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School Life


Bedtime for kids (8 - 13) 2015-01-06
For kids or parents of kids aged 8 - 13 about bedtimes on school nights. This is a long poll b...
School Bathroom Use Policy 2015-01-02
This poll is on School Bathroom Use Policy and its consequences to students. It will ask what you...
Lost or stolen shoe 2015-01-02
This poll is for boys who have had their shoes are shoe lost or stolen
Kids taking part In a experiment for you tube 2015-01-02
To find out if kids would video them self's getting bathed or shower fully clothed and put the vi...
decide my punishment. 2015-01-02
I will be getting punished today for skipping school and missed assignments help decide what I wi...
Early bedtime for children on New Years Eve 2015-01-02
Early bedtime for children on New Years Eve
Underwear Choice 2015-01-02
Underwear Choice
femilized school?! certian facilitys 2015-01-02
the school i go to was a private only girl baording school but it changed this year because with ...
Peeing their Pants in Class - Boys vs. Girls 2014-12-08
Do girls pee their panties in class more than boys pee their pants? Does grade level make a diffe...
gym class (boys only) 2014-12-08
gym class (boys only)
Forum for bullies 2014-11-14
This is just a poll to invite fellow bullies to discuss bullying at my forum.
Will a modest, shy female please give her REAL feelings to help me write a geek? 2014-11-04
Alice was 19 years old & a 5'1 freshman history geek, the only virgin of her friends & so...
One shoe at school 2014-11-04
A poll to see how many boys have wore one shoe to school are at school and why
Shoe stolen 2014-11-04
I just found this site .I'm 13yrs I'm home to day because I got my shoe stolen after school Thu...
Girls bathrooms and locker rooms (high school) 2014-11-04
General poll about bathroom and locker room routines and habits
Teenage Smoking Habits 2014-10-26
This is just a survey for teenagers about smoking. Please feel free to leave feedback if you so w...
who likes to take there shoes off in class and walk around in socks 2014-10-06
Who likes to take there shoes off in school I always do it but am stuck on where to put my shoes ...
Young men's behaviour 2014-09-23
Should young men aged 12 and upwards, do any the following, or do they?
shirt and skin in coed pe 2014-09-19
the poll is about discriminating teams in coed sports
Making Math Moments Matter 2014-09-15 (closed)
This poll is to allow professional feedback regarding the Math Professional Learning provided on ...
Until what age should girls wear overalls instead of jeans? 2014-09-15
Until what age should girls wear overalls instead of jeans?
Why some kids like to lose thier shoe 2014-09-12
This poll is for kids 16 and under I have seen a lot of polls about kids losing are taking off o...
School-Assigned Reading (High School) 2014-09-02
What did you read for school? Americans, Canadians, English, etc. will probably have an easier ti...
Have you ever been grounded from any of your clothes 2014-09-02
I walked in the houses about two weeks ago and my mom told me to give her my right shoe she pu...
Teenboys Swimwear at School 2014-08-25
My teenage friend was interested to find out what teenage boys normally wear before, during and a...