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People / Relationships


Holding Hands 2011-10-31
A poll to see people's preferences for holding hands with their significant other
siblings trouble 2011-10-31 (closed)
how would you handle this ? i have a disability and i have a older brother is forever being criti...
Dark Brown Eyes and Blue 2011-10-31
Which is more attractive?
What teenage guys like in a girl. 2011-10-27
What teenage guys like in a girl.
Your Families' Opinion About Interracial Marriages 2011-10-27
I'm going to ask a few questions below and through your answers get an idea of how accepting your...
Justifiable Reasons To Cheat 2011-10-27
In your opinion or personal experience, what do you deem as justifiable reasons to cheat on someo...
Geeks Only (Please read desc. for why) 2011-10-18
Hello, I was wondering how Geeky people who think they're Geeks really are. Please be honest with...
Should my husband be allowed to be in photos with single women? 2011-10-11
My husband goes away to racing events and stays for weekends with groups of females and males in ...
GIRLS: Survey about checking out guys with good bodies. 2011-10-11
This survey is strictly for girls and is about checking out guys.
do guys prefer tall or short girls? 2011-10-10
do guys prefer tall or short girls?
Do you have a Job 2011-10-10 (closed)
Do you have a Job
Have you Ever Cheated on Anyone Before 2011-10-10 (closed)
Have you Ever Cheated on Anyone Before
What Best Describes you 2011-10-10 (closed)
What Best Describes you
Family Inheritances 2011-10-10
Family Inheritances
What Do You Do If Your Parents Won't Let You Have a BF? 2011-10-10
So if you're parents are against you dating, and you're already age 16 and you believe your old e...
Bestfriend Poll 2011-10-10
See How You Rate With Your Bestfriend!!
What country do you think has the HOTTEST GUYS? 2011-10-04
In general, what country do you think has the hottest guys?
Gay Marriage 2011-10-04
Voice your opinions concerning same-sex marriage.
Facebook your ex? 2011-10-04
Facebook your ex?
what would you rather be 2011-09-27 (closed)
devil or angel
Women only, Would you find this guys body hot 2011-09-27 (closed)
Girls over 18 only please. You are at the beach. This handsome man sets up up within good viewin...
Wife going out with male friend 2011-09-22
My wife has been going out with a male friend on a regular basis and usually wears extremely reve...
For Girls - how do you hint to a guy that you like him? 2011-09-22 (closed)
For Girls, how do you hint to a guy that you like him?
Women: Would You Seriously Date Someone in a Wheelchair? 2011-09-22
I've recently been in a car accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. I have full mobi...
Perfect Guy (Edited) 2011-09-22
More questions, more opinions?