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Adoption 2013-04-22
Spanking in Retrospect 2013-04-22
One day when I was 12, I did something pretty bad and was not punished for it. Without getting i...
Was It Wrong 2013-04-19
I Broke up with this girl , We still kept in touch . She tells me that a guy was messaging her di...
Romantic Rivals - women only 2013-04-16
Every one of us (women) will have to battle another woman over a man. some uf us have only done i...
Statistics Survey 2013-04-15
Statistics Survey
Sex with a guy that has a six packs abs 2013-04-15
Sex with a guy that has a six packs abs
Circumcision in the America 2013-04-15
Circumcision in the America
caesarean section 2013-04-08
should women have the right to choose a caesarean section or should they only be performed in eme...
My wife want sex with a woman 2013-04-08
I've been with my wife for 20 years and our marriage is great. For as long as I can remember she ...
girl strangling boy with legs 2013-04-08
i have been strangled by girls many times over the years. sometimes it hurts, sometimes not. i am...
Kids or Partner ?? 2013-04-04
Women, what makes your life more meaningful and complete ?? Having kids or having a male partner ??
How many women still have breast milk after there baby stopped feeding 2013-04-01
Breast Milk
have you ever been bullied? 2013-04-01
are you a bully? do you know some one being/was bullied? were you ever bullied?
That's Embarassing 2013-04-01
This is a poll about the embarrassing stuff we do to each other
Have you ever heard of a guy saying no to sex when the girl asks him for it? 2013-03-28
If a straight guy is naked in bed with a naked girl and the girl tells the guy that she wants to ...
Teenage Circumcision 2013-03-25
A poll for teens in the USA about circumcision.
for all girls who has dated a guy named shawn 2013-03-25
asking girls questions about bf's ex's named shawn
Do you think that people are born gay or is it a choice? 2013-03-22
Just a simple question... Do you think poeple are born gay? I am just curious what the general...
Pickup lines 2013-03-22
Most guys have someting they will say the first time they meet an attractive girl to tryand get t...
strongest opinion 2013-03-22
this is nothing more than getting people to think about things in different way like looking at a...
White men Dating black women 2013-03-22
For white men only :)
Females Crying 2013-03-19
The female version of the Males Crying poll: http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/575529
(Ladies 17+) TALLEST guy you would date 2013-03-19
(Ladies 17+) TALLEST guy you would date
Asexuality? 2013-03-14
just looking for peoples thought on asexuality
"Does absence make the heart grow fonder?" 2013-03-12
OR "Out of sight, out of mind?"