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Pick the Halloween Special/Movie that you want to see! :) 2011-10-27
Basically the same thing as the last poll. Cept....for Halloween. =P
Eric Bana or Edward Norton as the HULK? 2011-10-13 (closed)
whom to you think is the better Hulk??
Italian Horror 2011-10-10 (closed)
Do you know Italian Horror?
Deathly Hallows Part 2 2011-10-10
A poll about the most anticipated Harry Potter film that finally completes the film series. Conta...
Most Popular Horror Creature? 2011-10-03 (closed)
Who or what is the most popular figure in horror movies from both modern and past.
How Many of These "Film Noirs" Have You See, And What Did You Think of Them? 2011-09-28 (closed)
Please check off either yes or no with each film. If it was a long time ago and you're not sure, ...
Greatest Horror Movie Animals - Round 2 2011-09-27 (closed)
24 have been eliminated and only 24 remain. They were chosen at random.
Harry Potter vs. Twilight 2011-09-19 (closed)
Are you a HP or Twilight fan? Lets find out!!
what do you know about film? 2011-09-19 (closed)
what do you know about film?
Greatest Horror Movie Animals - Round 1 2011-09-14 (closed)
Basically, after compiling a list of 48 different animal horrors, I randomly selected two movies ...
Movie poll 2011-09-14
A random poll on movies. Enjoy and please leave a message!
Should the TRUE story book "Death Interrupted by Love" be made into a movie? 2011-09-09 (closed)
Anessa Haney's, "Death Interrupted By Love" is a very moving journey of the choices we ...
Best of AFI '07 - Round 1 (first half) 2011-09-08 (closed)
This is a knockout tournament to find the best movie in the American Film Institute's top 100 mov...
Star Wars vs Harry Potter 2011-09-08
Two of the most famous and successful movie series of all time!
Which of these actors/actresses would you see over the other(s)? In what order? 2011-08-17 (closed)
Which of these actors/actresses would you see over the other(s)? In what order?
Whats the greatest film ever made ? round 1 2011-08-06 (closed)
32 films in round 1 - top 2 in each group go through 16 films in round 2 - head to head 8 film...
Horror Movie Characters 2011-07-27 (closed)
Just some questions on your favorite horror character, what two horror characters you would like ...
Which Harry Potter film do you think is the best? 2011-07-26 (closed)
Which Harry Potter film do you think is the best?
The Geekster's Top Ten Super Mega Fun Poll 2011-07-21
This a collection of top 10 lists I am compiliing for a possible new show. That's all I can say f...
Which cartoon character do you want to resurrect (bring back to life)? 2011-07-14 (closed)
Mufasa (The Lion King) Bambi's mother (Bambi) Bleeding Gums Murphy (The Simpsons) Nemo's mom a...
What is your favorite SAW movie? 2011-07-09
I absolutely love the SAW series, and its hard to choose a favorite. I know most people say the f...
Fav superhero 2011-07-09
this will be about all our favourite superheroes
The Best of Kung Fu Cinema! 2011-07-07
What is your opinion on the best of Kung Fu cinema? What are your favourite fights? Your favourit...
Batman Villians face off! Round 1 2011-06-30 (closed)
Who would win in a fight to the death? Winners pitted againmst each other in round 2 untill overa...
The Die Hard Poll 2011-06-30
Are you a die-hard fan of the Die Hard Quadrilogy? (Ok, maybe not Die Hard 4.0. I don't even know...