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Only Dresses for your Teen Girl 2017-04-24
Do you restrict your teen daughter or teen girl in your care to wearing only dresses and skirts?
disabled ppl 2017-04-20
how liked are disabled ppl in wheelchair
Reasons for having your son circumcised other than the standard ones 2017-04-19
Women who have had or would have their sons circumcised: would you or did you have this operati...
Clothing rules - Summer Footwear rules 2017-04-15
Hey you lot. So from the previous clothing rules poll, the majority of you voted for bras to be b...
Teen boy wearing swim diapers 2017-04-11
I found there is same like poll to girls but not for boys
Women in plaster casts ... 2017-04-11
Women in plaster casts ...
If you found me lying down with my shirt unbuttoned 2017-04-03
I just Home home from work/gym and it was an exhausting day so I come home dressed in jeans and a...
Real Spankings 2017-03-21
This is about real spankings I received spankings as a child, did you?
Riding Boots 2017-03-21
Do you like Riding Boots? I do. I'm not sure why, but I love wearing them, polishing them and se...
who is your hero 2017-03-14
easy enough question
Best age for being attractive 2017-03-13
At what age is the average human most attractive?
Lost friends? 2017-03-12 (closed)
Lost friends?
Mature mothers 2017-02-28
Mature mothers
The Real Weaker Sex - For Boys / Men Please 2017-02-25
Studies now show that it is fast becoming a woman's world. We Surpass boys in school. We surpass ...
Wedgie Kid 2017-02-25
Wedgie Kid
Attraction to your Best Friend 2017-02-21
Have you ever had feelings of MORE than just friendship towards your best friend?
Your Secret Crush 2017-02-21
Let's talk about our unrequited loves...
Clothing Rules 2017-02-21 (closed)
Clothing Rules
Is It a Woman's world? 2017-02-21
Studies now show that girls dominate boys academically and socially in School at all levels. Girl...
If you had or would have your son circumcised, which method is preferable? 2017-02-19
There are several methods of circumcision, which one did or would you prefer for your son?
Will I be able to make you poop your pants? 2017-02-19
WARNING: The following has been proven to make you poop your pants. It is highly advised that you...
All boys should be circumcised by the time they are 15. Agree or Disagree 2017-02-15
Should they or shouldn't they? Register your opinion. 3 Questions.
Female-Led Relationships - Girls / Women ONLY Please! 2017-02-14
Current research shows that women are now dominant in education and the workplace. Also, researc...
Peeing Situations 2017-02-05
Peeing Situations
What is normal to have happen as brothers? 2017-02-01
I'm 19, my brother is 23. We have two separate rooms but a shared bathroom. I have never seen him...