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Everything Ticklish 2013-04-01
A poll about everything ticklish.
Beauty Pageants 2001-04-13
Some think beauty pageants exploit women. Others think they boost self confidence
An extremely ticklish poll 2004-04-06
Are you a ticklish person? Do you like tickling? These are just some of the questions on this tic...
Furry Paws Breeding Poll 2004-09-04
Are you an elite breeder or a puppy mill? Does level matter? How much do you know about the actua...
Bullying in General 2007-05-18
All who take this poll, please take a few minutes to post messages of your story/experience.
Boys Child Hood 2007-10-02
This Is Just A Few Questions That I would Like If You Could Answer Truefully About Your Child Hoo...
Take this poll if you really need to pee 2010-01-14
This poll is a pee holding poll to see if you can hold your pee when you are desperate.
Socks in the Summer 2010-08-21
In my last poll on wearing shoes and socks, many responses said that I should be barefoot most of...
A Painful Bellyache 2011-10-18
A Painful Bellyache
Is groin attack sexual assault ? 2012-03-26
Is groin attack sexual assault ?
Diaper punishment 2013-11-12
I decided that I will punish my 12 year old son because he tease classmate that must be diapered ...
pee challenge 2014-02-02
put on some old cloths and try to hold it!!!!!
Do you need diapers? 2014-05-19
A test to determine if you should/shouldn't wear diapers.
Wedgie My Roommate! 2014-08-13
Hey! My friend and I are getting a new roommate in our college dorm! We plan on torturing him and...
Home school uniform 2014-09-23
I was home schooled so I wouldn't be picked on due to how I was dressed. I was dressed in "n...
Preventing a Enterovirus D68 Epidemic 2014-09-29
Enterovirus D68 is spreading across the USA at epidemic speed. The respiratory condition has caus...
Kidnap Fantasy Poll 2014-10-06
Have you ever wanted to kidnap someone or be kidnapped yourself if so please take this poll and t...
Were you made to wear tights/pantyhose as a boy? 2014-10-06
As a young teenager, I was a page-boy for my cousin. My aunt made me wear a quite sissified outfi...
Gags 2014-10-06