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People / Relationships


Create Your Dream Girl 2006-06-07
A while ago I made a 'Create Your Dream Guy' poll so it's only fair I make one about the ladies to.
Create Your Dream Guy 2005-01-21
I know these kind of polls are everywhere but I'm bored and this should keep me amused for a while.
Create Your Ideal Woman 2002-06-10
Men Only
Blondes or Brunettes?! (For Guys) 2002-10-23
This is about finding out whether guys really do prefer blondes or if it's all just a thing of th...
Chicas - go check the results Chicos - vote!
Ticklish Teenage Girls (10-20) (for girls to answer only) 2003-12-16
Girls between 10-20 are the most ticklish people of all - this poll focuses on three very ticklis...
Your perfect Girl (guys only)!!! 2005-09-19
Here are a few different options for personalities n looks n stuff! just answer the questions lol
How do you know if your physically attractive? 2007-02-21
SeXy GuY nAmEs 2003-02-09
Have you ever fell head over heels for a guy?? That had the dumbest name ever! Well....I wanna kn...
Teen Bra Sizes (Girls Only) 2004-02-11
A poll to see the average age of breast growth in teen girls
Is your girl/boyfriend too clingy? 2003-01-03
You may be lacking in sleep or your boss notices that your cellphone keeps beeping with new messa...
Gender Role Reversal 2004-10-21
This is a Poll to determine what Society may evolve into in the next 30 - 50 Years. With more wo...
teen boys only: what do you look for in a girl? 2005-04-26
This poll is for boys between the ages of 13 and 18 to know what guys look for in girls.
Random Polls 2002-11-22
No Introduction
Hottest race of guys? 2005-03-21
Which race has the hottest men?
Perfect Body For A Woman(Men Only) 2003-06-13
GUYS: Breast Size poll 2006-05-31
What size breasts do men find attractive? Men only, no skewing the results please, ladies.
Gender Role Reversal Part 2 2004-11-05
This is a more definitive Poll about Gender Role Reversal. Should take Gender Role Reversal Poll...
What do girls want in a guy? 2004-09-25
Ok, coming from a guy, let me serve it to the girls blunt. Us guys are idiots, plain and simple. ...
Tickling among teens! 2003-11-25
Everyone is ticklish somewhere on their body, especially younger people - everyone loves to see ...
Are girls with freckles Sexy? guys 19 and up only 2007-02-22
You never see women on T.V. are anywhere else showing there freckles or being proud of them. What...
What do guys want in a girl? 2004-10-21
Ok, i did the poll for what girls want in us. Let me flip it around. Well guys (and girls who wan...
What do Girls Find Attractive In Guys? 2006-06-21
What attributes do girls most prefer in males? Girls only please! Guys just skip ahead to the r...
GUYS ONLY - Girls with braces 2004-12-27
Guys, this will establish whether we like girls with or without braces!
What kind of guys do you like?(Ladies only please) 2005-01-07
On the behalf of my self and others out there i would like to know just exactly what you like in ...