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Who will you vote for in the Umatilla County Sheriff's Race? 2012-04-19 (closed)
If the election was held today, for whom would you vote for Umatilla County Sheriff?
Who is the greater threat to world peace, Israel or North Korea? 2012-04-16
Israel has a policy of attacking and/or occupying neighbouring countries and is very likely to ha...
obama 2012-04-16
How much government is too much? 2012-04-13
Let's say there were three buttons on your desk in front of you, and you had to choose one of the...
Atheist political views 2012-04-09
This poll is for the purpose of discovering the political persuasions of self-described atheists....
Should one-term presidents continue to receive government pay? 2012-04-09
Should one-term presidents continue to receive government pay?
2012 Presidential Election 2012-04-06 (closed)
Who are you voting for in the 2012 Presidential Election?
The Stand Up for Life Campaign 2012-04-05 (closed)
If you have sent a pro-life letter, email, or signature to the White House, Supreme Court, or Con...
Presidential Election of 2012 2012-04-04
Presidential Election of 2012
NEXT PRESIDENT: Who is the most qualified Igboman to lead 2012-03-28
The purpose of this poll is to list all the qualified Igbo sons and duaghters vying for Nigerian ...
2012 Presidential Election 2012-03-27
2012 Presidential Election
The National Debt--Part 2 Where to make the cuts. 2012-03-26
If you are one of many who believe that the National Debt is out of control and needs to be cut, ...
The National Debt. 2012-03-23
Currently The US Federal Government is over $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. Out of every dollar t...
PED3119 Free Trade 2012-03-15
PED3119 Free Trade
Shoud the world Unify to stop People like Kony and Assad. 2012-03-14
People like Kony and Assad will always exist, and we will not be able to stop them unless we come...
2012 Presdential Election 2012-03-14 (closed)
If the election was held today who would you vote for?
Syrian intervention 2012-03-05
Syrian intervention
How Have Your Opinions Changed in the Last Ten Years? 2012-03-02
I am doing a study on public opinion. So, I decided to take the direct approach and actually ask...
Dalton McGuinty Must Step Down 2012-03-02
Concerned Voters and Citizens of the Province of Ontario who jointly agree that Dalton McGuinty M...
Obama's Performance as President 2012-03-02
This poll is for a school government project. The purpose is to get an idea of the general publi...
Prospects for a Philippine Military Regime 2012-02-28
This online survey aims to determine whether the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will be ab...
2012 election candidates 2012-02-27
Who is good and who is not?
Jeb Bush or other republicans? 2012-02-27
Jeb Bush is now probably going in on the GOP nomination. Do you like him more or not?
Should Religion play any role in government? 2012-02-24
Do you believe religion should motivate decisions made by elected officials?
Romney or not ? 2012-02-23
In this poll you will have a choose between the 4 Gop candidates and Obama you choose who you wan...