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People / Relationships


How to pronounce the name "Golian" 2012-05-04
How to pronounce the name Golian.
Floridausa.com weekly travel poll 2012-05-01
Weekly destination poll for FloridaUSA.Com
My Eleven Poll Questions! 2012-05-01
My Eleven Poll Questions!
Names! 2012-05-01
For me... I like Brock. Because the person with that name is very strong. Yes! Because i...
Survey for father's who have his son(s) on a strict diet and work-out schedule.. 2012-05-01
This survey is for father's who have sons on a strict diet and/or work-out schedule.
Which engagement ring should I give my girlfriend?! 2012-05-01
I am no good at picking jewelry...which of these rings you u think is the prettiest and best for ...
Bodyhair: To Have Or Not To Have? 2012-04-27
Lots of guys have hair on their body but in these times a lot of people think that no hair is sex...
About the personal hygiene in boys 2012-04-25
Hi friends, this poll is very serious and I need your answers in each question about your sons's ...
Some about your son 2012-04-25 (closed)
Hi friends, wellcome to my first poll, take a few of minutes to answer it honestly please Thanks
Sneeze 2012-04-23
For me, mine is the Loud Sneeze, Cover Hand Sneeze, and Sleeve Sneeze. I sneeze quite loud though...
Your first encounter with a poopy diaper 2012-04-23
Your first encounter with a poopy diaper
would you like to be a girl (for boys only) 2012-04-23
i just want to know how many boys want to be a girl no one will critisize you
If you could have any one of these jobs which one would you pick 2012-04-23
If you could have any one of these jobs which one would you pick
Your Perfect Guy 2012-04-23
Poll questions about how you think your perfect guy would be like.
(Ladies) Fav. Male Character Traits 2012-04-23
(Ladies) Fav. Male Character Traits
Stay at home parenting 2012-04-19 (closed)
Would you prefer to be a stay-at-home parent or work full-time?
Vegas 2012-04-19
Married people nights out 2012-04-19
Married people nights out
What do women prefer? 2012-04-16
Do women prefer a guy to have a deep voice or be tall?
Help my bf decide where I have to walk barefoot! 2012-04-13
Hi! I'm a 17 year old girl from germany and my bf loves to make me walk barefoot in public. Now t...
Eugene Anonymous Dating Survey 2012-04-13
Eugene Anonymous Dating Survey
Choose punishment to be given on April 25, 2012 2012-04-13 (closed)
I am the disciplinarian friend of a 32-year-old man who really is a decent, caring human being, b...
Girls, how would you react in the following situations? Part 2 2012-04-11
Girls, how would you react in the following situations? Part 2
opinions on littering 2012-04-10
this poll is to find out what your opinions on littering. it does not wether you are a litterer o...
Adam Olma Anketi 2012-04-09
Adam Olma Anketi