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People / Relationships


men 2011-08-08 (closed)
Who are hotter 2011-08-06
Who are hotter
Guys only - Dating problems 2011-08-06
Guys only - Dating problems
What Boys think of Girls 2011-08-06
What Boys think of Girls
Brothers 2011-08-06
wrestling another guy while your girlfriend watches. 2011-08-06 (closed)
wrestling another guy while your girlfriend watches.
girls - three questions 2011-08-06
let me know what you think about guys
Male Grooming 2011-08-06
I am interested on people's views on male grooming, gay or straight.
A forgiveable lie? 2011-08-06
Imagine you've been in a relationship for a lot of years and all you really know about your partn...
Little gestures 2011-08-06
a follow-up on my previous poll. little things that spark interest.
Would you date her if:? 2011-08-06 (closed)
A poll for men to answer questions about a woman they would date
Your PERFECT Dream Girl! (Guys only!) 2011-08-06
A poll where you can create the perfect girlfriend of your dreams!
Teen Boys and Crying 2011-07-27
Despite their best efforts to act manly and tough, many teenage boys are far more sensitive than ...
have you had your first kiss? 2011-07-27
have you had your first kiss?
Puked On Someone 2011-07-27
This is a quick poll for girls.
have you had a one night stand? 2011-07-27
have you had a one night stand?
Teenage Babysitters 2011-07-26 (closed)
This poll is for teenage babysitters.
Teen boy's summer clothes 2011-07-26 (closed)
Poll on what do people think teen boys should wear in summer.
Am I normal? 2011-07-26
Okay, I know, stupid question... but I've been really stressed lately and was wondering how often...
What do straight teens think about gay teen boys? 2011-07-26
Im gay, but want to know what does straight guys (and girls) think about us gay guys
Farting girlfirends 2011-07-21
A poll about girlfriends who fart and farting around girlfriends.
Make Your Perfect Guy 2011-07-21 (closed)
If you could build your perfect (dream) guy what looks would he have? This is about looks ONLY. ...
Your son hates wear pants? 2011-07-21 (closed)
If you are a mom, dad or you know a boy who hates wear pants Please answer this poll, it's for a ...
Funny thigs of our boys 2011-07-21 (closed)
your son ever done something very funny, ridiculous or embarrassing? remenber this funny times a...
Boys Being Silly 2011-07-21 (closed)
Hi!!! If you have or know a little funny boy who loves being silly, this poll it's for you. Pleas...