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Should guys wear speedos (swim briefs) 2016-05-07
This is a poll on your opinion of swim briefs
Steffi Graf: Champion or also-ran in Catfighting? 2016-04-23
Steffi Graf is generally regarded as one of the greatest womens' tennis players in history. She b...
Let's decide the best rule of boy vs girl martial arts 2016-04-23
I think groin shot can be the equalizer when a boy and a girl fight. Both of their weights are al...
WWE Divas Arm-Wrestling 2016 2016-04-23
Groin Injuries and Prevention 2016-04-23
A poll to gage public knowledge and to get people thinking about the seriousness of groin injurie...
WWE Poll 2016 ft NXT & Legends 2016-03-11
WWE Poll ft NXT & Legends
WWE NXT Diva Trip Around The Great House - Gunge Poll 2016-02-04
Pick which NXT WWE diva you would most like to send into a gungey humilation and get them complet...
Commuting by Bicycle 2016-02-02 (closed)
A poll for people who commute to school or work by bicycle.
Who's stronger - very tall girl or short boy ? 2016-01-27
Who do you think is stronger or would win in a wrestling match - a tall, slender 16 year old girl...
Your favorite male wrestler lost against a woman. (Only for the ladies) 2016-01-14 (closed)
Hi, i have se some video one youtube aboute guys and girls that have mixed wrestling. Sometimes t...
The Ultimate Steffi Graf Catfighting Poll & Questionnaire 2016-01-12
Steffi Graf was one of the greatest womens' tennis players of all time. She beat all the top chal...
Wrestling With Brothers and Friends (poll for guys) 2016-01-11
Wrestling With Brothers and Friends (poll for guys)
Male vs Female Strength Comparison and Wrestling 2015-12-22
How strong do you think I am in comparison to females? Do I stand a chance in a wrestling match?
Mixed Wrestling - girls only 2015-12-15
Mixed Wrestling - girls only
7th Annual FitGems Awards 2015-12-07 (closed)
Vote on who you think shined the best in the fitness industry in 2015!
Is Iowa a top four team in college football? 2015-12-03
Are they better than Ohio State, Notre Dame, Stanford?
Will the Vikings make the playoffs? 2015-12-03 (closed)
Will the Vikings make the playoffs?
Which Team will not make the final four in the College football playoffs? 2015-12-03 (closed)
Which Team will not make the final four in the College football playoffs?
Traveling baseball team 2015-12-01
I want to play this year on a traveling team but scared to because of how I think it works.
Girls only: Watching amateur wrestling. 2015-11-29
I would like to find out how many girls think amateur high school/college style wrestling is a se...
using the piledriver in a wrestling match 2015-11-19
A piledriver is a professional wrestling driver move in which the wrestler grabs his opponent, tu...
Teen Guys - Swimming With Socks On 2015-11-19
Teenage Guys Poll - About Swimming With Socks On
Can any girl beat me at sports? 2015-11-19
I am male 26 years old, 6feet 1, 183lbs can bench press 340lbs and pretty athletic. I never met a...
More attractive quarterback: Ryan or Manning? 2015-11-18
I'm having an argument with my friend about whether Matt Ryan or Eli Manning is more attractive.
Who are the Sexiest Babes in Womens' Tennis? 2015-11-16
Here's your chance to compare and vote for some of the sexiest ladies to ever pick up a tennis ra...