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People / Relationships


What boys like. 2010-12-01
What boys like.
leftover wars 2010-11-30 (closed)
leftover wars
Any girls wanna talk? 2010-11-28
I'm a rather lonely teen. Some girls think I'm hot as heck and others thing I'm very unattractive...
Away from home 2010-11-28
My husband works away from home. He is only away for a week at a time, so whilst I miss him it's ...
Blissdom Giveaway 2010-11-28 (closed)
Blissdom Giveaway
Are you taller than your older sibling? 2010-11-28
Questions about shorter younger siblings
Happiness 2010-11-24
Relationships 2010-11-20
Questions for overweight or obese people 2010-11-19 (closed)
Keywords (ignore): BMI, BMR, overweight, over weight, chubby, fat, obese, obesity, calories, body...
Girls: Do you think it's attracting when a guy is a guitarist? 2010-11-19 (closed)
Do you think it's attractive when a guy your age is really good with playing the guitar or bass? ...
Personal Relationships 2010-11-19
What makes you happy.
Are You Happy!?! 2010-11-19
i am surveying for my high school statistics class, i am looking for full grown adults with a fam...
Personal Relationships 2010-11-18
Personal Relationships
marriage equality 2010-11-18
this is for a cultural diversity class project.....
TO spank or not to spank 2010-11-18
I am doing a study for my sociology paper. I would like to know who spanks their child, if it has...
English 2010-11-18
Family 2010-11-18
To drink or not to drink 2010-11-18 (closed)
Vote on if you want to be able to drink or drink during the new years party
Happiness survey- statistics projects 2010-11-12
This is for a statistics project.
Height Matters to Women? 2010-11-12
Does height matter to women when it comes to dating?
TEEN (12-15) MALES ONLY 2010-11-12
tell me about your first girlfriend
Love 2010-11-12
Lets find how love is sweet when two couples leaving to gether en trust each other en love each o...
Second Date Girl clothes 2010-11-11
I went on a date with a girl that wore a black mini dress with heels and black tights on our seco...
GIRLS ONLY survey. 2010-11-07
GIRLS ONLY survey.
Is your boyfriend thinner than you? 2010-11-07
Is your boyfriend thinner than you?