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School Life


if your kids fell into the water full clothed in their shoes and socks 2013-11-18
to find out if parents think their kids would be able to get them selfs to safty with out any hel...
kids getting bathed or showerd fully clothed in shoes and socks 2013-11-18
This poll is to find out what kids think of the idear of getting bathed or shower fully clothed i...
Girls Stolen Shoes 2013-11-18
This poll is to attempt to find trends when people steal shoes. what they do, what they look for,...
dare for kids 2013-11-18
to find out if kids would do a dare
Nust Guideline Mock test -for NET 2013-11-12
Nust Guideline Mock test -for NET
Did you ever go swmming fully clothed in your shoes and sock as a child 2013-11-12
to fid out if any one eer whent swimming fully clothed in thier shoes and sock as a child
Transgender kids vs Co-ed Locker Rooms 2013-11-12
The state of California recently passed a law that stated that a child can choose which restroom ...
college textbooks 2013-11-01
poll asking if students would rather meet in random locations to sell textbooks to one another, o...
Sleep Habits 2013-10-28
Sleep Habits
Favorite AP Class 2013-10-23
Favorite AP Class
Choosing a bedtime for girls in their teens. 2013-10-14
I believe that while girls are growing in their teens, they are still children and need lots of s...
Favourite lessons at school 2013-10-08
Favourite lessons at school
Design a School (Complete) 2013-10-08
Design your own school. This is going to be long
Barefoot to school - a dare for girls 2013-09-30
This is a funny dare for really tough girls. You should start in the morning before leaving for s...
I'm being forced to wear diapers HELP! 2013-09-30
I live with my aunt and she said she's going to make me wear diapers as punishment. I didn't beli...
School Accidents 2013-09-30
Have you ever had an injury that was even bad for the school nurse? Take this poll and go to the ...
School questions 2013-09-27
School questions
Higher Education in America 2013-09-23
How satisfied are you with the quality of education students receive in the U.S. today
Poll for boys about boys vs girls netball 2013-09-23
Hi, I'm a boy and I was wondering if any other boys have ever played girls at netball and how you...
What to do when sharing a hotel room (guy sonly) 2013-09-09
I am 16 and just started sixth form (y12). I am going on a trip to London which will involve shar...
Design a school (Teen[13-18] Guys only) 2013-09-09
Design a High school with your preferances
Barefoot Back to School 2013-09-09
A poll about going barefoot in the new school year.
Going Shirtless in College (Guys) 2013-09-03
Most high schools have dress codes and almost all colleges don't. Although the traditional view o...
Discipline in ballet/gymnastics 2013-09-03
What are punishments in ballet/gymnastic schools?
beating older boy 2013-08-26
Hi! I'm a 16 year-old girl. My cousin(boy) is 4 years-older than me, and when I was 13 we were at...