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People / Relationships


dance denial 2002-11-15
me and some friens wanted to know what guys say is the best way to turn them down for a date to a...
Personality Poll.... about you! 2002-11-15
Welcome to the place to tell people about yourself witout reavealing your s/n or your own name al...
Friends or Lovers 2002-11-15
Are You Friends Or Potential Lovers
Gurls and Guyz 2002-11-15
Here there is questions about gurls and guys.
Guys only please 2002-11-15
Going broke
Flowers or Panties 2002-11-15
I ask you this, Flowers or Panties for an apoligy gift.
Do u find Asian Guys attractive? 2002-11-15
Do u find Asian Guys attractive?
men, happiness, sex and marriage 2002-11-14
This poll is for MARRIED men only!!!!!
What age was your first kiss? 2002-11-14
What age was your first kiss? 9, 19, 29 or 99? Whatever age?
What is your favorite way to kill someone? 2002-11-14
What would you do to kill someone!
Relationships 2002-11-14
Pure relationships, with boyfriends/girlfriends or friends!
Marriage: Roles and Rules 2002-11-14
What are the roles and rules in your marriage? For married people only.
Which girl would you pick? 2002-11-11
Of these 3, which one would you go for? Which one if more your type?
The Perfect Guy-Girls Only 2002-11-06
This poll will give guys like me a better understanding of what girls think the perfect guy shoul...
Wedding Night Non-Virgins Women Only 2002-11-06
According to other polls on Mister Poll, more than 90 per cent of women are sexually experienced ...
Wedding Night Non-Virgins Men Only 2002-11-06
According to other polls on Mister Poll more than 90 per cent of men are sexually experienced bef...
Are gay guys attracted to black guys? (Gay Guys Only) 2002-11-03
This poll is mainly for caucasion or non-black men. This is to find out if these guys are attrac...
How long has your relationship lasted? 2002-10-28
There is a debate going on in the UK about the stability of homosexual relationships to hetersexu...
Which hair is sexy hair?! (For guys only) 2002-10-28
Which type of hair do you find the sexiest?
What's your ideal female type?! (For guys) 2002-10-28
Just wondering what kinda girls guys go for
WHO IS YOUR 2002-10-28
Hi!This is a poll about what is your favorite kind of date
The Power of Women's Anger 2002-10-28
Have You Ever Underestimated a Woman when she's Angry ?
Do u thinl that a guy should make te move first or the girl? 2002-10-28
Should the guy make the move first, like kiss the girl or touch her leg something like that, or S...
Straight Men/Women only! Opinions about Gay Male Behavior 2002-10-28
This poll is for straight people to gauge their ideas and feelings about gay men and feminine and...
Blondes or Brunettes?! (For Guys) 2002-10-23
This is about finding out whether guys really do prefer blondes or if it's all just a thing of th...