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School Life


Socks or Tights? 2003-08-13
In my schooldays I wore socks until I was 16, mainly because my mother made me! What are others w...
How to run a girls PE class (girls only) 2003-08-13
I have just finished year 3 at an all boys secondary school. We are always interested in what hap...
how strict is your uniform 2003-08-13
Girls school uniform at one time used to be very strict is this still the case today? how strict ...
girls wearing slips 2003-08-10
Girls at one time always used to wear slips or petticoats but is this still the case today? Pleas...
Spanking at schools 2003-08-06
Is spanking needful in schools
Barefoot In School 2003-08-06
Answer truthfully about yourself and being barefoot in school.
School Sucks 2003-08-02
I have created this poll to find out what people thinks about school.
Board Shorts 2003-07-29
This poll is for boys who wear board shorts to go swimming or just as shorts.
OK To Wear Girls Clothes? 2003-07-25
I am a 17 year old boy and I would like to know what peoples views are on boys wearing girls clot...
Should skool b banned? 2003-07-25
Ive had enuff of it and altho its summer i dont wanna go bac 2 it!
Boys bed times uk aged 11 to 18 2003-07-25
What time do boys go to bed. Only answer for the years whilst still at school.
Candid Photos 2003-07-24
I am a teen girl, and the other day when I was waiting for a train I caught someone taking photos...
Bullying 2003-07-16
I just want sum ideas of wot rly goes on, 2 try and help stop it, so plz spare a few minutes 2 ta...
Wet Pants or Allowed Restroom Visits? 2003-07-16
There has been much discussion in "wet pants at school" about accidents at school. Some...
Gym Lockerroom Erections 2003-07-16
For guys only... obviously!
How do you usually wear your skirt? 2003-07-02
This poll was created to find out what kind of skirts girls prefer wearing, their preferred lengt...
High School for Girls only 2003-07-02
This is to see if me and my friends are the only girls who do stuff like this at school
bedwetting 2003-06-30
a quick simple poll, i personally wet everynow and then at the age of 14, but stopped more then 3...
School Fire Drills 2003-06-30
Most of my schools had fire drills once a month. (THis is a state law) I would like to know if yo...
Dumb and Stupid PUnishments in School 2003-06-30
When I was in SChool, which was years ago, We had some of the dumbest punishments!
Uniforms in School 2003-06-29
When I was younger, i was enrolled in a private school. While there I had to wear uniforms. I wan...
wedgies 2003-06-25
tell us about ur wedgies
Wet pants in public 2003-06-25
Last week I wet my pants in public.I felt good about it. Have you ever done this?
Grade 8 Grad. Dance 2003-06-25
There is always a lot of talk about sexual activity after high school prom. I'm wondering if thi...
hey pplz! plz take this poll 4 m3! 2003-06-25
Plz take this poll about schl...it will help me tonz, SO JUST TAKE IT!!