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School Life


name tags 2003-04-09
My school are making the students wear name tags at school with a bar code should they do this.
Gym showers 2003-04-09
Hey, this poll is for middle schoolers going into high school where your nevous or highschooler t...
Im watching you shower boys 2003-04-09
What do u usually do in the locker room?
Punk rockers? 2003-04-09
My friends and I, being TRUE punks, have realized the sad state of the punk rock scene. To prove...
Virgin 2003-04-08
It needs no more info.
Teaching Incarcerated Juveniles 2003-04-08
While most educators and government decision makers agree that incarcerated juveniles should rece...
What School Sucks The Most! 2003-04-07
School sucks enough, so why go to one U dont want to.
When should girls start wearing nylons? 2003-03-28
At what age should girls be allowed to wear nylon tights/pantyhose/stockings?
Have you ever been around when someone got a swirly swirlie? 2003-03-28
This poll is about giving or recieving swirlies in school.
Silly punishments in school 2003-03-25
My teachers are always handing out embarrassing punishments in class. I was wondering if other fo...
Embarassing moments while cheering 2003-03-20
I was cheering for my high school and while we were in a pyramid, the elastic broke on my panties...
Teen Car Accidents 2003-03-19
This poll is designed for teens to see how many teens have been in car accidents/know teens who h...
School rules........ fair or unfair 2003-03-18
a poll about school rules and if you dont take it you will die a horrible painfull death.
High School Fights 2003-03-18
have you ever seen a fight in high school?
Columbine high school shooting. WHY?? 2003-03-18
Why did Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shoot up columbine?
Spring Break! 2003-03-09
Do the poll!
About You Poll 2003-03-09
This is a poll about where IU get to know you better...(IN A GOOD WAY!)
Guys (FOR GIRLS ONLY) 2003-03-04
Do you like guys?
What should I be? 2003-03-04
I haven't a life and in dier need of a real one.Please help me.
New Boyfriends, what do you do 2003-03-04
When in a new relationship when do you make out.
Grade 8 2003-03-04
This poll was created so that another 8th grade student could see the general life/preferences of...
Pie in the face!!! 2003-03-04
One of my favourite things to participate in at school was any kind of pie-fight, or any event wh...
trainer pants to school 2003-02-27
i am 11 and wear trainer pants to school and nappies at night I also have encropresis and am gett...
Schools and Budget 2003-02-27
Hey everyone. I am really upset about something and I am seeking other opinions.
Who likes school? 2003-02-27
My poll is about school. Do you at all like it?