFL Player would you want to Spank? 2013-10-08
NFL hotties need spanked too
barefoot running with friends 2013-09-23
I recently started running barefoot. When I run with friends, they quite often choose gravel road...
Are you stronger than me? 2013-08-29
I am 6'3'' tall guy, 165 lbs, 20 year old, and in shape, I go to the gym, and even if I look lank...
michelle rodriguez arm wrestling 2013-08-21
michelle rodriguez and kayla harrison arm wrestling
wrestling: me vs you 2013-08-19
if me and you got in a wrestling match who would win ?
Eli Manning 2013-08-16
Your opinion on New York Giants QB Eli Manning.
Rugby Safety 2013-08-01
People's injury experiences with rugby
ULTIMATE World Soccer Quiz 2013-2014 2013-08-01
A poll on your favorite leagues, players, rankings and future predictions! Have fun! **Some playe...
could u beat me up ? 2013-07-22
who would win in a fite me or u ?