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People / Relationships


Married Women 2003-01-30
Mixed wrestling and armwrestling has become one of the hottest topics on the internet. My wife...
Guys with no experience (for girls only) 2003-01-30
How important is it for your boyfriend to have previous experience with relationships?
Why are you with your boyfriend? (for girls only) 2003-01-28
Girls, what made you go for him and what makes you stay with him?
Fav. Things 2003-01-27
What is the best thing that chould ever happen to you
show me yours ill show you mine(guys) 2003-01-27
Ever played a game of this? ever got cheated on it? This poll is to ask you those simple question...
What's up with the Asian sistas?! 2003-01-27
Why don't Asian women, seemingly, like Black men?
A Poll For Mothers 2003-01-27
Are you a mother? Have you ever breastfeed your children?
Asian Women 2003-01-27
Since I'm active duty Air Force stationed in Japan I'm curious to see other peoples opinions abou...
White, Asian, Latin Men About dating Black Women 2003-01-27
This poll is for non-black men to find out what attracts them to black women.
This is to see what guys think is more attractive in females
Goth girls (non goth/freak guys only) 2003-01-22
just a poll, cuz im a non-freakish guy but love goth type girls, wanted to see if other guys did ...
To Girls: Questions about guys 2003-01-22
Hey I was just wondering what type of stuff makes a girl interested/disinterested in a guy and ho...
Teenage Guys Relationships 2003-01-21
I was just wondering if all you guys out there could interpert some boy behavior for me! Thanks.
Would you date ........ 2003-01-17
about the opposite sex and different race.
GUYS & GIRLS: Dating Etiquette 2003-01-17
What's cool and what's not these days
Who should ask who? 2003-01-17
This poll is to find out who should ask out who.
How outgoing/ extroverted are you? 2003-01-15
I am a Psychology student, in my first year. I am interested in finding out how outgoing people g...
Would you date this girl? 2003-01-15
For all you guys out there: If you were to meet a girl fitting this description, would you go out...
Relationship when is it right 2003-01-15
is he to old, to good looking
Judging The Opposite Sex 2003-01-15
This poll will show how people judge the opposite sex.
Random things I want to know about people 2003-01-15
the personality of the nation (for guys and girls) 2003-01-15
OK, I am going to ask a series of questions, just choose yes or no, nothing really to think about.
Interracial Dating 2003-01-14
This is a poll being used in a discussion on interracial dating for college students. However I'...
What girls like guys to wear 2003-01-14
for girls only, what do you like guys to wear
SISTAS: Your opinion of Black Men dating/marrying White 2003-01-14
I just wanted sistas real opinions of brothas who date and/or marry white women.