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People / Relationships


My best Friend make me a sex proposal? 2014-03-03
I have a friend that from several years he always make jokes about sex. We used to chat in mess...
How do you spend your weekends? 2014-03-03
This is a poll to find out what kind of activities people do on their weekends...e.g nothing, hou...
For Teen Guys (13-17) 2014-03-03
What is your dream girlfriend like? I made this poll to help myself get a better understanding of...
Younger Female Boss (Women Only) 2014-03-03
My girlfriend is a few years younger than me and recently started working at the same store I do....
Adult men who live with their parents 2014-02-25
Men 25 & over please. Women you will take part in this poll too. Please be truthful. Read que...
Is your body Small for your age? 2014-02-19
This poll is for anybody that is considered to be small for their age. Do you have younger siblin...
What's cute? (for guys) 2014-02-19
What's cute? (for guys)
infrequent peeing 2014-02-19
Years ago I found out for myself that in my opinion I went to pee much more often than really nec...
Single Mothers Who Are Millennials 2014-02-19
This poll is for single mothers from Generation Y aka Millennials. Females between 18-35 please. ...
should I let my son wear one shoe 2014-02-19
I have a 12 year old son that has lost his right shoe 7 times in two months I've grounded him I'v...
High School 2014-02-11
High School
Ticklish? 2014-02-10
Poll about tickling and being tickled!
Bukkake 2014-02-10
14-16 year old guys only! 2014-02-07
Which girl would you date/find most attractive?
Which of my guy friends would you date? (for teen girls) 2014-02-07
I have several guy friends and was wondering which of them girls would find most attractive and w...
Transgendered Males And their Governesses 2014-02-02
You've seen it on TV, and on the net! Large numbers of young males are turning transgender, and ...
spanking inquiry 2014-02-02
a few general questions about spanking
Anybody you would love to tickle? 2014-02-02
Do you ever fantasize on who you would love to tickle? If so, then take this poll and maybe post ...
Freeballing (Male Teens) 2014-01-27
This poll is for males 13-17
Teens and the Body 2014-01-27
A survey about how teens view the body.
Ages for Parenting Milestones 2014-01-27
Poll attempting to see trends in when certain parenting milestones are reached with kids For som...
Women Like... 2014-01-20
Women Like...
I need a spanking 2014-01-17 (closed)
I am a 25 y/o almost 26 y/o man, and I am feeling bad about some of my recent behavior. I am ver...
Mom is wrong for giving me a 7:00 bedtime? 2014-01-16
I'm a 17 year old girl shouldn't I be allowed to stay up later?
How often do you cry? (females) 2014-01-16
This is just a poll to figure out how often females cry.