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Which cartoon character do you want to resurrect (bring back to life)? 2011-07-14 (closed)
Mufasa (The Lion King) Bambi's mother (Bambi) Bleeding Gums Murphy (The Simpsons) Nemo's mom a...
What is your favorite SAW movie? 2011-07-09
I absolutely love the SAW series, and its hard to choose a favorite. I know most people say the f...
Fav superhero 2011-07-09
this will be about all our favourite superheroes
The Best of Kung Fu Cinema! 2011-07-07
What is your opinion on the best of Kung Fu cinema? What are your favourite fights? Your favourit...
Batman Villians face off! Round 1 2011-06-30 (closed)
Who would win in a fight to the death? Winners pitted againmst each other in round 2 untill overa...
The Die Hard Poll 2011-06-30
Are you a die-hard fan of the Die Hard Quadrilogy? (Ok, maybe not Die Hard 4.0. I don't even know...
3 Ninjas kick balls! 2011-06-23
<img src="http://www.stargalaxy.com/sgimg.php?id=544d555c5954544540421311776378637d60676b...
Hollywood's all-time most successful villains? 2011-06-22 (closed)
Which one (1) of these do you think are Hollywood's all-time most successful villains?
Twilight Series 2011-06-18 (closed)
What is your favorite movie in the twilight series?
Favorite Transformer for 1 and 2 2011-06-10 (closed)
Which transformer do you like best? Who is your favourite auto bot? Who is your favourite decepti...
BOX OFFICE MOVIE AWARDS 2011: 1ST ANNUAL 2011-06-10 (closed)
Vote for your favorite movies, actors and actresses! #BOMA
Withnail and I vs The Hangover 2011-06-10
Two cult comedies related to drinking. Withnail and I is British and an old film, while the Hango...
harry potter 2011-06-04
harry potter
Toy Story VS Toy Story 2 VS Toy Story 3 2011-05-28
Which is better?There's only one way to find out...VOTE!
Doctor Who VS Back to the Future 2011-05-28
Two famous time travelling shows/movies go head to head.But which is better?
HOUSE OF NIGHT FANS - Movie Cast 2011-05-10
Give me your opinion on who should be in the HoN movie
The Hunger Games Movie 2011-05-10
If you don't already know, the much anticipated movie for the best-selling book will be coming ou...
X-Men Showdown [Round 2 (Quarter Finals)] 2011-05-10 (closed)
time for the Quarter Finals. pick who u think would win in a 1 on 1 fight 2 the death.
Star Wars Tournament [Round 3 (Semi Finals)] 2011-05-10 (closed)
time for the Semi Finals. pick who u think would win in a 1 on 1 fight 2 the death.
Which Movies are better 2011-05-09
Which Movies are better
THE MOVIES PRESENTS: BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE AWARDS 2011 (1st Annual) 2011-05-09 (closed)
Vote for your favorite movie, actor and actresses!!!
Best Scissors in films 2011-05-09 (closed)
Best Scissors in films
2011 Comic Book Movies & Related News 2011-04-08
Just wondering what you all thought about the latest development...
Heath Ledger vs. Jake Gyllenhaal 2011-04-05
Co-starred in Brokeback Mountain and close friends. Who would you vote for..?
Ewan McGregor vs. Gerard Butler 2011-04-05
Two of the talented & hot scottish actors! Who would you vote for..?