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People / Relationships


have you ever lost a friend of yours due to an argument? 2003-09-03
It is my personal research.
Grandparents 2003-09-03
info about grandparents
Dating men who wear turbans 2003-09-03
im a Sikh male who, like all other red blooded guys, is attracted to blondes. But they turn me do...
Tha Perfect Girl 2003-09-03
Hey Ya'll This is my lil poll to see wat you consider the perfect girl. If you're a straight guy ...
Are kids worth it? 2003-09-03
Kids are alot or work, but many people say it's worth the effort. What do you think?
sexiest chick names 2003-09-03
what do you prefer ?
*WhO'z ThE hOtTeSt?* 2003-09-03
Juz lemme kno who's da hottest guy...
What Girls Like About Guys 2003-09-03
This is a poll to see what a woman looks for on the inside and outside of a guy...
Physical Appearance and Attraction 2003-09-03
Just was having a bit of a discussion with someone on this, wanted to know others opinions. This...
How do you act in public? 2003-09-03
How do you act in public? Are you a fumbling idiot or a smooth talking charmer?
Cold Women 2003-09-03
Hi! I have a galfriend that says that she is a cold fish. She is Sweet to me and never selfis...
Pain Of A Man 2003-09-03
How men are forced to act in society beacuse of there sex...
What kinda person would u descride urself as?? 2003-09-02
Type of person
What do u look 4 in the opposite gender?? 2003-09-02
Here a few questions just to find out what u find attractive in others
SHORT GIRLS/WOMEN (What are guys' views?) 2003-09-02
Guys, could you answer the following questions on girls' heights, focusing mainly on short/petite...
Girls- are you high maintenence? 2003-09-02
I know that I am, what about you? Answer these simple questions to find out if you are...
will all women be lesbians in the future? 2003-09-02
If you haven't been living under a rock, you'll notice that a higher and higher percentage of wom...
For Successfully Married People 2003-09-02
I'm getting married soon, and I'd like to know how other people made it work. For the successfull...
Adult Children of Mentally Ill Parents Poll 2003-09-01
Welcome to our on line poll!
aiight, we need some help here deciding...
I'm doing a research on the preception of tattoos and gender. I want to find out how each gender ...
Guys.. give us girls an idea! 2003-08-28
Beauty Standards, Race, and Racism 2003-08-28
This poll is about beauty standards, what they say about different races, and what effect they ha...
Batlle of Sexes 2003-08-28
Batlle of sexes
how do men get feminine and women get manly 2003-08-28
this poll is about whether men or women knows more about their gender and how they interact with ...