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People / Relationships


Attraction to your Best Friend 2017-02-21
Have you ever had feelings of MORE than just friendship towards your best friend?
Your Secret Crush 2017-02-21
Let's talk about our unrequited loves...
Clothing Rules 2017-02-21
Clothing Rules
Is It a Woman's world? 2017-02-21
Studies now show that girls dominate boys academically and socially in School at all levels. Girl...
If you had or would have your son circumcised, which method is preferable? 2017-02-19
There are several methods of circumcision, which one did or would you prefer for your son?
Will I be able to make you poop your pants? 2017-02-19
WARNING: The following has been proven to make you poop your pants. It is highly advised that you...
Girls/Women, should men shave their underarm hair? 2017-02-18
Should men and boys shave underarm hair? What do you think?
All boys should be circumcised by the time they are 15. Agree or Disagree 2017-02-15
Should they or shouldn't they? Register your opinion. 3 Questions.
Female-Led Relationships - Girls / Women ONLY Please! 2017-02-14
Current research shows that women are now dominant in education and the workplace. Also, researc...
What to wear for Valentines Day (female) 2017-02-14
What to wear for Valentines Day (female)
Peeing Situations 2017-02-05
Peeing Situations
What is normal to have happen as brothers? 2017-02-01
I'm 19, my brother is 23. We have two separate rooms but a shared bathroom. I have never seen him...
Social Influence 2017-02-01
The purpose of this poll is to gather data on the influence of others in decision making, integri...
Which Races are more Attractive? 2017-02-01
This is a poll to find out which races are more attractive.
Tall woman (6'3) vs short guy (5'5) - who wins ? 2017-02-01
Ok, here's another tall vs short poll. The girl in this picture is 6'3 (1,90m), in heels she is ...
Cheaters Never Prosper 2017-01-27
This poll is for the one's who have been cheated on or the ones who have cheated on someone.
grand kids getting a bath or shower fully clothed 2017-01-25
To find out how grand parents would react if their grand kids got a bath or shower fully clothed ...
Time Out For Older Children 2017-01-24
This poll is to find out the prevalence and effectiveness of Time out techniques for older childr...
BABYSITTER! (for girls only) 2017-01-11
For girls who babysat boys and used them as footslaves, humiliated them, tied them up and maybe t...
Babysitters who babysit a boy or girl who's older than yourself? 2017-01-10
This poll is for Babysitters who babysit kids (boy or girl) who are older than themselves.
Buzzcut Boy 2017-01-04
Would you make me get a short haircut?
boys who misbehave in restaurants 2017-01-04
this is a poll for boys or for fathers with sons who misbehave in restaurants by taking off shoes...
Who should lead in a relationship/marriage? 2017-01-04
This poll is about whether men/boys or women/girls are better suited to lead in a relationship or...
Dating in Middle School 2016-12-26
One of my friends isn't allowed to hang out with me because her mom thinks I'm a 'bad influence',...
Sibling fart 2016-12-26
I like to fart on little brother when I was young. It was fun for me to release stinky fart espec...