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Should children be in school 10hours a day? 2014-03-14
Michael Gove calls for ten-hour school days. What is your opinion?
Taiwanese independence or Chinese reunification? 2014-03-10
Taiwanese is not the official language nor will it become the official language. Taiwan is called...
2016 Philippine President 2014-03-07
A Survey on the Philippine presidential aspirants come 2016 Elections. WHO SHOULD BE THE SUCCE...
America vs Russia 2014-03-03
I'm talking about the New Cold War.
What kind of President is Obama? 2014-03-03
I don't care about your gender,age, race or political party...but please answer truthfully. Tryi...
Taxes/Tax Cuts 2014-02-19 (closed)
Taxes/Tax Cuts
Log Cabin Republicans Poll 2014-02-16
You must be a Republican 18 or older and part of the LBGT community to take part in this poll. If...
Sick Leave 2014-02-02
A poll to see what people think of New York's new sick leave law.
Presidential Leadership Qualities 2014-01-16
Rate which qualities you think a good President should have!
Rate President Obama 2014-01-06
What do you think of our current president?
wet omtrent alcohol/tabak 2014 2014-01-02
Bijna alle Nederlanders zullen het met mij eens zijn als ik zeg dat de nieuwe wet omtrent alcohol...
What Do You Think Is The Cause Of Climate Change 2013-11-18
What Do You Think Is The Cause Of Climate Change
Stereotypes of the USA 2013-11-06
The United States has many stereotypes, whether true or not. What is your opinion on them? Do you...
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire 2013-11-01
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Obamacare Woes 2013-10-28
Obamacare Woes
Government Shut Down 2013-10-28
Government Shut Down
The War In Iraq 2013-09-23
This poll is to take place in America between 2003-2007 to organize the opinions and views of the...
Discrimination against Muslims 2013-09-23
Discrimination against Muslims
War in Iraq 2013-09-23
War in Iraq
USA vs Middle East 2013-09-23
USA vs Middle East
How should the US... 2013-09-23
It's entertaining enough.
Leadership 2013-09-09
Which skills and traits do you think are most important for leaders to have?
Drinking Age to 21 and over 2013-08-07
Recently in Australia they have been thinking to change the drinking laws from 18 to 21 and over....
Who is the GOP's 2016 nominee? 2013-08-01
This is a poll asking what you think your prediction is for who the republican party will choose ...
What do you think about benefits? 2013-07-10
Benefits are often hotly debated, wherever you live, with opinions swinging from those who believ...