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2016 Presidential Race 2016-01-13
2016 Presidential Race
Wich party would you elect ? 2015-12-29
Imagine, there are nation wide elections. 10 parties want to rule your country. Based on their pr...
Donald Trump and Muslim Hate 2015-12-11
A questionnaire about Donald Trump.
California Mass Shooting opinion 2015-12-05
This is a simple yes or no question regarding the California Mass Shooting
Presidential Poll as of 12/1 2015-12-02
Presidential Poll as of 12/1
Xmas, Values, etc. 2015-11-22
Xmas, Values, etc.
Syrian Refugees 2015-11-20
Syrian Refugees
Anonymous versus ISIS 2015-11-20
A quick survey on recent terrorist attacks on Paris.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel Approval Rating 2015-11-19
Do you support Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of Chicago, in his second term.
World Vote for Leader of the Free World 2015-11-19
To bring truth in election nomenclature, 'The Free World', beyond the USA, will be given a vote t...
Biggest pussies in WW II 2015-11-18
Which country fought worst in last World War?
Is the Iran "deal" worse than Munich? 2015-11-17
Some say that the Iran deal is a worse act of appeasement than the Munich agreement between Nevil...
Powhatan Virginia Sheriff Election 2015-11-17
If you voted now, Who would win the election?
Why do you like Bernie Sanders? 2015-11-17
As a right-leaning independent, I do not see any reason to vote for Bernie Sanders. However, I am...
What woman should appear on the $10 bill? 2015-11-16
There has been a push to replace Alexander Hamilton's place on the $10 bill with a woman, who wou...
2016 Presidential Poll as of 9/15 2015-09-16
Poll to gauge interest in certain candidates and ideologies.
2016 Presidential Election 2015-09-08
Who do you support in our upcoming Presidential Election?
Election 2016 2015-08-13
Election 2016
2016 Republican Candidates 2015-08-13
If you could narrow the republican field from 17 candidates down to 8, who would you choose?
2016 Presidential Election Poll 2015-08-11
A poll about politics and political canidates
Next labour leader? 2015-07-22
Who would you like to see as the next labour leader?
Which 2016 presidential candidate would you vote for? 2015-06-21
This coming election features candidates with galvanizing views. Do your research and consider wh...
How many Americans died for our freedoms in Iraq? 2015-06-01
How many Americans died for our freedoms in Iraq?
Who's the better feminist icon - Beyonce or Margaret Thatcher? 2015-05-19
Choose who you think has done more to further the the cause of women rights. Do you think it's th...
Is politics really personal after all. 2015-05-19
Most people tend to support the policies of the Democrats but they don’t seem to vote for them ...