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Peeing Your Pants (girls only) 2010-02-04
This is for girls only. WARNING! You will pee your pants while taknig this if you don't want to t...
Do you need diapers? 2014-05-19
A test to determine if you should/shouldn't wear diapers.
What do you cover first...? 2001-12-17
If you wind up naked with an audience - someone bursts in on you in the shower, your swimsuit fal...
Females wearing skirts and dresses at all times 2002-01-21
Some people today still beleive for religious reasons and for modesty that girls and women should...
What your mother wouldn't do... 2002-04-22
Afraid to speak your mind or very vocal about what you think?
The White Boy Test 2003-04-11
How much of a white boy are you?
spaz 2005-10-14
do u like me
A Few Questions About Everything! 2006-06-29
My poll is about issues regarding Politics to Sports...
Corner Time As A Punishment At Home (Standing In The Corner) 2007-01-03
I do understand that Corner Time (Standing in the corner) can be a good punishment at home for ki...
shoeplay (boys only) 2007-02-28
I was wondering, do boys play with their shoes?
Who's Stronger? Girls or Guys? 2007-09-15
There have been tons of polls here about girls maybe being stronger than guys. I want to see if t...
Giantess (girls only) 2008-07-02
This poll is for girls and there giantess fantasies. I've always wondered if being a giantess wa...
should i tuck in my shirt? 2008-12-28
should i?
Pre-Teen/Teen Boys Sleepwear 2009-05-23
Just a poll too see wat most pre-teen/teen guys wear to bed.
If you really need to pee, take this poll 2010-07-08
If you really need to pee, take this poll
Have you ever been kidnapped for fun? Taken some place. You didn't know where you were. Perhaps...
Guys: Want to tickle me? 2013-02-25
I'm a girl in my 20s, would you tickle me?
Have you ever worn Girls Clothes? 2013-08-01
Have you ever worn Girls Clothes?
100 day challenges 2014-08-13
this is a poll on what you would do as a challenge for 100 days
Frauen im Gefaengnis (Knast) 2014-09-02
Wie sollte ein modernes Frauengefaengnis aussehen und wie sollten Frauen ihre Strafe verbuessen?
abuse you 2015-03-02
I've made polls about you abusing me.. So now I'm gonna abuse you.. Do you want to be in this pos...
So You Have To Pee: A (Long) Challenge 2015-05-04
This poll is for anyone and everyone who has to pee, but for whatever reason, doesn't want to go ...
Brotherly tickling 2015-07-22
This was a poll that my little brother (11) wanted me to make because he lost a bet. He said that...
What is the optimal age for male circumcision? 2015-08-17
I am interested in finding the generally optimum age for male circumcisoin to be performed. The p...
Did you ever shoplift ? ( FEMALES ONLY ! ) 2015-08-28
Ladies, did you ever shoplift ? I wanted to learn more of what are the primary motivations behi...