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People / Relationships


how tall do you prefer girls and physicalety,hair,eyes,etc 2012-08-08
a may seem weird but i have to keep all the opsions open were all different
Do you think I have to go to bed too early on school nights? 2012-08-01
School is starting soon, which means I will have to go to bed at 7:30... I'm 17, do you think tha...
which girl would you prefer? (GUYS ONLY) 2012-07-30
which girl would you prefer? (GUYS ONLY)
Would you break up? 2012-07-30
I've been with my boyfriend for about 7 months. He left his phone at home one day, so I went thr...
5 senses of man in order 2012-07-27
Which one do you think is most indispensable? Think about which one would be the most painful for...
(Ladies) Fav. Male Character Traits 2012-07-26
(Ladies) Fav. Male Character Traits
teen guys' opinions on various things about girls 2012-07-25
teen guys' opinions on various things about girls
what do girls look for in a guy 2012-07-23
only girls can answer poll but guys can skip to the results!!! <3
Female references quiz-FEMALE ONLY (17 and up) 2012-07-23
Please only answer this if you're a female.
Who Will Be Next Admin 2012-07-20
The Admin will be the One who gets Maximum Votes
The Drew/Katie Issue 2012-07-18
Leaving out who the characters are and any preconceived notions, let's lay out the basic facts he...
gender 2012-07-05
Are you male?
Nebraska 2012-07-05
This is about where you have been.
Would you date these people? Guys only 2012-07-02
I describe a person and you say if you would date her or not. You've probably taken similar polls...
Name for baby boy Myers 2012-07-02
Please vote for your favorite boy name to help us decide what to name our son. Thank You
Are you in love...with love? 2012-07-02
Is there someone in particular that you want, and you won't stop until you have him or her--or wo...
Does your boyfriend 2012-06-28
Just wondering if anyone else's bf does this
2014 Brown-Wright Family Reunion Cruise 2012-06-28 (closed)
Place YOUR vote for our 2014 Reunion Cruise.Do you want to see the beautiful Fjords of the Alaska...
how long 2012-06-25
you've been writting back and forth..how long before you consider yourselves friends
Ladies: Romantic (or otherwise) Rivals 2012-06-25
If it were possible to settle a romantic rivalry with another woman in the following manner... Th...
Would you die for this person? 2012-06-20
This is just a poll on who you'd truthfully die for.
Which child do you or your parents favour the most? 2012-06-08
Hello i'm a student in year 12. I am doing an independent research project for the subject Commun...
Clothes parents won't let you wear? - high heels, pantyhose, funky socks? 2012-05-30
Clothes parents won't let you wear? - high heels, pantyhose, funky socks?
Guys in Thick Glasses (for women) 2012-05-29
A poll for women about guys with thick glasses.
What guys like about girls 2012-05-24
Guys only