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People / Relationships


First Love 2003-05-28
this is a poll to determine characteristics of 1st loves
(For Ladies) Men and Money 2003-05-28
How important is money in a relationship to you?
If you would like to date an Asian, why? 2003-05-28
I am assuming that you would like to date an Asian? If not, this quiz will probably waste your ti...
Guys looking at girls 2003-05-28
Poll for girls
Dream Guy 2003-05-28
What is you dream guy like?
An 8 year olds bedtime 2003-05-28
What time is an appropriate time for an 8 year old to go to bed on a school nite??
girls, women, skirts, panties (part 3) 2003-05-28
What do you think?
guys behavior--4 girls and guys 2003-05-28
this poll is 4 guys and girls--I need some help
White vs. Black women 2003-05-27
This poll is for both sexes and all races regarding wich race in general is more attractive
Hispanic Women and White men 2003-05-27
I'm just interested in the statistics regarding relationships between Hispanic women and white men.
Female Bodybuilders 2003-05-25
Really please answer honestly. If you are a man, DO NOT answer the women only questions.
Girls, What Attracts You To Men? 2003-05-24
Something makes girls like guys. Us guys have very little idea what that is... so how 'bout you ...
What kind of friend are YOU? 2003-05-24
Sometimes people wonder if they are a very good friend to have. Well, heres how you can find out...
(guys only)Why Are Most Guys Mean To Girls 2003-05-23
Why Are Most Guys Mean To Girls
Slumber party Tickling 2003-05-20
Girls and thier slumber party memorys(Females only)
Ladies Only 2003-05-20
Ok girls this is your chance to honestly tell people what you like about guys
About your crush.... 2003-05-20
I have nothin else to do, so im makin a poll, WONK
What a real woman finds sexy about a man 2003-05-14
I am a gentleman in my 30's who wants to find out what about a man- looks, etc to sexy and attrac...
cheating? 2003-05-14
have you ever cheated?
Body differences 2003-05-14
Which of these people would you be willing to go out with? Would the differences in their bodies...
What's The Most Romantic? <<guys only>> 2003-05-14
I'm just wondering, in general, what guys think is the most romantic. I will have a girl's only ...
GUYS ONLY!! Do you like kissing? 2003-05-14
Well do you?
Guy breasts 2003-05-14
Some guys develop breasts - how should they deal with them?
Guy hair colors, etc 2003-05-14
What colour and type of hair would guys like to have? Girls please stay out - your poll is aroun...
getting your ex back...(for guys only please) 2003-05-14
Have you ever tried to get your ex back... how did you do it?