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People / Relationships


For my novel, can a female under 30 share her reactions to this scene? 2014-12-16
Martin was 20 years old & a lovable 5'5 straight A geek, the only virgin of his friends &...
Irreverent Weddings 2014-12-16
More and more weddings are becoming non-traditional and downright irreverent. My wedding was and...
Should I submit to my husband and let him punish me? 2014-12-08
My husband and I have been married a long time. We've experimented with spanking and bondage, and...
FaceFarting 2014-12-08
looking for girls to sit and fart on my face
Sexual orientation, politics, and religion 2014-12-04
Just a mini research project! your participation is voluntary.
Gagged in public areas 2014-11-24
I was wondering if anybody (male or female) had ever been gagged in a public area.
poll for girls 2014-11-24
this poll is to determine what girls think is hotter on a guy
teen sexual experiences 2014-11-24
teen sexual experiences
The Ultimate Girl Poll (FOR GUYS ONLY) 2014-11-17
What would your ideal girl be like? What do you like or not like in girls?
Puberty 2014-11-17
For guys only.
Do you enjoy spanking your kids 2014-11-17
Do you enjoy spanking your kids
Can you help with funny ideas for my script when a nerd has to get BUTT-NAKED? 2014-11-17
Alison and Martin were both college freshmen who have always been best friends, but JUST friends....
Tickled Experience (18+) 2014-11-17
Give an example of a time when you were tickled. 1. what happened? (were you pinned down by mo...
girl pulling boys by their shirts 2014-11-17
Boys, have girls ever pulled you by your shirt?
Baby Girl Name, Help? 2014-11-17
I'm torn between these 2 names, and would love some opinions!
Poll for mothers 2014-11-17
Quick survey for mothers.
Could a female in her 20's please say how she would react to her neighbor NUDE? 2014-11-17
In my novel, Donnie was a well-meaning yet bit obnoxious know-it-all straight A 20 year old geek....
Abortion 2014-11-14
Teen sex 2014-11-04
Teen sex
88408 2014-11-04
This is for my psychology project.
Teen culture 2014-11-04
This is for my high school assignment. Please be honest.
For guys - sports, post-piss drips, bullying and other 2014-11-04
All males can fill this, but it you are over 30, please remember the time when you were between 1...
Your opinion on guys overall package (honest girls please) 2014-11-04
I have a nice overall package that I'm quite proud of! I have bigger than average balls and an a...
Women how many times did you make the first move? 2014-11-04
It is okay for women to make the first move but how many times do you really do it. The first mov...
Men how many times did you make the first move? 2014-11-04
It is okay for women to make the first move but how many times do they really do it. The first mo...