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Do You Like Witchcraft, What Does It Mean to you, Are You Good Or Evil 2015-04-18
Do You Like Witchcraft, What Does It Mean to you, Are You Good Or Evil
Should Richard III lay in a Catholic chapel before he is reinterred? 2015-01-25
King Richard III was a Catholic King, who lived and died before the establishment of the Church o...
Freeview channel 65 TBNuk 2015-01-13
Quick poll , have you watch anything on channel 65 TBNuk
Do you go to church? 2015-01-13
Half of us go church and half of us don't. and this poll is gonna be really short.
Ellis Elohe Ark 2015-01-02 (closed)
Written for women and girls wanting to be safe when it flood.
Church Goers vs. Non-Church Goers 2015-01-02 (closed)
People who attend church and those that do not attend.
Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) 2014-11-24
This poll is to find out what Catholics think of the sacrament of confession
Boys and sons behavior in church 2014-10-20
This is a poll for fathers and dads with sons about their boys behavior in church. You can also t...
circumcision and reducing masturbation(poll for boys/men cut as teens) 2014-10-06
I ask myself ,did the doctors in years from 1800 till1930 when the campagne to stop masturbation...
Religious or cultural restraints 2014-08-13
This poll is about people wearing restraints because of religious or cultural reasons. <br /...
Former Catholics: Why have you left the Catholic church? 2014-06-30
Former Catholics: Why have you left the Catholic church?
Legislative Prayer 2014-05-19
In the recent case of Town of Greece vs. Galloway, the Supreme Court ruled that legislative bodie...
Therianthropy 2014-05-19
This poll is to review the variables in therians, to find more common ground out of such a broad ...
What is the Most Important Book of the Bible? 2014-04-21
What book of the Bible is the most vital for Christians today?
Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate 2014-02-07
Who won the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham?
Jesus: Rich or Poor? 2013-10-28
Determine if people's opinion of Jesus would change if they found out he wasn't poor?
Male Christian Purity 2013-10-08
This poll is for DEVOTE CHRISTIAN MEN ONLY. The Bible is not always clear on somethings. What is ...
Atheism / Why are you an Atheist? 2013-09-16
Atheism / Why are you an Atheist?
Religious Belief 2013-09-13
A poll to assess people's religious beliefs.
The God you want to be 2013-08-07
What type of god or deity would you like to be?
Do you believe that there will be marriage in the afterlife? 2013-07-16
Do you believe that there will be marriage or continuance of your marriage in the afterlife?
Which of today's religions would Jesus condemn? 2013-06-11
If you have read the words of Jesus in the Holy Bible, it is very clear that he often condemned t...
Hour Of Power 2013-05-20
Hour Of Power
Hour Of Power Day & Time 2013-05-09
Hour Of Power Day & Time
Hour Of Power 2013-05-09
Which time and day would you prefer our Hour of Power to be?