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School Life


For College Girls: What would you do? 2003-09-09
Only For College Girls: Assuming you are sitting next to a pretty cute guy, what would you do?
Alex's Poll 2003-09-09
Fun Pole
Tardy to School 2003-09-08
This is to gain information about students in high school and if they make it to class on time.
Detention in High School 2003-09-08
This is to poll high school students regrading detention.
Public or Catholic 2003-09-08
What school would you want to go to.
Wet Pants or Allowed Restroom Visits Part Two 2003-09-08
Wet Pants or Allowed Restrrom Visits generated a lot of opinions. Here are moe questions that wil...
What is your favorite school subject? 2003-09-08
In this poll, you will vote on your favorite subject. The choices are: english, spanish, math, re...
School Stuff 2003-09-08
Stuff about school that you would run into.
Left-handed people 2003-09-08
This poll is to see how many people are left-handed and the different activities they do left-han...
Favorites 2003-09-02
Here's where you can vote on your favorite things...
I am a sixteen year old girl. I have to wear a shirt and tie, wool sweater, blazer, skirt, and ti...
Skirt Flippings - How Should Boys Be Punished? 2003-08-30
<BR> The author of this poll believes that too many boys today get away with far too much ...
More questions on nude gym class (girls) 2003-08-28
I am intrigued by all the polls about girls doing gym nude or in undies. I have thought of some ...
brother/sister-love/hate 2003-08-28
This poll is to determine the amount of love/hate sisters/brothers have for each other
Guys Shaving Their Legs01 2003-08-26
This poll is here to find out exactly what everyone (guys and girls) think about teenage guys sha...
*What would u lable urself as?* 2003-08-26
I want to see wat every lables themselves as.
Standing in the Corner at School (corner time) 2003-08-26
When I was in grade school, we had to stand in the corner as a punishment (better known as Time-O...
Boys Shirtless At School 2003-08-24
To what extent do/did you bare your chest, mandatorily and especially voluntarily ? Do you think...
Catholic vs. Public 2003-08-19
What are your opinions of Catholic and Private schools versus public schools?
exactly how cool are you? 2003-08-18
this test if for people who think they are cool, people who are not cool but they really are, and...
would you jump on someone? 2003-08-18
Would you jump barefoot or with shoes on someone's stomach, to strenghthen their muscles?
boys sitting on girls 2003-08-13
This is a question for boys and girls. Back in school or college days if you have been in a fight...
Girls with no PE kit 2003-08-13
I am intrested in all the polls listing info on school PE classes and the fact some girls do spor...
Socks or Tights? 2003-08-13
In my schooldays I wore socks until I was 16, mainly because my mother made me! What are others w...
How to run a girls PE class (girls only) 2003-08-13
I have just finished year 3 at an all boys secondary school. We are always interested in what hap...