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People / Relationships


For the Ladies Only-Preferences in Men 2011-03-22
To be answered only by distaffers.
Create your Ideal women (HIGHLY DETAILED) 2011-03-20 (closed)
Create your ideal women, very specific.
Nerd/Geek Guys: What type of girl do you like? 2011-03-20
Ladies, how long do you make him wait? 2011-03-20 (closed)
Ladies, how long do you make him wait?
Are You Black, White, or Both?? 2011-03-19 (closed)
This is for the beautiful mulattos out there! How do you identify? I'm doing a study on this and ...
Teens sexuality 2011-03-16
(Teen Guys Only)
Can Cousins be considered Best Friends? 2011-03-15
Just A Survey Question, Should Best Friends be Only Friends, or can Cousins be considered Best Fr...
Bedtime (Kids / Teens) 2011-03-12
Bedtime (Kids / Teens)
girls: big arms or 6 pack on a guy 2011-03-12
quick poll for women. or if your gay.
Cheating Boyfriend/Girlfriend 2011-03-08
If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a moment of weakness and cheats on you once and only once. Do...
Eye color preferences (women only) 2011-03-08 (closed)
Just getting an idea of what color of eyes women like nowadays.
Would you continue to see a guy if he had a slight BO odor on the first date? 2011-03-08
Seems clean, but smells kinda weird.
All about our little boy 2011-03-07 (closed)
This poll is for fathers or mothers who are fortunate to have a fun, intelligent, adventurous, cu...
Are you someone who lost both of your parents, when you were a young age? 2011-03-04
This survey is for people who lost both of their parents or knows someone who lost both of his/he...
what is the best way to flirt with a boy? (please read description) 2011-03-03
im 13 and i like this boy in my year....he is really funny and careing, he can be abit cocky but ...
What would you do if a girl did this (guys only!!!) 2011-03-03
Girls are always wondering what a guy would do in a certain situation. What would you do? (Only g...
Guys with hands down thier pants 2011-03-03 (closed)
Guys with hands down thier pants
Am I too Fat? 2011-03-02
I was wondering if I am too fat? A while ago my (nice) younger cousin said I could lose a few po...
As an adult, how do you feel about having or not having siblings? 2011-02-26
As an adult, how do you feel about having or not having siblings?
Gents Only- Your Perfect Woman Preference? 2011-02-23
Stereotypes aside, answer the questions and discover what the majority of other guys really want ...
gay test 2011-02-20
test if ur gay
Valentines Day Gifts 2011-02-20 (closed)
Select any one option.
Should I be punished? 2011-02-14
This is to find out if my wife should punish me, and if so, how? I've been working a lot, and eve...
General Poll 2011-02-14
I want to learn average personalities for different groups of people.