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People / Relationships


Romantic Love Survey 2003-04-04
Please mark whether you agree or disagree to each statement about love.
Hair length 2003-03-31
What hair length do you think is most attractive on a woman to you? There is controversy on this ...
4 girls:do u believe in love at 1st sight? 2003-03-28
so many words are said by eyes..
WOMEN ONLY: Men with Shaved Legs 2003-03-25
What do women think about men who shave their legs for cycling.
Men Vs. Women 2003-03-25
Haircuts 2003-03-25
Hairdos dor guys
Tickling: Torture or Fun? 2003-03-25
For me, tickling has always been just fun. I think, it's a great way to make others laugh and ha...
Tickled by siblings 2003-03-25
Have you got siblings? And have you ever been tickled by them? What do you think about that?
Would you date a guy who do this? (lady only) 2003-03-20
Would you date a guy who have a hobby, habit, or job as posted below?
What kind of people do you hate the most? 2003-03-19
Take a poll on what kind of people you hate the most.
why you think boys are scared of girls 2003-03-19
my poll is to see why people think boys are scared of girls.
White Men and racial preference in dating 2003-03-19
The polls on this site about racial dating prefernce have made me wonder a few things.
The big poll about "What's sexy?" (For Boys) 2003-03-18
Thanks for doing this poll. There's one similar for Boys, if you want to compare the results betw...
How much should a guy shave and wear?
KISS (lips 2 lips) 2003-03-18
hiyah i'm here again.... here's a poll where you will really think hard... good luck!!!! thank ya...
Nail Care Poll 2003-03-18
As the sex's continue to blurr, nail care is now becoming more popular for both male and female. ...
What makes a relationship work? (women only) 2003-03-15
please pick out ALL qualities that seem to be MUST HAVE for your relationship to work, leave out ...
Those Teenage Taboos 2003-03-11
Which of the following have you done?
Interesting Question 2003-03-10
Read the scenario, answer the question. PLEASE post your comments on the message board.
Do you spank kids with Disabilites 2003-03-10
Do you belive in spanking kids if they have disobilities?
Gurlz Only!!! 2003-03-10
vote on the kind of guyz u like best!!!
Who are You? 2003-03-09
This poll was created to know yourself more.... good luck!
GIRLS: Guys Hands 2003-03-09
Hey, girls, would you prefer a guy having rough hands or silky-smooth hands??
Strip Poker - Ever Play? 2003-03-09
What's your experience with the classic game of strip poker?
LOTS OF STUFF! 2003-03-04
this is a poll where you can express yourself!