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People / Relationships


Wedgies! 2014-04-28
Please answer this poll as honestly as possible. I am not interested in outlandish stories or ful...
Kids are on drugs? 2014-04-21
This to see what parents would if there kids are on drugs.
would you date someone with peircing? 2014-04-21
this is for those who would not those who wouldn't. its to figure out what piercings are acceptib...
ear rings 2014-04-21
this is a poll on weither earrings are cute or not on different people
Moms who tickle teens 2014-04-21
This is a poll for any mom who tickles her teen.
Sex with Prospective Employees 2014-04-21
Sex with Prospective Employees
At what age do you first remember events? 2014-04-21
At what age do you first remember events?
Female Coach in Boys Locker Room 2014-04-21
Female Coach in Boys Locker Room
Ladies - Whe were you last buried in the sand? 2014-04-18
Ladies - Whe were you last buried in the sand?
The ultimate ticklish poll 2014-04-18
The ultimate ticklish poll
Quick poll 2014-04-14
Answer every question with your prefference
Parenting suggestions (girls) 2014-04-14
I would like your opinion on parenting girls
Parenting suggestions (boys) 2014-04-14
what would you let your kids do or you do to your kids and at what age would you do it?
Embarrassing parties with your daughter :-)) (adult women only!!) 2014-04-14
Women, how many times have you been involved into embarrassing pranks together with your adult da...
Spanking for Everyone 2014-04-07
Say who spanks you
will date a guy that wears diapers girls only 2014-04-07
I want to know If girls will date guys that wear diapers
What Do You Prefer in Girls? (for guys) 2014-03-31
What Do You Prefer in Girls? (for guys)
Been tickle tortured? 2014-03-31
Describe your worst (best?) Experience being tickled
Tickling as Punishment? 2014-03-31
I've noticed a lot of talk of using Tickling as punishment lately
Allowed blow to the groin (FEMALE ONLY) 2014-03-31
Ladies, if you were allowed to kick or knee a man in the groin, would you do it?
Sub male tasks 2014-03-24
Tasks for a sub male to do to keep him busy until he finds another Mistress to tie, tease, & ...
Do you use stereotypes? 2014-03-24
Stereotyping isn't always inherently negative; we're developing a tool to understand stereotypes ...
Restricting your child online access 2014-03-24
Do you do this, and if yes, how?
Adult Males Spanked By Adult Females 2014-03-24
are adult males spanked by adult females (girlfriends, wives, other)? do they fantaszie about it?...
FOR GIRLS: Earrings on guys 2014-03-24
FOR GIRLS: Earrings on guys