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People / Relationships


Sklavin fuer Online-Erziehung gesucht! 2014-07-24
Moechtest Du meine neue Online-Sklavin werden?
Catholic teen girls dressed as babies for baptisms 2014-07-24
I have seen catholic teen girls dressed as babies for their baptisms and want to know if anyone e...
Girls only ballbusting essay 2014-07-14
Girls only ballbusting essay
Can you spread your toes? Girls only please 2014-07-14
Can you spread your toes? Girls only please
Tormented By Older Brother 2014-07-14
This is a poll for all the younger brothers who get abused by their older brothers.
Should I superglue Dans Chastity Cage Padlock 2014-07-14
Should I superglue Dans Chastity Cage Padlock
Dream Guy Poll (Gay Guys Welcome!) 2014-07-08
I've noticed that there is a dearth of 'dream guy' polls either for gays or that want gays to ans...
captured 2014-07-08
You and some of your friends have managed to capture a slightly older boy who has been a little m...
Barfuss durch Stuttgart 2014-07-07
Hallo Maedels! Lauft Ihr gerne barfuss durch die Stadt? Und haettet Ihr Lust, mal barfuss durch S...
Buttcheeks 2014-06-30
Which butt cheek you prefer ?
Furries: Fetish Poll 2014-06-30
Tell me about your fetishes. What you like about them. Non-furrows are welcome to chime in as wel...
Questions about boys 2014-06-30 (closed)
Just some questions about boys. You also can attend if you are a girl.
Caught in the act 2014-06-30
I have been having illicit sex with an old friend in my house even though I'm married. My neighbo...
Dress Code Punishment for Son 2014-06-19 (closed)
For the next 3 weeks I will be making my son wear a dress code as punishment. Please complete thi...
Shy or not 2014-06-13
How many off you are shy about there body?
Guy Advice for Me Please! 2014-06-13
I have a weird guy situation and wanted some of you guys' advice on it.
Poll About Girls for Guys 2014-06-13
I wanted to get guys' opinions on a lot of girl stuff.
Spanked in front of your girlfriend 2014-06-09
I'm curious as to other guys experience of probably the most embarrassing and dreadful thing in r...
kids get a bath or shower fully clothed in thier shoes and sock 2014-06-09
to find out if any parents have evre let their kids get a bath or shower fully clothed
Alberta Commercial Movers 2014-06-09
1811 4 St SW #157 Calgary, AB T2S 0C9, (403) 983-3880 Alberta Commercial Movers is a trusted part...
Tickle torture me! (girls only) 2014-06-02
I want to be tickled so much, that it's tickle torture! If you could, how would you tickle tortur...
I want a boyfriend 2014-06-02
I`m a 15 year old boy who is gay looking for a boy my age to be boyfriends with.
Fem Dom (Female Led Relationship) 2014-05-27
My boyfriend asked me to try dominating him recently. I did (with the help of my first poll on h...
My sister and the bikini 2014-05-27 (closed)
I am 19 and have been left in charge at home while my parents are away of my sister 15 and brothe...
Gay Poll 2014-05-27
A simple yes or no poll about how people view homosexuality.