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Peeing Your Pants (girls only) 2010-02-04
This is for girls only. WARNING! You will pee your pants while taknig this if you don't want to t...
Plan My Wedgie Punishments :3 (female) 2013-09-09
I'm 16, female, from Wedgie Haven, and decided to try this. I decided i needed to be punished...
A Spanking Poll 2010-03-26
This poll is for people of both genders. It is about a typical spanking that you would have recei...
Humiliating Mixed Boxing: The Rematch (Females only) 2010-10-16
(Note: This poll is based off the assumption that you won the match in the first Humiliating Mixe...
Take this poll if you really need to pee 2010-01-14
This poll is a pee holding poll to see if you can hold your pee when you are desperate.
Humiliating Mixed Boxing (Females only) 2010-09-27
Having gotten tickets to go to the fights, you and a group of friends travel out to watch a night...
losing shoes (guys only) 2011-01-06
This is a poll specifically for guys who have lost shoes or have gotten them stolen.
Peeing togheter with friend - husband (wife) / boyfriend (girlfriend) M & F 2014-02-19
Funny situation when you had to pee "not alone" togheter with a friend of the same sex...
girls wrestling boys 2001-05-18
Can girls beat boys in wrestling, play fighting?
Do you allow your children to go Barefoot 2001-10-01
For reasons not clear, children don't go barefoot as much as they did in years past. Some reason...
What would you do for millions 2001-12-06
Here is the situation. You have been contacted by an eccentric multi-billionaire. He gives you th...
Do you go barefoot at a friend's house? 2002-04-09
Many people like to get comfortable and take their shoes and/or socks off at a friend's house. Do...
Nike VS Adidas 2003-06-18
Whats a better brand?
Flicking someone off: Thumb in or thumb out? 2003-10-20
This has been an ongoing debate between many of us. When you give someone the finger, do you keep...
going barefoot in public 2004-06-25
A poll for young guys about going barefoot in public. Even if you got here by accident, please r...
GIRLS: Unusual pee places! 2004-12-15
OK, just wondering where all us girls here have peed, and how we do!
Take This Poll If You're Bored 2005-07-14
Being disciplined with punishment lines at home 2006-01-24
Please complete this poll if your parents have ever disciplined you as a child or teenager by giv...
Scarves (Ladies only) 2007-01-10
This is a poll to find out how many of you ladies wear scarves and how you feel about them. Men ...
Blindfolded at the Dentist 2007-02-05
There have been more and more dentists offering blindfolds or sleepmasks to their patients recent...
Lamest State In the USA 2007-06-15
What is the lamest state in the US
Girls lifting boys 2007-11-29
belly button punching 2008-03-28
do you ever get hit in the stomach or in the belly button?
Guys White Briefs Poll (new and improved!) 2008-07-22
This poll is for all those guys--men and boys--who, in spite of all the other underwear choices o...
Camp 2008-08-04
A poll about camp.