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People / Relationships


The Ideal Guy 2003-02-15
Who is your Ideal guy? what do you look for in a guy? For females, and gay or bi males, ages 8-25...
The Ideal girl 2003-02-15
this poll is for those of you who date girls, what are your ideals? ages 8-25 If you are a date ...
Flirting and Comitted Relationships 2003-02-15
I need feedback as to the meaning of flirting with others while being in a monogamus relationship.
GIRLS: Should guys wear sandals 2003-02-14
I've read in Men's magazines that shoes are very important to girls. But what about if a guy we...
Love, romance, SEX, money...a poll for women 2003-02-13
At a party a man asks a woman if she would have sex with him for ten million dollars, she says: ...
Does Height Matter? 2003-02-10
I was just wondering if girls preffered taller guys or if it even mattered.
Finding A Boyfriend or Girlfriend ( Easy or Hard?) 2003-02-10
How easy is it to get a Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
SeXy GuY nAmEs 2003-02-09
Have you ever fell head over heels for a guy?? That had the dumbest name ever! Well....I wanna kn...
What you look for in a boyfriend 2003-02-09
Hello everyone! This is for girls ONLY! Please fill out the information truthfully!
The perfect woman (a poll for guys) 2003-02-09
What would that perfect girl be like? Be honest!
What makes a hot face? 2003-02-09
What facial features do you look for in the opposite sex?
goth to preppy 2003-02-09
What Makes A Guy Hott? 2003-02-09
It's about what features to you makes a guy hott.
Stress in a Relationship 2003-02-09
Relationships can be very stressful from beginning middle and end. See how many people have the ...
Hey Girlz!!! What Matters in deciding to Go Out With a Guy?? 2003-02-09
What Matters When a Deciding to go out with a guy?
Women's Opinions 2003-02-08
This is a poll of women's first impressions, gut reactions and quick answers to a number of topics.
a closer look at the dating pool 2003-02-08
so, how many single women for each single guy, in the united states? is it 50/50?
would you date someone of another race 2003-02-07
are you a black girl who wants to date a white man...or your a white guy who loves black women? w...
sexual selection against asian guys? 2003-02-07
hi! my name is lindsay. i'm a 14 yo girl doing a school project for social studies. we had to ...
Womens Hair Color 2003-02-07
What is the sexiest hair color for a woman? Blonde? Brunette? Redhead? Jetblack? What?
Homosexuality: Choice or not? 2003-02-07
Determine what heterosexual people think is the cause of homosexuality. [Non-heterosexuals please...
Black men creating interracial polls 2003-02-07
black men creating race polls.
Ladys Weight 2003-02-07
Many people are interested in knowing how many men like big women. Women over 180 pounds.
Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery ok? 2003-02-07
How do you feel about plastic or cosmetic surgery?
what you see in them guys 2003-01-30
what is more important?? the eyes, the hair..