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School Life


PROM POLL 2004-02-23
take it for fun ;-D
Your Favorite Subject 2004-02-18
Let's see whats your favorite subject!
My Quiet Study Poll 2004-02-17
Find out if it is more beneficial for college students to study in quiet environments.
what do boys like in girls?middle skewl boys only pleeze!!!! 2004-02-17
hello.wut do boys want n a gurl?well hopefully,we can find out!!!this poll is gonna b long!but pl...
teacher's pet - for girls only 2004-02-17
teacher - student sexual attraction
Guys uniforms/dress codes/clothes 2004-02-15
I just wanted to know the general opinion of how boys/guys in school should dress. I am a 16 ye...
what's your study style? 2004-02-14
How do you study for test?
Teenboys and Tissues 2004-02-14
Boys attitudes to using Kleenex
Aaron & Christina's Crazy Poll 2004-02-08
This is a poll truly done by darkmasterchris and Imarai_vamp but anywho this is a crazy question...
GIRLS: Do you like to see guys in sandals? What kind? 2004-02-06
This poll is for girls, between the ages of 15 and 24...teens and college students. Share your o...
School Uniforms/Dress Codes 2004-02-03
This poll is also for a school project. It has somewhat to do with my other poll, "School Dr...
your style 2004-02-02
what's your style at school? These questions asked here are subject that are talked by common-lif...
Girls beating up older boys(for girls only) 2004-02-02
I am a 13-year-old asian boy.In my school, there's a 11-year-old girl, and she always manage to b...
Very short about school uniform 2004-02-02
I am from country where no school uniform exist. I would like to know some basic attitudes.
does your school roc or suck? 2004-01-28
A lot of factors contribute to making a great school environment but unfortunatly some schools fa...
School Environment 2004-01-28
what is your school like?
As usual, every answer leads to another question. So, if you haven't already, please complete par...
Boyfriend losing a bet 2004-01-28
My boyfriend and I had a bet. He lost and is now saying it is stupid and for me just to forget it...
Girls School 2004-01-23
Did/do you go to a girls only boarding school? I went to a boys only school and was curios about ...
Locker Room Habits (Boys) 2004-01-23
How do you change in your locker room?
School Dress Codes 2004-01-23
I am working on a project for school, and I would like your honest opinions about what you think ...
Whats Hot Whats Not 2004-01-22
This is a poll to see what trends are still hot and what ones are not.
Boys Jeans Poll 2004-01-20
The following poll mainly is for boys and older guys as well. The poll mainly asks questions abou...
Sagging Pants 2004-01-16
In today's fashion world the style of sagging pants has become very popular. If you sag your pant...
Unruly behaviour and sloppy uniform wearing after school 2004-01-16
Please only complete if you are a schoolgirl aged between 11 and 18