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People / Relationships


What Do You Prefer in Girls? (for guys) 2014-03-31
What Do You Prefer in Girls? (for guys)
Been tickle tortured? 2014-03-31
Describe your worst (best?) Experience being tickled
Tickling as Punishment? 2014-03-31
I've noticed a lot of talk of using Tickling as punishment lately
Allowed blow to the groin (FEMALE ONLY) 2014-03-31
Ladies, if you were allowed to kick or knee a man in the groin, would you do it?
Sub male tasks 2014-03-24
Tasks for a sub male to do to keep him busy until he finds another Mistress to tie, tease, & ...
Do you use stereotypes? 2014-03-24
Stereotyping isn't always inherently negative; we're developing a tool to understand stereotypes ...
Restricting your child online access 2014-03-24
Do you do this, and if yes, how?
Adult Males Spanked By Adult Females 2014-03-24
are adult males spanked by adult females (girlfriends, wives, other)? do they fantaszie about it?...
FOR GIRLS: Earrings on guys 2014-03-24
FOR GIRLS: Earrings on guys
Youth sexuality 2014-03-24
Youth sexuality
Help my g/f Decide my Fate!!! 2014-03-24
What is the best way to punish baby when he pretends to be a big boy and forgets he's not in his ...
Females spanking Males (female led Society) 2014-03-24
The following idea might seem strange to someone not familiar with this, but i assure you will ge...
Dominating my boyfriend 2014-03-17
My boyfriend recently confessed to me that he wants to be submissive to me and that he had gone t...
spanking.how i got/get tham. 2014-03-17
hi this poll is 4 all ages i just want to know how pipol git or got spankt. please be pachint ein...
handsome or not 2014-03-17
handsome or not
VS my boyfriend (girls only) 2014-03-17
Yesterday my 19 year-old boyfriend made a sexist comment and I got really mad. I want him to pay ...
Is It Morally Correct To Date a Sugar Daddy For Money 2014-03-11
As we have seen recently there is sudden increase in no of women dating a sugar daddy. The most a...
My best Friend make me a sex proposal? 2014-03-03
I have a friend that from several years he always make jokes about sex. We used to chat in mess...
How do you spend your weekends? 2014-03-03
This is a poll to find out what kind of activities people do on their weekends...e.g nothing, hou...
For Teen Guys (13-17) 2014-03-03
What is your dream girlfriend like? I made this poll to help myself get a better understanding of...
Younger Female Boss (Women Only) 2014-03-03
My girlfriend is a few years younger than me and recently started working at the same store I do....
Adult men who live with their parents 2014-02-25
Men 25 & over please. Women you will take part in this poll too. Please be truthful. Read que...
Is your body Small for your age? 2014-02-19
This poll is for anybody that is considered to be small for their age. Do you have younger siblin...
What's cute? (for guys) 2014-02-19
What's cute? (for guys)
infrequent peeing 2014-02-19
Years ago I found out for myself that in my opinion I went to pee much more often than really nec...