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School Life


girls only 2004-07-20
this is a question about how you feel in school
Writing punishments 2004-07-08
Do you get ever get an essay as punishment at school. Some teachers assign essays that take hours...
Too old for shorts 2004-07-07
A poll to find out what age boys think they become too old to wear shorts to school and for speci...
What do you think? 2004-07-02
Souvenir from someone elected for your school's presidential election
Group Punishment 2004-07-01
Everyone's been in a class in which they've been punished for the actions of others. Take this po...
UK School Age Boys and White Pants 2004-06-29
No introduction will be needed! All UK lads of school age will be able to contribute something to...
Undergrad College Students 2004-06-26
Just wanna know about your situation while you are or were in college. <b>If you're not in...
Teen guys and muscles 2004-06-15
For boys only
Are braces sexy? 2004-06-14
Are braces sexy?
UK schools past and present 2004-06-14
I went to school in the 1970s and belive that schools then were stricter for the better. This pol...
Test Grading Poll 2004-06-11
In many classrooms, it is common for the teacher to have students self-grade quizzes, tests, and ...
Academic cheating 2004-06-09
My poll is about kids and adults cheating in school. I am doing this for an English class
How do you wear your School Uniform 2004-06-04
This is a poll on what people prefre to wera when wearing school uniform.
Are you dating someone??? 2004-06-04
everyone is anonymous
Do you like your teacher??? 2004-06-04
ok u remain anonymous so like if mr.helm comes to the website he wont give u straight Fs lol
Self analysis 2004-06-04
I want to know what people think of themselves, in the way of popularity, grades, and so on.
For girls ONLY 2004-06-04
What kind of guy do you like.
What Are Majoring in in College? 2004-05-28
Tell us!
Gothic schoolgirls 2004-05-24
For school girls who attend strict private schools and consider themselves to have "gothic&q...
Saturday- Day off! 2004-05-24
What is your Saturday like? What occupies your time?
A D V E R T I S E . T O . M E . M O R E 2004-05-23
what school haircut is best?
Help needed! 2004-05-22
Can you help me doing a report for my school?
What do you think about braces? 2004-05-21
This poll is for the people who just got or have braces on and also to let people know how they a...
What do you think about kissing? Girls and boys 2004-05-21
When I had my first kiss I was about to pass out. It was the best thing that ever happen to me. T...