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Questions about religion in general based on legality, mentality, etc. 2015-08-31
These questions are set to discover controversial opinions which some may have towards religion i...
Deuteronomy 25: 11-12 2015-08-13
Today we have an exegesis of Deuteronomy 25: 11-12. This text is quite a strange text.
Hispanics/Latino(a)s in the African Methodist Episcopal Church 2015-08-11 (closed)
Should the African Methodist Church (AMEC) create programs that will minister to Hispanics/Latino...
Catholic teen girls baptism outfits 2015-07-23
This poll is only for catholic teen girls who were baptized between the ages of 13 and 17.I want ...
Do You Like Witchcraft, What Does It Mean to you, Are You Good Or Evil 2015-04-18
Do You Like Witchcraft, What Does It Mean to you, Are You Good Or Evil
Should Richard III lay in a Catholic chapel before he is reinterred? 2015-01-25
King Richard III was a Catholic King, who lived and died before the establishment of the Church o...
Freeview channel 65 TBNuk 2015-01-13
Quick poll , have you watch anything on channel 65 TBNuk
Ellis Elohe Ark 2015-01-02 (closed)
Written for women and girls wanting to be safe when it flood.
Church Goers vs. Non-Church Goers 2015-01-02 (closed)
People who attend church and those that do not attend.
Sacrament of confession (for Catholics) 2014-11-24
This poll is to find out what Catholics think of the sacrament of confession
Boys and sons behavior in church 2014-10-20
This is a poll for fathers and dads with sons about their boys behavior in church. You can also t...
circumcision and reducing masturbation(poll for boys/men cut as teens) 2014-10-06
I ask myself ,did the doctors in years from 1800 till1930 when the campagne to stop masturbation...
Religious or cultural restraints 2014-08-13
This poll is about people wearing restraints because of religious or cultural reasons. <br /...
Former Catholics: Why have you left the Catholic church? 2014-06-30
Former Catholics: Why have you left the Catholic church?
Legislative Prayer 2014-05-19
In the recent case of Town of Greece vs. Galloway, the Supreme Court ruled that legislative bodie...
Therianthropy 2014-05-19
This poll is to review the variables in therians, to find more common ground out of such a broad ...
What is the Most Important Book of the Bible? 2014-04-21
What book of the Bible is the most vital for Christians today?
Bill Nye/Ken Ham Debate 2014-02-07
Who won the recent debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham?
Jesus: Rich or Poor? 2013-10-28
Determine if people's opinion of Jesus would change if they found out he wasn't poor?
Male Christian Purity 2013-10-08
This poll is for DEVOTE CHRISTIAN MEN ONLY. The Bible is not always clear on somethings. What is ...
Atheism / Why are you an Atheist? 2013-09-16
Atheism / Why are you an Atheist?
Religious Belief 2013-09-13
A poll to assess people's religious beliefs.
The God you want to be 2013-08-07
What type of god or deity would you like to be?
Do you believe that there will be marriage in the afterlife? 2013-07-16
Do you believe that there will be marriage or continuance of your marriage in the afterlife?
Which of today's religions would Jesus condemn? 2013-06-11
If you have read the words of Jesus in the Holy Bible, it is very clear that he often condemned t...