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People / Relationships


Weight (girls only) 2003-06-15
Is Race Real? 2003-06-15
I'm just curious as to what people think.
Perfect Body For A Woman(Men Only) 2003-06-13
Men What Would You Do? 2003-06-13
Body Piercing On Women (Men Only) 2003-06-13
This is a poll to see what kind of piercings men like on women.
A bunch of questions :)) 2003-06-12
Never Been Loved 2003-06-11
Hi. It's a lot easier to say this online where my identity is anonymous. I've learned from person...
Being treated like the youngest 2003-06-10
I am 15 years old and i have a brother 13 and a sister 9 and my mom always says that i am very im...
Would You Meet Gay People 2003-06-10
How do you feel about meeting gay people. Are you nervous or excited
mums over 35 2003-06-10
this is see what mums wear on a night out
How to know when a guy has a crush on you! 2003-06-06
CALLING ALL GUYS, and GUYS ONLY!!!!!!!!!! Guys, please tell us girls what all these signals mean!
Would You Harbor Someone Else's Child? 2003-06-06
Your teenager asks you to let her friend who JUST turned 18 come and live with your family becuse...
What do you like about yourself VS. others 2003-06-06
Some friends consider me hypocritical because I want to be skinny but I like guys who are chubby....
Perfect Girlfriend 2003-06-05
Well I think guys go for the wrong things in girls so lets see if Im right.
ladies do you go clubing 2003-06-05
ladies aged 34 and over do you still party on
What is most important to YOU??? 2003-06-05
Future Relationships 2003-06-05
People say that men and women have never agreed and never will. The purpose of this poll is to se...
White Men and Hispanic Women 2003-05-30
I'm just curious about how white men feel about Hispanic women.
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Awareness 2003-05-30
I am looking to see if acceptance of gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals has increased in recen...
**~**HEY GUYS! What do YOU like in a girl?!**~** 2003-05-29
What is it that you like about your crush/girlfriend? What qualities are most valuable?
First Love 2003-05-28
this is a poll to determine characteristics of 1st loves
(For Ladies) Men and Money 2003-05-28
How important is money in a relationship to you?
If you would like to date an Asian, why? 2003-05-28
I am assuming that you would like to date an Asian? If not, this quiz will probably waste your ti...
Guys looking at girls 2003-05-28
Poll for girls
Dream Guy 2003-05-28
What is you dream guy like?