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School Life


Barefoot Teacher 2017-02-18
I'm a teacher. Sometimes I teach my classes in bare feet just because I feel like it. It's not a ...
Short trousers for you Sir! 2017-02-05
Hello. I am just wondering who elese is forced to wear short trousers with their school/home uniform
Reading for Enjoyment 2017-02-01
Reading for Enjoyment
School Dances 2017-02-01
School Dances
School Sport Attendance 2017-02-01
School Sport Attendance
Should the Drinking Age be Lowered, Raised, or Remain the Same? 2017-02-01
Should the Drinking Age be Lowered, Raised, or Remain the Same?
Are you different from your peers? 2017-02-01
Are you different from your peers?
School Website Restrictions 2017-02-01
William S. Hart District semi-recently added a new firewall, restricting the access to websites i...
Which is more of a gateway drug, marijuana or alcohol? 2017-02-01
This polls purpose is to identify which substance is more of a gateway drug.
How many people skip breakfast in the morning? 2017-02-01
My population would be the high school students that do, do not, or sometimes skip breakfast in t...
Do you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18? 2017-02-01
Do you think the drinking age should be lowered to 18?
Sports 2017-02-01
High School Experience 2017-01-27
High School Experience
Your Future 2017-01-27
Your Future
Dress code in High Schools 2017-01-27
I want to find out if students in High School feel that a school dress code is necessary and enfo...
boys who take shoes off in school 2017-01-26
this is a poll for boys who like to take their shoes off in school or for teachers who have boys ...
Cheating in Class 2017-01-21 (closed)
This poll is designed to shed light on cheating in the class room at Saugus HS.
Kids doing a dare for a you tube video 2017-01-20
This poll is about kids doing a dare for real for a you tube video. I am going to do an exsperi...
kids swimming in their school uniform 2017-01-18
To find out how a teacher would react if one of the kids in their class jumped or dived into the ...
kids swimming 2017-01-18
To find out how a life gaurd would react if kids asked if they could jump or dive in to the swimm...
kuds getting a bath or shower 2017-01-17
To find out how many kids will get in the bath or shower fully clothed in their shoes and socks t...
kids swimming 2017-01-17
To find out if any kids have been swimming INA river canal pond PR swimming pool
Boys being barefoot 2017-01-12
I'm writing a story that deals with a real past of poor children who regularly didn't have any sh...
Parents force me to overdress for school 2017-01-10
Because my mother is very strict and over protective, she thinks that the cold weather will get m...
School Detention 2017-01-04
A survey poll of your experience and opinion on detention as an effective method of punishment in...