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People / Relationships


Who Are You: differences between me and you 2003-01-13
I am just trying to get an idea of what kind of people are taking these surveys. What fag wrote t...
racism...how strong does it really exist? 2003-01-13
I am conducting a poll, that will reveal the level of racism that exists in our world. What do yo...
Romantic, Hot, & Wild 2003-01-06
What do you think that you are?
Gay Parenting 2003-01-05
The "gayby boom" is a growing phenomenon in America. As a gay dad, I was curious to se...
Is your girl/boyfriend too clingy? 2003-01-03
You may be lacking in sleep or your boss notices that your cellphone keeps beeping with new messa...
Goth/Punk Poll 2003-01-03
Hello again everyone...Just answer these q's if you are a goth or a punk or whatever...
Racism Within The SistaHood 2003-01-03
Hi,is there racism amongst lighter skinned and darker skinned black women?
Are Some IR Couples Viewed As More Acceptable Than Others? 2003-01-03
Hi,im in an IR marriage.I was wondering if some race combinations were viewed as more acceptable ...
What is the purpose of Life? 2003-01-03
The central question of all polls! Do YOU know the answer?
Teacher and Student Dating Relationships 2003-01-02
This poll was inspired by and is a supplement to Teacher and Student Sexual Affairs. See www.mis...
new years kiss 2003-01-02
A kiss on new year is great.
Mens legs hairy? 2003-01-02
Do women prefer men with hairy legs or not so hairy leg
Body Types Men Find Attractive 2002-12-24
Determining the type of body men find attractive in women.
What type of man do you find most physically attractive? 2002-12-24
A question for women to determine what physique type they prefer on man.
Who can withstand more physical pain Males or Females? 2002-12-24
Who between males and females are able to withstand more physical pain?
A Womans Desire In A Man 2002-12-24
Finding out what a woman values and desires in a man
Cheating 2002-12-24
Would you cheat on your mate?
Who the best 2002-12-24
Whos the best at driving cooking, etc etc.
Truth behind white men dating black women 2002-12-24
White Guys Only! What is your true purpose behind dating black women?
GUYS ONLY 2002-12-20
What do guys like in girls??
the dating game 2002-12-20
ah the dating game!!!!!!!!! very interesting and a big part of life
kinds of punishment 2002-12-20
this poll is about to discover how kids are being punished and at what age they get the first and...
male and female roles 2002-12-16
What roles do men and women want in a marriage-type relationship?
The Perfect Girl 2002-12-16
***GUYS ONLY*** what do you look for/want in a girl?
America's Children 2002-12-16
How do you think children are doingthese days?