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School Life


Catfights: Guys Only! 2005-01-18
Have you seen a catfight?
Is Pink the New Black? 2005-01-18
Does today's fashion sense say it's okay for ANYbody to wear a color traditionally restricted by ...
MIDDLE SCHOOL GUYS check this out! 2005-01-18
As a popular guy, would you go out with a girl like this?
4 GIRLS ONLY: bathroom mischief 2005-01-17
This is a poll about all the minorly evil things we girls do that shows that we're not always sug...
do u like school? 2005-01-14
does ne1 like school
Alumni Associations 2005-01-13
This poll is designed to see how many Greek Alumni participate in their local Alumni Associatoins.
Home/Public/Private School 2005-01-13
what type of school do you go to?
High School guys for girls only 2005-01-13
I want to know what girls look for in guys because I dont understand them.
Experiences of those who have witnessed bullying 2005-01-13
To find out opinions of those who have not directly experienced bullying or been a bully but have...
Catfights: GIRLS ONLY 2005-01-11
Have you ever been in an after school catfight? Tell us about it!
bullied 2005-01-09
how are u being bullied
Spring Break 2005-01-09
A poll asking about your plans for spring break
school 2005-01-09
general high school girls poll 2005-01-09
high school cheerleaders poll! 2005-01-09
hi! have fun!
Boys being shirtless at school 2005-01-07
This poll is for boys and men to see if they have been/they are shirtless in school (as a student)
Grades in School 2005-01-07
What grades do you usually get in school????
School bullying: Experiences of victims and their bullies 2005-01-05
Im looking at experiences of victims in relation to bullying and also the reasons why children be...
do you like school 2004-12-28
School Punishment at Xmas Time 2004-12-28
Have You ever had to do School Punishment over Xmas Holidays
Weepy Teens? 2004-12-27
Teenagers face many challenges in today's world. This poll is intended to find out if crying is u...
Do You Loathe Math? 2004-12-20
I know some people who hate math, and some people who love it. Where do you stand on the situation?
What is the UGLIESTcar? 2004-12-20
For a school project, we need your help.
Oh, Jimmy Smith! You're so disgusting! Yech! 2004-12-20
When I was in school the school nurse roamed the halls waiting to catch one of us with our finger...
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