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Do you usually walk around barefoot? 2017-08-15
Do you usually walk around barefoot?
Guys, who to bring to your physical exams. 2017-08-03
Physical exams can be intimidating and it might be nice to have someone with you. Who would you ...
I Want a Home Dress Code 2017-07-26
How do I get my parents to give me one?
bedwetter at summer camp 2017-07-19
I am 17 years old I will soon in summer camp, I would have liked to know how it happens as a bedw...
having a crush on or falling in love with your sisters friends 2017-07-12
This poll is for any boy that fell in love with or got a crush on one of their sister's friends a...
Tall girl vs short guy #4 2017-07-05
Welcome to the 4th of the tall vs short polls with pics! This time its 6'8ft volleybar star Eka...
one shoe guy 2017-07-05
I liked to take off my right shoe and just have a left shoe and a sock on my right foot. I keep ...
Barefoot house rules in 2017 2017-07-05
Do you have to go barefoot at home?
Moms: What do you think of your butt? 2017-06-27
How confident are mothers in their body, specifically the buns.
Speakerphone conversations 2017-05-25
Got into a big debate and I need to turn to my friends and other family and YOU. So it's in regar...
Men Only, Circumcision for Your Son, Reasons other than the "Usual" Ones 2017-05-06
Men/Boys, if you had or would have you son circumcised, what reasons in addition to or instead o...
Heterosexual Men - What kind of woman do you prefer? 2017-05-06
Tell me your type, your fantasy, your dream babe
adult did you were treated like a teenager Because of your appearance, enuresis 2017-05-04
adult did you were treated like a teenager Because of your appearance, enuresis
Tickle Talk 2017-05-04
I'm a woman who loves being tickled and really loves being verbally teased while being tickled. A...
Straight Heterosexual Males (18-35) What's You're Type 2017-05-01
Tell me about yourself, and what you like in women. Straight males ages 18-35
Clothing Rules - punishments / forfeits 2017-05-01
Hi, Lou's fiance here ... thanks to everyone for their suggestions of what her clothing rules sho...
Only Dresses for your Teen Girl 2017-04-24
Do you restrict your teen daughter or teen girl in your care to wearing only dresses and skirts?
disabled ppl 2017-04-20
how liked are disabled ppl in wheelchair
Clothing rules - Summer Footwear rules 2017-04-15
Hey you lot. So from the previous clothing rules poll, the majority of you voted for bras to be b...
Teen boy wearing swim diapers 2017-04-11
I found there is same like poll to girls but not for boys
If you found me lying down with my shirt unbuttoned 2017-04-03
I just Home home from work/gym and it was an exhausting day so I come home dressed in jeans and a...
Real Spankings 2017-03-21
This is about real spankings I received spankings as a child, did you?
Riding Boots 2017-03-21
Do you like Riding Boots? I do. I'm not sure why, but I love wearing them, polishing them and se...
who is your hero 2017-03-14
easy enough question
Best age for being attractive 2017-03-13
At what age is the average human most attractive?