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Do I Have fun or am I a muslim? 2006-05-31
Is life fun for you or should you convert to islam?
Faith Poll 2007-07-03
A poll about faith.
super natural powers 2008-12-04 (closed)
asking weather people can have super natural powers
What's your Christian denomination? 2009-08-14 (closed)
What's your Christian denomination?
Atheism and Supernatural beliefs 2012-01-30
This poll is ONLY for atheists, please do not answer this if you are religious.
Wicca 2001-11-09
I just want to know how you all feel about alternative new age religions, such as Paganism and Wi...
The Holy Bible: Eight Questions 2003-01-03
This poll consists of eight questions pertaining to the Bible. Christians and non-Christians ali...
If space aliens landed - how would it affect religion? 2003-02-27
If space aliens landed on Earth, or if they were discovered, I think it's fair to say that the im...
Mormons 2005-03-02
I'm a mormon and have always wondered what others think of us. nobody will ever say what they thi...
The Holy Bible 2005-07-26
Do you beleive the Word of God, the Bible, is inspired by God?
Non Muslims 2006-03-07
What do non Muslims think of Muslims?
Christians only! Bible! 2006-07-06
I go to a christian school and have always gone to church. I've never read the entire bible. I ju...
Islam and the media 2006-08-18
Do you think that the media influences the veiw people have on islam...
Family prayer, study and worship. 2008-09-10
My parents are very religious (Roman Catholic) and insist we (them, my brother and myself) spend ...
Why do people choose to believe in a deity 2012-02-22
I am Athiest and am curious
Christianity and the Death Penelty and other topics 2001-10-02
Christians... are you for the death penelty? ...abortion? ...gay marriages? take this poll an...
For Practicing/Believing Christians Only 2002-12-20
To get accurate results, this poll is for *practicing/believing* Christians only. I am Jewish ...
How Non-christians view christians and their beliefs 2003-08-06
are they hypocritic prats or sound ppl
Hell Poll 2007-06-04
Questions about hellfire and damnation
Your best virtue. 2008-05-24
Recently, I've been showing some interest in morals, so I came up with these two polls. This one ...
Are any "Fortean" subjects compatible with Christianity? 2008-09-07
Here in England we have a monthly magazine called the <i>Fortean Times</i>. It deals ...
Twilight? 2009-06-12
do hate twilight or one of those obssesed freaks over it?
Scientology 2002-04-22
What is Scientology?
Is religion really necessary these days? 2006-02-13
I mean really, do you think religion is necessary to the world? Isn't it possible to decide for ...
Evolution Option 2006-10-25
I saw this mentioned before so i made this.