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People / Relationships


On average what height size do women prefere most in men? 2003-07-08
This is a poll to determine what general height range women prefere most of all in men.
Girls Hair And Eye Color (Guys Only) 2003-07-08
After heartbreakings.. 2003-07-03
what are your feelings after you've been heartbroken?
most attractive name 2003-06-30
what is the most attractive name
Guys, Would you date a girl with..... 2003-06-30
Would you date any of these girls?
racism 2003-06-30
this is a poll for all races & sexes.
Your ideal girl 2003-06-30
Specify your ideal girl with this poll.
A nice little American poll 2003-06-30
hey there! just want to know some things people from other countries think of American stuff...(a...
stronger little sisters 2003-06-30
im a 16 year old guy and my 11 year old sister completely dominates me in everything. Just wonder...
Armwrestling: Women vs. 15 years old boy 2003-06-30
This a question only to women older than 17: If you lose an armwrestling match with a 15 years ol...
Take my poll! 2003-06-29
what is ur ideal girl?
Black & White (for White Girls ONLY) 2003-06-29
A poll for white girls to explain their attraction to the black race
---->HEY GUYS...TAKE THIS POLL!!<---- 2003-06-29
'Sup Guys?! Well take this poll!! (this is a poll for MALES ONLY....so if ur a GIRL, GET OUT!!!! =D)
Your dream guy(Girlz only) 2003-06-25
Some questions about what you would want in your dream guy.
what would you rather have? 2003-06-25
what would you rather have?
What's your favourite colour? 2003-06-25
Colours are great!Vote for your colours and see if your favourite colours are on the hit.
typical teen poll 2003-06-25
love/nudity/the truth
wat do u like best about gals??? 2003-06-25
Refund 1/2 month rent or not? 2003-06-25
We rented out a room in our house for 2 1/2 months. The first month and a half went by without p...
What is ideal weight for 21 year-old, 5'6 ? 2003-06-25
This is just for guys, please give your very valuble opinion! Many thanks!
What is it with guys and lezbos? (FOR GUYS ONLY) 2003-06-25
Why do guys think lezbos are hot?
Hey! plz! take my poll! i wanna kno about love! lolz! plz? 2003-06-25
World's coolest jobs. 2003-06-25
If you could give it all up and live your dream....
shy/active 2003-06-22
just to see what people prefer in the opposite sex.
When Is Suicide an acceptable alternative to Living 2003-06-19
Depression has been my lifelong companion and I've asked myself and others this question