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School Life


Choose my spanking 2015-05-04
Hi, im a 13 year old girl and i have been suspended from school for being cheeky, talking back, d...
English Classes in your life ? 2015-04-18
How have previous English classes that you've taken in the past affected you in an educational se...
Wanking / Jaking-off 2015-04-06
How you wank; where you wank; who you wank with; - that kinda thing
Wedgie Poll 2015-04-06
I haven't gotten or given many wedgies, but I wanted to see the experiences other people have had.
I was stripped 2015-04-06
I have a few polls on here and in a couple of them I mentioned the time I got stripped naked in s...
kids getting a bath or shower fully clothed in their shoes and socks for fun 2015-04-06
to find out if any kids have ever had a bath or shower fully clothed in their shoes and socks
Who at school would you allow to spank your child if anyone? 2015-03-23
Who at school would you allow to spank your child if anyone?
Dead in school uniform 2015-03-23
a random poll made on curiosity to see if people would be happy to be found dead in their school ...
TSA at prom 2015-03-23
It was recently announced that TSA will be present at my high school prom night this year to perf...
eec 2015-03-23
Did you like elecricity?
Girls how would you bully me 2015-03-23
Girls how would you bully me
AGAL Yearbook Survey 2015-03-23
AGAL Yearbook Survey
letting your kid have a fully clothed swimming race 2015-03-03
to find out if any parents will let their kid have a fully clothe swimming race in their shoes an...
New School rule primary school 2015-03-02
Coping another poll that was interesting, but long and laborious by the end, so I'm simplifying m...
Student debt upon graduation from college 2015-02-09
Student debt upon graduation from college
Another imaginary school rules 2015-02-09
I have read some polls about this topic,so I decided to create one,too (in fact I only edited an...
Can a female help with my novel when a female student sees an old friend NAKED? 2015-02-09
Martin and Daisy were close friends in high school. Although he's a geek, Daisy did always think ...
Girls bulling boys 2015-02-09
This poll is about girls bulling boys
Teen Daughter caught with boy in Room Punishment 2015-02-09
My teen daughter was caught with a boy in her bed room dress only in her knickers and bra how sho...
School Trousers (Boys) 2015-02-09
A poll about school trousers for boys who have worn them.
Humiliating Catfight at a Beach Bar 2015-02-09
It's Spring Break and a few of my Sorority sisters and I decide to go to Panama Beach for the we...
Barefoot at our class reunion 2015-02-09
I'm organizing our next class reunion (18 years after leaving school) which will take place this ...
Corporal Punishment in Christian Schools (USA) 2015-02-09
I go to a private christian school where they still use corporal punishment (paddling). They use...
Would you rather 2015-01-25
This is a poll to find out what you would rather do
Wedgie slave poll 2015-01-13
I am a serious wedgie master and I am looking for anyone who is interested in having me as a mast...