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People / Relationships


Tickled by siblings 2003-03-25
Have you got siblings? And have you ever been tickled by them? What do you think about that?
Would you date a guy who do this? (lady only) 2003-03-20
Would you date a guy who have a hobby, habit, or job as posted below?
What kind of people do you hate the most? 2003-03-19
Take a poll on what kind of people you hate the most.
why you think boys are scared of girls 2003-03-19
my poll is to see why people think boys are scared of girls.
White Men and racial preference in dating 2003-03-19
The polls on this site about racial dating prefernce have made me wonder a few things.
The big poll about "What's sexy?" (For Boys) 2003-03-18
Thanks for doing this poll. There's one similar for Boys, if you want to compare the results betw...
How much should a guy shave and wear?
KISS (lips 2 lips) 2003-03-18
hiyah i'm here again.... here's a poll where you will really think hard... good luck!!!! thank ya...
Nail Care Poll 2003-03-18
As the sex's continue to blurr, nail care is now becoming more popular for both male and female. ...
What makes a relationship work? (women only) 2003-03-15
please pick out ALL qualities that seem to be MUST HAVE for your relationship to work, leave out ...
Those Teenage Taboos 2003-03-11
Which of the following have you done?
Interesting Question 2003-03-10
Read the scenario, answer the question. PLEASE post your comments on the message board.
Do you spank kids with Disabilites 2003-03-10
Do you belive in spanking kids if they have disobilities?
Gurlz Only!!! 2003-03-10
vote on the kind of guyz u like best!!!
Who are You? 2003-03-09
This poll was created to know yourself more.... good luck!
GIRLS: Guys Hands 2003-03-09
Hey, girls, would you prefer a guy having rough hands or silky-smooth hands??
Strip Poker - Ever Play? 2003-03-09
What's your experience with the classic game of strip poker?
LOTS OF STUFF! 2003-03-04
this is a poll where you can express yourself!
Ladies Only: The Small Parts of the Puzzle 2003-03-04
Hello ladies. This time I would like to learn about which little thingies you prefer a man to hav...
Flirting When You Have a Girlfriend 2003-03-04
Girls...Girls...Girls...Gotta love 'em. So heres my story i have this AWESOME G/F, but i can't se...
SEX appeal, it's his personality, right? (women only) 2003-03-03
There are different reasons to date, different qualities that guys bring to the table, of the one...
Just wondering what the perfect dream guy would be
WHERE are ASIAN guys IN the dating POOL ????? 2003-02-27
i'm a 30 yo asian guy stuck in midwest usa since birth. well, no more. i've had it. i'm moving...
For Guys: What do YOU look for in a girl? 2003-02-27
Just about every girl wants to attract guys, and just about every girl spends hours thinking abou...
GUYS WHATCHA LIKE IN US GIRLS?(guys only) 2003-02-27
guys answer some quoestions about girls