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Do you need diapers? 2014-05-19
A test to determine if you should/shouldn't wear diapers.
Peeing Your Pants (girls only) 2010-02-04
This is for girls only. WARNING! You will pee your pants while taknig this if you don't want to t...
Evolution 2015-04-18
The theory of evolution is a theory accepted world wide, about the origin and diversity of life o...
Spank me for punishment. 2015-05-21
Hi! I have been a very bad girl lately, so I wanted to know how I would be spanked.
School punishment preferrences 2015-06-01
Imagine that your school and parents use punishments like detention,kneeling,standing in corner,c...
Beauty Pageants 2001-04-13
Some think beauty pageants exploit women. Others think they boost self confidence
The Birthday Poll 2002-03-11
This is a poll about your birthday.
Do you go barefoot at a friend's house? 2002-04-09
Many people like to get comfortable and take their shoes and/or socks off at a friend's house. Do...
Feet 2002-04-26
Simple questions
Temperature Taking In Illness 2003-02-09
These days, there's a wide variety of methods to take the temperature of someone who's ill. I'd ...
REAL Marketing info: Men and Boys Underwear Choices 2003-07-25
I'm a marketing student, putting together a plan as a homework project. Please, serious response...
Boys humiliated by girls 2003-10-07
When I was a girl I used to do all sorts of things to embarrass and humiliate boys.Sometimes with...
Likes/Dislikes general questions on personality, For Fun! 2003-10-08
Yes this is a little long, but it is a fun poll.
Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl? 2003-11-06
There are already several polls here that are similar to this one.But I was wondering if any of t...
Hiccups 2006-06-10
this is a poll for people that get the hiccups
Doctor Exam 2007-12-06
Your Physical Exam
Are girls better fighters than boys? 2008-06-07
In my school there have been a couple of fights between girls and boys and in both fights the gir...
Taking A Temperature 2008-07-02
To see how it was done, how it's being done, and how you'd want it done.
Gentleman, what do you wear to sleep? 2008-07-23
All you guys out there (under eighteen) what do you wear to bed every night? Why?
Female Teen Checkup 2008-12-21
Female Teen Checkup
Punishment for Brother. 2009-07-05
My brother (15) has been extremely unruly recently and he has destroyed my homework and posted f...
Should Guys wear Male Thongs? Girls Only 2010-01-01
Should Guys wear Male Thongs? Girls Only
Take this poll if you really need to pee 2010-01-14
This poll is a pee holding poll to see if you can hold your pee when you are desperate.
Do you litter garbage? 2010-01-14
I myself have always littered my garbage, I enjoy the feeling that it gives me and it's convenien...
A Spanking Poll 2010-03-26
This poll is for people of both genders. It is about a typical spanking that you would have recei...