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People / Relationships


how long 2012-06-25
you've been writting back and forth..how long before you consider yourselves friends
Ladies: Romantic (or otherwise) Rivals 2012-06-25
If it were possible to settle a romantic rivalry with another woman in the following manner... Th...
Would you die for this person? 2012-06-20
This is just a poll on who you'd truthfully die for.
Which child do you or your parents favour the most? 2012-06-08
Hello i'm a student in year 12. I am doing an independent research project for the subject Commun...
Clothes parents won't let you wear? - high heels, pantyhose, funky socks? 2012-05-30
Clothes parents won't let you wear? - high heels, pantyhose, funky socks?
Guys in Thick Glasses (for women) 2012-05-29
A poll for women about guys with thick glasses.
What guys like about girls 2012-05-24
Guys only
ASIAN GIRLS: White Men or Asian Men? 2012-05-23
Which race do you find more attractive/prefer?
House Rules For Adults... 2012-05-23
Some grown men and women (18+) probably would benefit from being subject to control themselves. ...
Qualities you want in a girl 2012-05-18
This poll is only for boys.
How Boy Crazy are you? 2012-05-14
This poll is to see h.ow boy crazy a girl is? Boy crazy means obsessed with boys
Corporate Governance 2012-05-14
In an organization the criterion of Seniority/Hierarchy, instead of entirety of a person, has lo...
girlfriend applikalio 2012-05-11
for any girl who thinks she can be my gf
Should I run away from home? Or what? 2012-05-11
OK, here is the thing: I'm almost 15 and my parents still treat me like a baby. I am not allow...
questions for females only 2012-05-08
got some q's
Does spanking / smacking work? 2012-05-07
Last year at the age of 13 I asked my mother to spank me after my behaviour started to be come ba...
Most Attractive Parts of People 2012-05-07
Everyone is truly beautiful in their own ways, but most people of an opposite sex from them find ...
Who's Hotter? 2012-05-07
Autumn or me?
Your NAME? 2012-05-07
Your NAME?
boys who take shoes off in front of their dads 2012-05-07
this is a poll for sons or fathers of sons who like taking shoes off in public places and how the...
Wealth and Care, But Rules and ... 2012-05-07
A woman is considering whether to enter into a part-time arrangement with a man she likes and res...
All about YOU 2012-05-07
All about YOU
What is the ideal height for a man? 2012-05-07
For women what is the ideal height for a man?
Personal Attributes 2012-05-04
Which of these characteristics is the best?
is spanking a teenager wrong? 2012-05-04
hello, i am a 35, year old guy who is raising 2 thirteen year olds and was wondering, is it wrong...