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Girl friend poll 2015-04-06
What type of gf are u
Wanna tickle me, girls? 2015-04-06
Would you tickle a 16 year old, black hair, olive skin, 5'9" male? Obviously, I'd love to ge...
Can a female give reactions for my book when a girl sees an old friend NAKED? 2015-04-06
Martin and Daisy were close friends in high school. Although he's a geek, Daisy did always think ...
Girls, are you as strong as this boy? 2015-04-06
I always felt I was a fairly strong girl, I'm 18, 5'6'' and weigh 125 lbs, I practice sports and ...
Have you or would you ever share your boyfriend/husband with a friend? 2015-04-06
I'm curious about a scenario involving women sharing their boyfriend/husband with a 'close' frien...
Girls Embarrassing Moment (Girls only!!!!) 2015-04-06
Tell about the moment you accidentally or on purpose farted really loud in school or at work.
Poll For Girls: Have you ever sunned in panties and bra outside before? 2015-04-06
Poll For Girls: Have you ever sunned in panties and bra outside before?
For girls:What do girls call what they lick in their panties? 2015-04-06
For girls: When talking with other girls, what do girls call what they lick in their panties?
Incest 2015-04-06
I have always wanted to fulfill my dreams of having sex with my mom. Wondering if anyone else sha...
Merciless Tickle Punishment for Me 2015-03-30
Please tell me how you'd punish me with tickles
Chastity Poll 2015-03-30
A poll about how and people thinking about or practicing chastity
mature women tickled 2015-03-30
mature women tickled
Most ticklish person in your family 2015-03-30
Most ticklish person in your family
kids tickling adults 2015-03-30
kids tickling adults
PIED IN THE FACE, then GIVEN THE HOOK by your MOTHER! 2015-03-23
Mothers love to pie their kids in the face! Getting that first pie in the face from mom is a rit...
Girls, wanna be tickled? 2015-03-23
There are tons of "you tickle me" polls, BUT this one is a "I tickle you" pol...
Messing with your brothers (Guys Only!) 2015-03-23
This is for guys who love to mess with their bros, if you're the victim more often you might wann...
Things You Do or Have Done With Your Brother (guys only please) 2015-03-23
This is a discussion for guys only about the kinds of things you have either done or still do wit...
Males and their partner's bits 2015-03-23
For gay and bisexual men, preferences (if any) for the naughty bits of their partner.
What would you want to do and what would you really do if allowed? 2015-03-23
This poll has a scenario where you have been wronged and you may say what you would like to do an...
how should I be tied up (males and females) 2015-03-23
I am a guy in my early 20's, I am very chatty and sometimes need to be bound and gagged so people...
Spanked in your 20's (not by spouse) 2015-03-23 (closed)
Who got real spankings in their 20's
Where should I be topless? 2015-03-23
I ran a poll recently on my clothing restrictions, and boy am I regretting asking for suggestions...
Father/Son Nudity 2015-03-23
Father/Son Nudity
This is not "trolling" or fishing for perversions. I would appreciate if poll takers wo...