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People / Relationships


Social Life 2003-07-29
Do you have social phobia?
OMG Nobody Take This Poll!!!! 2003-07-29
j/p!!! Take this Freakin Poll.
the perfect girl for you 2003-07-29
the perfect girl for you
Would you? 2003-07-29
When is the right time to have sex? I have been dating my boyfriend for 5 almost 6 months but we'...
Wife in Islam 2003-07-29
This is a poll about the wife in islam.
Married: Sex with others! 2003-07-29
This is far anyone who is married.
Drinking/smoking etc 2003-07-29
lets see how many of us drink, smoke and do other things.
Littlereddevil's persons poll! 2003-07-29
Have a go at this poll, it may give usall information to what qualities people love and HATE in o...
Teen daughters and their fathers 2003-07-29
Please complete this poll if you are a girl aged between 12 and 18 and live with - or have freque...
Are Tattoos Bad (Girls Only Please) 2003-07-29
Please help my good friend and I settle a debate.
Do You Like Redheads? 2003-07-25
Do you think Redheads look good or not? Plus more.
HELP! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!! 2003-07-25
I need some general advice about what to do about an ex boyfriend that I still have feelings for....
Guys what makes you jealous? 2003-07-25
Guys what would you think if your ex girlfriend started hanging out with your cousin?
what Do guys like in Girls 2003-07-25
this is to see what guys like in girls
Wich one matters the most? 2003-07-25
Many people look for someone who's got good look,while some look for someone who's got good perso...
FOR GUYS: Perfect Girl 2003-07-25
For guys, what qualities does your perfect woman have?
Cheating On Your Husband 2003-07-24
This is a poll for women who have either have cheated on their husbands or are thinking of cheating.
Hot Guys VS Cute Guys 2003-07-24
haha~ just wonderin whether females nowadayz prefer hot guys or cute guys?
Girls who love Girls (NO guys) 2003-07-24
Looking at the Girl on Girl perspective.
Playful Spankings 2003-07-24
While I was at McDonald's today, I saw a mother reach down and playfully spank her four year old...
How Tall Should A Woman Be? **A POLL FOR GUYS AND GIRLS** 2003-07-24
Here are some questions on women's heights.
Inuit Dating 2003-07-24
Would YOU date an eskimo?
What was the youngest person you ever kissed? 2003-07-24
I am wondering how young the youngest person you have french kissed is. just curious.EXCLUDING pa...
How Often Do Women Think of Sex? 2003-07-24
This poll is for me to discover how often women think about sex.