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School Life


Wearing Stickers 2003-11-04
Hi, I was wondering if ppl at your school like to stick stickers on themselves when they don't ha...
School uniforms and kissing for UK girls 2003-11-04
Please - only answer these questions if you are female.
Preps 2003-11-04
It's about preps.
Wedgies-Just for teen guys 2003-11-04
A poll about wedgies.
Boys showering at school 2003-11-04
the school poll you MUST take!!! 2003-11-04
At my school the teachers did unaform checks when thay pleazed.and it was in front of the whole c...
WHat Do You Like To Wear To School? 2003-11-04
WHen I went to school you can wear almost what you want to school. You can wear Jeans, shorts, T-...
Boys: Sagging pants, untucked t-shirts and school dress code 2003-11-04
Many schools have dress codes, which don't allow to wear sagging pants or untucked t-shirts. But ...
Lockeroom humiliation 2003-10-28
this has happened before
Random things 2003-10-28
This is a bunch of random things. I'm bored.
depantsing 2003-10-28
have you been depantsed yet
How Religious are you??? 2003-10-28
Hey take this Poll its really cool WE LOVE U!! 8th Grade Rocks!
Pregnant during High School 2003-10-28
During HS, did you have kids? Talk about it
School 2003-10-28
To see what you think about school.
Short trousers to school in UK 2003-10-28
There appears to be a little evidence that more teenage boys are wearing grey shorts as part of t...
Favorite Class 2003-10-28
This poll is to determine which classes students like the most.
uk teenage boys in sportswear 2003-10-21
this is a poll for teenage boys in uk,who wear sportswear for p.e or at home
Most popular music 2003-10-21
Hi, I have been wondering for the past weeks whether the kind of music that is popular at my scho...
Muddy school fields 2003-10-21
Top sports stars get to pley on pitches that are like carpets, whilst school pupils get pitches t...
Getting excited in PE lessons 2003-10-20
PE's a time when a lot of you are together, wearing less than normal and physically close. Have y...
School uniforms and body piercings 2003-10-20
This poll is to gauge opinions on school students wearing body jewellery and tattoos whilst wear...
showers at middle schools 2003-10-18
I have to take showers at school somtimes after we have been runing a lot or if we do somthing th...
Ferris Bueller vs. The Fonz 2003-10-14
Who would win a Class President election?
Purpose of "General Education" In College 2003-10-14
Students in the United States are generally required by their university to take two years of cou...
School Unies and Dress Codes. 2003-10-14
This is a poll to explore past and current opinion on secondary school uniforms. <P>...