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Peeing Your Pants (girls only) 2010-02-04
This is for girls only. WARNING! You will pee your pants while taknig this if you don't want to t...
A Spanking Poll 2010-03-26
This poll is for people of both genders. It is about a typical spanking that you would have recei...
GUYS ONLY!!! Full Masturbation Survey! Enjoy! 2014-07-14
It's preferable that you are under 25 years of age, but that is no limitation. You can answer som...
Do you go barefoot at a friend's house? 2002-04-09
Many people like to get comfortable and take their shoes and/or socks off at a friend's house. Do...
Likes/Dislikes general questions on personality, For Fun! 2003-10-08
Yes this is a little long, but it is a fun poll.
Most memorable spanking 2009-07-21
Vote on the circumstances of your most memorable spanking (punishment only).
Have you ever been locked up as a punishment? 2001-06-29
As a change from polls about being spanked, this poll is for those who have been locked up at hom...
Females wearing skirts and dresses at all times 2002-01-21
Some people today still beleive for religious reasons and for modesty that girls and women should...
how gullible are you? 2002-01-23
big fish stories? little stories? are you a sucker?
Yes and No 2002-02-22
I have made some questions. I think it will be interesting to see what people say.
Soap in Mouth 2002-03-28
this poll is about getting your mouth washed out with soap- I've had it happen to me a whole bunc...
Island polls 2002-06-18
How many times have you heard, "So you are stranded on an island..."? These are just a ...
Canadian/American Cultural Customs 2003-04-08
This poll investigates some of the differences between Canadian and American cultural customs.
Which Is Better 2003-06-18
Questions on what is Better
Totally tickling and nothing else. 2003-07-06
This is the Ultimate Tickling Poll in the world! If you love tickling then this is the poll for you
Men- do you prefer women in or skirts or trousers? 2003-07-24
MALES ONLY - Do you prefer to see ladies wearing dresses or skirts?
REAL Marketing info: Men and Boys Underwear Choices 2003-07-25
I'm a marketing student, putting together a plan as a homework project. Please, serious response...
peeing (guys only) 2003-09-11
How much control do you have?
Boys humiliated by girls 2003-10-07
When I was a girl I used to do all sorts of things to embarrass and humiliate boys.Sometimes with...
Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl? 2003-11-06
There are already several polls here that are similar to this one.But I was wondering if any of t...
why are we fascinated by spanking? 2003-11-15
I have noticed a lot of polls both here and on other sites, and I was wondering who and why we al...
Does your stomach growl? 2004-03-29
This is a girls only poll about stomach growling.
An extremely ticklish poll 2004-04-06
Are you a ticklish person? Do you like tickling? These are just some of the questions on this tic...
Assault Weapon/Machine Gun Laws 2004-04-07
Are they really fair?
Makeup 2004-05-19
This poll is strictly for one of my school English projects in which I am asking everyone I know ...