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People / Relationships


'Anniversary' 2003-05-01
This poll is based on a relationship. I believe that it is going in the right direction. We haven...
*Biggest Turn On* 2003-05-01
FaCe PeRsOnAlItY BoDy
Infidelity, Man versus Woman behavior 2003-04-24
What is really human behavior in respect to fidelity matters?
waves 2003-04-24
guys with wavy hair
Ahoy there Blink 182 fans! 2003-04-24
This is a poll about Blink 182, the greatest punk rock band of the moment.
Kristen's Poll 2003-04-24
Kristen's daily poll
Girls Getting Changed Infront Of Guys (GIRLS ONLY) 2003-04-24
This poll is about girls getting changed in front of boys
Jealousy 2003-04-21
Am I the only one who seems to have a major jealousy problem? Answer my questions honestly so I c...
Brothers having tickle-fights 2003-04-21
Hey brothers...Have you ever had tickle-fights with each other? Then take part here...
GUYS - What do you like to see girls dressed in? 2003-04-21
What kind of clothes do you like to see girls dressed in... both individul and outfits.
Revenge! 2003-04-21
What is the worst thing you have ever done to get revenge? Give us your thoughts.
Whats your fav. girl traits 2003-04-21
whats your favorite things about girls
Little brother being tickled by big brother 2003-04-17
Are you a boy and have you got a bid brother? Has he ever tickled you? Yeah? Then take part in...
What Do Girls Prefer In A Guy? 2003-04-17
What Do Girls Prefer In A Guy?
INTERACIAL Dating and Attraction 2003-04-17
To see who sticks to their race most and why? AND which races are most attracted to other races.
Ladies: What's Good and Bad About Men? 2003-04-17
This poll is for women; it is simply asking what do women like and dislike about men.
Big brother...little brother... 2003-04-17
I've got both, an older brother and a younger bro,and I always have to wonder about how great the...
DOes anyonne find tattoos a turnoff ? 2003-04-17
I guess I may feel I am in aminority group of people who don't understand or like tattoos, in fac...
Braces on guys (women only) 2003-04-17
Need ur opinion
Being faithful (men only) 2003-04-17
Being a female, and not understanding the male species, I thought I would make a poll to find a f...
what do guys want in girl ((GUYS ONLY)) 2003-04-17
Too Tired for Sex? 2003-04-17
We would like to find out whether modern day stresses, such as work pressures, bringing up a fami...
Tickling on a slumber-party 2003-04-17
Whenever me and my friends had slumber-parties and sleepovers we ended up in tickle-wars... What...
The ULTIMATE Black Race Poll 2003-04-16
Just curious how we blacks really feel about our race. Non-blacks can answer poll questions too b...
Stupid question for women 2003-04-14
Y eah I kinow, theses questions are stupid and meaningless