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People / Relationships


what do guys want in girl ((GUYS ONLY)) 2003-04-17
Too Tired for Sex? 2003-04-17
We would like to find out whether modern day stresses, such as work pressures, bringing up a fami...
Tickling on a slumber-party 2003-04-17
Whenever me and my friends had slumber-parties and sleepovers we ended up in tickle-wars... What...
The ULTIMATE Black Race Poll 2003-04-16
Just curious how we blacks really feel about our race. Non-blacks can answer poll questions too b...
Stupid question for women 2003-04-14
Y eah I kinow, theses questions are stupid and meaningless
GIRLS ONLY!!!!!!!!!! 2003-04-11
WhUt dO GirLS HAtE AbOuT gUyS!?!
Ladies, do you prefer... 2003-04-11
vote please...
Low-Rise Jeans and Underwear(Men ONLY) 2003-04-09
Levi's jeans has been advertising their Dangerously Low jeans for men for a little while now. De...
What Guys like about Girls 2003-04-09
This poll is to find out what Guys interests are when it comes to Girls
Attitudes concerning your mate wrestling. 2003-04-09
This poll is set to gauge the general attitude that men and women have concerning their mate and/...
Fat or Thin(Girls or Guys) 2003-04-08
Girls: Would you rather be fat or thin? Guys: Do you like thin girls or fuller ones?
Imagine your girlfriend with a woman (?) 2003-04-08
This poll is aimed at discovering various reactions if a given person discovered their girlfriend...
Her Favorite Date 2003-04-08
Ladies, Here's your chance to let the men know which dating activity is your favorite. You will ...
Tickling my siblings 2003-04-08
After haviong a poll about BEING tickled by sibs and tickling with sibs in general, a poll about ...
His Favorite Date 2003-04-08
Men, Here's your chance to let the ladies know which dating activity is your favorite. You will ...
All about you!! 2003-04-08
This poll is about u.
Male body types preferences 2003-04-07
This poll aims to see how many people find different male body types attractive
Hitting on people 2003-04-07
HELLO!! im crazy and i always do something if i really like a guy i usually STALK him... no j.k b...
Signs that someone is interested in you 2003-04-07
Take this very quick poll to build knowledge on how people show that they like someone
How Tall Do You Like Guys To Be 2003-04-07
I'm a chick and I usually like my guys a little taller than my height. I was wondering if you gir...
IDEAL GIRL 2003-04-04
THis poll will find out the ideal girl for the majority of the population
Which GUYS do you REJECT and WHY? (for girls) 2003-04-04
Lady's, tell me how you feel about guys. What makes you reject us or accept us. All about the dat...
(girls only) guys facial features 2003-04-04
i was just wondering what features girls prefered in a guys face...
Romantic Love Survey 2003-04-04
Please mark whether you agree or disagree to each statement about love.
Hair length 2003-03-31
What hair length do you think is most attractive on a woman to you? There is controversy on this ...