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People / Relationships


What do you think about adoption 2003-08-22
For girls 2003-08-22
Fill out what you think the best way for a guy to tell you the way he feels about you.
Who are the sexiest Latinos? 2003-08-22
What Latin American area do you think has the best looking people.
Who's sexier? 2003-08-22
Find out who is sexier.
What kind of guy do you like 2003-08-22
Women I want to know what kind of guy you like
MUSCLES 2003-08-19
Girls speed 2003-08-19
Are you curious? Do you want to know about what speed girls are at as a teenager? Then come to t...
The Perfect Wife/Girlfriend(boys only please) 2003-08-19
The Perfect Wife or Girlfriend
Who Wears The Pants-Men Or Women? 2003-08-19
In the past, the man was traditionally considered to be the head of the family. But today's women...
you lesbians 2003-08-18
this is a poll about being a lesbian. i am one myself and there is so many questions people ask m...
I am trying to figure out why we all hurting ourselves, and show people we are not alone.
Questions for the GIRLS??? 2003-08-13
Date Questions
Most Girls 2003-08-13
Your perception of most girls
Society:Are Women Taking Over? 2003-08-13
Are women taking over? As women continue to advance, are we headed for a female dominated society?
TEENAGE GUYS ONLY- Give Us Girls An Idea 2003-08-13
A poll on your ideal gal and what really matters
Arrogant Black People? 2003-08-10
Do people have a problem with brothas N sistahs attitudes?
Do You Believe in love? 2003-08-10
Well, do you???
Hand Over Mouth...Mmmph!! 2003-08-10
Im sure at one time in your life youve had your mouth covered by another person for whatever reas...
Night Beasts. 2003-08-06
What Kind Of Night Beast Are You?
Cheating 2003-08-06
Would you cheat on your significant other and why?
kissin with all the trimmins (girls&guys) 2003-08-06
where and how do you like to be kissed?
Girls-what turns you on? 2003-08-06
Sitting pretty (part two) - for girls and women 2003-08-06
This is part two of "Are you sitting pretty". Please complete that one, ideally before ...
Yourself 2003-08-06
Please try to look inward and be as honest as you possibly can be. It is understood that these v...
What Women Think: Looks VS. Personalilty 2003-08-06
If your were single and out meeting the opposite sex. What do you think ultimately makes you att...