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People / Relationships


Relationship when is it right 2003-01-15
is he to old, to good looking
Judging The Opposite Sex 2003-01-15
This poll will show how people judge the opposite sex.
Random things I want to know about people 2003-01-15
the personality of the nation (for guys and girls) 2003-01-15
OK, I am going to ask a series of questions, just choose yes or no, nothing really to think about.
Interracial Dating 2003-01-14
This is a poll being used in a discussion on interracial dating for college students. However I'...
What girls like guys to wear 2003-01-14
for girls only, what do you like guys to wear
SISTAS: Your opinion of Black Men dating/marrying White 2003-01-14
I just wanted sistas real opinions of brothas who date and/or marry white women.
What is SEXY?! 2003-01-14
Answer these questions to see what you and other people think is sexy right now.
Ellie's Poll 2003-01-14
click on talk about it (above) and leave a message...make me happy
Girls that Like to Dominate Men 2003-01-14
Just wondering.
crushes on other guys 2003-01-14
If you are a boy, and you have ever had a crush on another guy (boy or man) tell us about it.
hot SEX poll for women. 2003-01-14
Once, you had that dream... the one in which that man showed up and you woke up breatheless... an...
They Should Probably Be Shot ! 2003-01-13
Who do you think ought to be shot in order to make the world a better place?
Perfect girl 2003-01-13
What do you like in a girl?
Over Weight Wemon - Guys only! 2003-01-13
Hey all you guys out there! Please take this poll!
Who Are You: differences between me and you 2003-01-13
I am just trying to get an idea of what kind of people are taking these surveys. What fag wrote t...
racism...how strong does it really exist? 2003-01-13
I am conducting a poll, that will reveal the level of racism that exists in our world. What do yo...
Romantic, Hot, & Wild 2003-01-06
What do you think that you are?
Gay Parenting 2003-01-05
The "gayby boom" is a growing phenomenon in America. As a gay dad, I was curious to se...
Is your girl/boyfriend too clingy? 2003-01-03
You may be lacking in sleep or your boss notices that your cellphone keeps beeping with new messa...
Goth/Punk Poll 2003-01-03
Hello again everyone...Just answer these q's if you are a goth or a punk or whatever...
Racism Within The SistaHood 2003-01-03
Hi,is there racism amongst lighter skinned and darker skinned black women?
Are Some IR Couples Viewed As More Acceptable Than Others? 2003-01-03
Hi,im in an IR marriage.I was wondering if some race combinations were viewed as more acceptable ...
What is the purpose of Life? 2003-01-03
The central question of all polls! Do YOU know the answer?
Teacher and Student Dating Relationships 2003-01-02
This poll was inspired by and is a supplement to Teacher and Student Sexual Affairs. See www.mis...