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People / Relationships


Emotions 2014-10-06
Girls, what level of emotion is it good for a guy to express, and what takes it over the edge?
*Girls Only* Pubic Hair Preference 2014-10-06
How you prefer pubic hair on yourself and Men
Gut Punching Punishment 2014-10-06
I a Male 26 and am wondering how you would punish me for a wrong i have supposedly perpetrated by...
Girls only please: Spanking and coroporal punishment of girls 2014-10-06
This is to investigate how much corporal punishment is used for discipline, and also for pleasure
how do your sister dominate you? 2014-10-06
how do your sister dominate you?
Halloween Costume 2014-09-23 (closed)
I lost a bet to my wife on a football game last weekend. She has decided she is dressing up in a...
Girls below 15 years old, are you curious to see a naked boy in real life 2014-09-23
Girls below 15 years old, are you curious to see a naked boy in real life
i am submissive 2014-09-19
i am a submissive girl, and this is Your opportunity to be my Master/Mistress for a short period ...
Foot Shyness Problem 2014-09-19
I've always had a foot shyness problem for as long as I could remember. I'm not exactly sure how ...
Relationships VS Xbox 2014-09-19
Have you ever wanted to smash your significance others xbox (or gaming device) because you felt t...
Weddings and Marriage 2014-09-19
This is a poll for anyone who is or hopes to be married. If you have soured on the whole idea of ...
Dating (GIRLS ONLY) 2014-09-15
Women and Club Sweating 2014-09-02
Women and Club Sweating
Giantess poll 2014-08-25
Hello. I saw a poll about giantesses. I made this poll about the same topic. It is for Women only...
Don't punish me sis it was an accident HONEST ! 2014-08-18
I swear i knocked on the door where she should of heard me and I truly listen and got no response...
Girls shoulder riding boys 2014-08-18
Girls who like to ride on boys' shoulders
What race am I? 2014-08-18
My mother is Japanese and my father is a European Jew. Which race do you think I am?
what do you wear for bed (KIDS ONLY) 2014-08-13
this is a poll for what you wear to bed as pajamas
Sex as Power(Women only) 2014-08-13
Poll about women's attitudes and habits using sex as power over men
There's this guy.. 2014-08-13
I'm gay, not too long found out. I haven't come out to everyone yet. I've been talking to this gu...
GUYS ONLY Which girl would you choose to date (GUYS ONLY) 2014-08-05
Girl one? Girl two? Girl three? I am one of them...not saying which.
Potty Training Travel solutions 2014-08-05
I am currently working with my 3 year old son on potty training. While we are usually in one plac...
Women taking their husbands last name 2014-08-05
Women taking their husbands last name
GUYS ONLY! Would you date me? ;) 2014-07-29
Guys only please...I'm a girl.
Ticked in School 2014-07-29
Have you ever been tickled in school? I know I have!