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Adam Olma Anketi 2012-04-09
Adam Olma Anketi
What type of person are you ? 2012-04-09
Be honest
sleeptime 2012-04-09
i am 15 years old and i have to go to bed at 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM when its school. when its vacat...
If you were reincarnated would you chose to come back as the opposite sex. 2012-04-04
Most people are curious about what it would be like to the opposite sex. There are advantages and...
Feelings 2012-04-04
Polygamy, would you? 2012-04-03
If polygamy were to become legal. Would you be willing to have more than one wife or husband? Or ...
Deep thoughts! 2012-04-03
Deep thoughts!
Would u have sex with someone already in a relationship 2012-04-03
Just curious to see what people think of this... I have friends on both sides of the spectrum
Girlfriend Wrestling 2012-04-02
What happends when u guys wrestle your girlfriends or wives. I always win but do you guy get wrec...
Love 2012-04-02
which is more important when looking for a spouse? 2012-04-02
which is more important when looking for a spouse?
girls only 2012-04-02
i like girl feet. i like touching them and massaging them ,but i wonder if girls like it or not .
this poll is for girls who like big guys and i want to know what the ladies think
Females View On Males (Females Only) 2012-03-30
This is a group of questions about what females of all ages think about different guy stuff such ...
What do women really mean 2012-03-29
What do women really mean
choose my punishment 2012-03-29
my girlfriend found out i secretly crossdress in her clothes and she asked me questions like do y...
Best Friends 2012-03-27
This is a poll full of questions about best friends.
Beach/ Boardwalk ****(NJ) 2012-03-26 (closed)
Beach/ Boardwalk ****(NJ)
What do you like about a girl? 2012-03-23
girls...asked by a girl :)
Relationships 2012-03-23 (closed)
Girl's and their panties 2012-03-21
Hi I'm a teen girl and I hate wearing panties I just want to knwoif any one else is like that too
Should one consider dating in high school, lest one regret missing out? 2012-03-21
Should one consider dating in high school, lest one regret missing out?
How tall are you 2012-03-20
Discipline at home today 2012-03-19
I would Like to know how modern parents of under 10s discipline their kids - there is of course n...
What you look for in a partner 2012-03-19
What you look for in a partner