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Does an attractive partner make for a happy relationship? 2011-05-28
My theory is that perhaps having a more attractive partner, relative to yourself, might not be a ...
GUYS ONLY SURVEY. 2011-05-28
This survey is strictly for guys.
Perfect Boyfriend Poll 2011-05-28
Describe the guys that would the perfect boyfriend for you. This poll is for straight teenage girls.
Ladies, which would you prefer if you could choose? 2011-05-28
Ladies, if you could choose, would you rather be tall, skinny and attractive? Or would you rather...
guyz, what eye color is best on a chick?? 2011-05-28 (closed)
for guyz only.... what eye color looks best on a girl or chick?
Teen boys: what do you like in a girl? 2011-05-26 (closed)
Whats your type??
Guys only: What kind of dates do guys like to go on for a first date? 2011-05-26 (closed)
Guys only: What kind of dates do guys like to go on for a first date?
What do guys & girls want in the opposite sex? 2011-05-26
What do guys & girls want in the opposite sex?
GIRLS- How do you keep your kitty? 2011-05-26
We know that a girls kitty can be as distinct and exclusive as her fingerprints. But generally gi...
Social Proof and Confidence 2011-05-26 (closed)
What is it women really want in a man? Do women want a man that is emotionally secure and indepen...
Guys, what is the sexiest thing about a woman ? 2011-05-23 (closed)
what makes a woman hot to a guy ?
Muscular Women 2011-05-17 (closed)
Are you a muscular woman?
Men Only - Do You Prefer Boobs Or Ass 2011-05-17
Self explanatory
16 yr old son out of control with his girlfriend 2011-05-17 (closed)
16 yr old son has been seeing this girl for 2 months "exclusively"but during this time ...
Hey ladies! How do guys respond to you? 2011-05-16
This is a fun survey asking you ladies about how guys respond to you. As a guy I'm always curious...
guys, which eye colour is best on a chick? 2011-05-16
vote for your fav eye colour on a girl! guys only.
Relationship poll 2011-05-16
Relationship poll
Crying ( guys only) 2011-05-12
I know I tend to make random polls, but it's random curiosity about stuff. So this poll is to s...
Poll for straight/bi guys 2011-05-10
Poll for straight/bi guys
Wrestling you husband? (WOMEN ONLY) 2011-05-10
Do you or would you enjoy a wrestling match with your husband? If so, how, and where? (Women who ...
guys: what makes a girl hot? 2011-05-09
pick the type of feature that is the hottest on a girl ! ;)
Rate your Head 2011-05-09 (closed)
Rate your Head
big bro little sis 2011-05-05 (closed)
i have to write an essay on big brother little sister relationships so if you answer these questi...
Most Attractive Female Name 2011-05-02
What is your favorite name for a girl?
what type of girls do yo like (boys only) 2011-05-02
this poll is only for boys and this is to show what type of girls do boys like