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People / Relationships


Exceptions notwithstanding: IS A SHORT FAT GIRL STRONGER THAN A TALL SKINNY GUY? 2015-03-02
In other words, is a short fat girl PHYSICALLY MORE POWERFUL than a tall skinny guy?
Could a female nerd please tell me how you would react to this part of my novel? 2015-03-02
Alice was 20 years old & a lovable 5'1 straight A geek, the only virgin of her friends & ...
Forced Foot Worship(Girls only please otherwise this poll will be inaccurate) 2015-03-02
Girls who like to make others worship their feet
Father Son showers 2015-03-02 (closed)
Do you shower with your father/ son?
Males at Nudist Resort 2015-03-02 (closed)
This is for males who attend nudist resorts
Father Son Nudists (Fathers Only) 2015-03-02 (closed)
This poll is for fathers that raised their sons to be nudists.
Bigger younger sister 2015-03-02
Is your sister bigger than you? tell me about it!
Punishment request 2015-03-02 (closed)
Hi I need a good punishment for disrespecting other people.
Older brother wedgies 2015-03-02
Please only take this if you are a boy whose older or twin brother wedgies you. If you or your br...
Dads or Sons money ? 2015-02-20
Son gets in trouble. son borrows $3500 from dad and grandfather gives $7000 (not loans) money to ...
Smartphones???!!! 2015-02-20 (closed)
Well... Currently I using a normal phone without a touch-screen. A phone with a camera and MP3 an...
Should Feminists Dress Sexy? 2015-02-17
I'd like to be a women's rights lawyer. I'm all for equal pay and I think everybody is, but how ...
Wife wants sex with otehr people 2015-02-09
Been with my wife for nearly 20 years. Our sex life is not as busy as before but we still enjoy i...
Adults with braces and headgear 2015-02-09
I am curious about what people think about adults with braces and headgear. My wife and I are bot...
Diaper legislation (law) 2015-02-09
Toilets are often dirty and some are difficult to get into because of queues. Wearing a diaper is...
Girls-What were your thoughts when eating your vaginal discharge 1st &2nd times? 2015-02-09
Girls-What were your thoughts when eating your vaginal discharge 1st &2nd times?
Punishing my daughter (tickling) 2015-02-09
i am a father and i have a 19 years old daughter. she has a personality disorder and sometimes i ...
Missing Persons? 2015-02-09 (closed)
A loved one (parent/child/sibling) is missing for over 8 years, but has not died. Which would yo...
Would you share a changing cubicle with a complete stranger to save time? 2015-02-09
Last summer it was really busy at the swimming pool. Just when a cubicle finally became free, ano...
Tied Up? 2015-02-09
Have you ever been tied up by a friend? Have you ever had a childhood story of playing cops and r...
Top or bottom bi or gay 2015-02-09
I am interested to see if Bisexuals or gay males top or bottom more.
Punishment For Cheating Ex Boyfriend 2015-02-09
My ex boyfriend cheated on me and for punishment i decided to turn him into a girl for a day as i...
Boy first underwear 2015-02-09
I am in the late stages of potty training with my son and was wondering what the best type of &qu...
A clean shave 2015-02-09
Many men believe that it is important to get a VERY close shave. The goal of this poll is to det...
Forced to go barefoot who, where, and why. 2015-02-09 (closed)
Just curious on other people's experiences being forced to go barefoot. I define forced as not by...