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People / Relationships


Whose Right and whose Wrong 2011-04-16
In my fiance and my apartment we have one tv, After 7pm when our son goes to bed I have no proble...
Should 13-15 year old girls have sexual relationships allready? (Be fair!) 2011-04-09
I have a friend and she keeps talking bout her sexual relations.. She's only 13, I'm 15. Isn't th...
Cheating Wives 2011-04-08
This is a poll to see about how many wives have cheated or would cheat on their husbands, and why.
Ladies, describe your ideal man 2011-04-08
Ladies, please use the options below, to describe your ideal man.
Sexy or Not IV 2011-04-08
Out of the following descriptions, please choose who you think are sexy, or not.
Sexy or Not III 2011-04-08
Out of the following descriptions, please choose who you think are sexy, or not.
Affairs, manipulations, selfishness & OMG! 2011-04-05
Imagine if you were married for 30 years. You have three children. Your oldest is a drug addict, ...
Perfect girl? 2011-04-01 (closed)
Use this to describe what your perfect girl is.
Which is the better authority figure male or female 2011-04-01
I have noticed at my kids school (middle school) that the discipline problems have dropped alot t...
Another debikini poll with a twist 2011-03-26 (closed)
This poll is asking guys why and how they like to strip off girls bikini's. I figure who better t...
For Ladys Only-Feminism 2011-03-22
To be answered by girls/women only. There are 33 questions. Since modern feminism is the same as ...
tall women vs Short women (mistress) 2011-03-22 (closed)
For women 5'3 and under
Whats the ideal woman? (men only) 2011-03-22 (closed)
Brown hair, Blonde, Black etc.
For the Ladies Only-Preferences in Men 2011-03-22
To be answered only by distaffers.
Create your Ideal women (HIGHLY DETAILED) 2011-03-20 (closed)
Create your ideal women, very specific.
Nerd/Geek Guys: What type of girl do you like? 2011-03-20
Ladies, how long do you make him wait? 2011-03-20 (closed)
Ladies, how long do you make him wait?
Are You Black, White, or Both?? 2011-03-19 (closed)
This is for the beautiful mulattos out there! How do you identify? I'm doing a study on this and ...
Teens sexuality 2011-03-16
(Teen Guys Only)
Can Cousins be considered Best Friends? 2011-03-15
Just A Survey Question, Should Best Friends be Only Friends, or can Cousins be considered Best Fr...
Bedtime (Kids / Teens) 2011-03-12
Bedtime (Kids / Teens)
girls: big arms or 6 pack on a guy 2011-03-12
quick poll for women. or if your gay.
Cheating Boyfriend/Girlfriend 2011-03-08
If your boyfriend or girlfriend has a moment of weakness and cheats on you once and only once. Do...
Eye color preferences (women only) 2011-03-08 (closed)
Just getting an idea of what color of eyes women like nowadays.
Would you continue to see a guy if he had a slight BO odor on the first date? 2011-03-08
Seems clean, but smells kinda weird.