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School Life


who will win the superbowl? (2003-04) 2003-11-21
superbowl 37
Is it ok for [teenage] boys to have teddy bears? 2003-11-19
Hi my name is chris and im doing a research project about double standards in society. So I creat...
Bullying: is it bad? 2003-11-18
These are just questions about bullying and subjects related to bullying. It asks both the bullie...
Why Are Boys So Wierd? 2003-11-18
Do You Know Why Boys Are So Wierd They Make You Think They Like You But They Tell You They Dont
Pimples! 2003-11-18
Questions about pimple problems
private schools vs. public schools 2003-11-15
i used to go to a public school, now i go to a private school. a lot of people think private scho...
What Grades Do You Make? (Ages 10 to 18 only!) 2003-11-15
This poll will see what grades you make in school.
The School Quiz 2003-11-12
PE 2003-11-12
A poll about PE
school uniforms and smocks 2003-11-12
I think school uniforms are ok, but smocks no. Are there still many schools with mandatory smocks ?
Mobile Phone On In Class 2003-11-12
Have You Been Punished For having your Phone On During Class? If So How Where You Punished?
Teaching Shakespeare 2003-11-11
I'm conducting a survey regarding teaching William Shakespeare in school. This survey should onl...
Cheating on tests 2003-11-11
How many tests have you cheated on?
School/P.E. Uniforms 2003-11-09
Just a brief survey on what uniform is required for schools. Please affect the truth.
school uniforms 2003-11-04
how many teens like school uniforms?
Teen Curfews 2003-11-04
Seeing who has been arrested for teen curfews.
Guys and Frats 2003-11-04
This poll is for guys in college who are thinking of pledging or are in a frat.
Son Tie 2003-11-04
This is a poll about sons who must always wear a tie.
Wearing Stickers 2003-11-04
Hi, I was wondering if ppl at your school like to stick stickers on themselves when they don't ha...
School uniforms and kissing for UK girls 2003-11-04
Please - only answer these questions if you are female.
Preps 2003-11-04
It's about preps.
Wedgies-Just for teen guys 2003-11-04
A poll about wedgies.
Boys showering at school 2003-11-04
the school poll you MUST take!!! 2003-11-04
At my school the teachers did unaform checks when thay pleazed.and it was in front of the whole c...
WHat Do You Like To Wear To School? 2003-11-04
WHen I went to school you can wear almost what you want to school. You can wear Jeans, shorts, T-...