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Silly Would you Rather? 2014-07-29
Just for fun!
Girl Bathroom Habits 2014-07-29
Im a high school girl and I was just wondering if my bathroom habits were normal haha.
Boys humiliated by girls 2003-10-07
When I was a girl I used to do all sorts of things to embarrass and humiliate boys.Sometimes with...
GIRLS: Unusual pee places! 2004-12-15
OK, just wondering where all us girls here have peed, and how we do!
Peeing Your Pants (girls only) 2010-02-04
This is for girls only. WARNING! You will pee your pants while taknig this if you don't want to t...
girls wearing diapers to school 2014-05-05
This is a poll of teenage girls who wear diapers to school
older kids and teens in diapers/pullups 2014-06-09
Well, like my name says i am still a bedwetter - at the age of 14! My little sister is the same....
Do you hate socks? 2014-07-07
Do you hate socks?
Do you like slime/gunge? GUYS ONLY PLEASE. 2014-07-08
How would you like to be gunged? Share in detail how you would/do like to get messy. This poll is...
Family Incest (Men Only) 2014-07-29
Women in the family (Incest) (MEN ONLY)
Poll 2001-09-25
Give me your vote on this weeks poll
Girls strong legs and leg wrestling 2001-12-12
Who have the stronger legs? Girls or guys? Who's the best in leg wrestling? If you have an exper...
What colour are your nails?? 2002-03-15
What colour nail varnish you are wearing, Right Now. Ok, I know, how shallow ;)
Do you go barefoot at a friend's house? 2002-04-09
Many people like to get comfortable and take their shoes and/or socks off at a friend's house. Do...
Everyone, thong swimwear for men? 2002-04-15
how do people feel about men wearing thong bikini swimwear at the beach or pool?
Lord of The Rings 2002-12-20
Which LOTR book is best? The Fellowship of the Rings? The Two Towers? Or The Return of the King?
Gestures 2003-05-01
What sort of gestures do you use and understand?
Embarrassing stuff u would do for $100 2003-07-16
Hiya. I wanted to find out (theoretically) what sort of embarrassing stuff people would be willin...
Greatest Invention of All Time 2003-07-28
Socks Vs. Barefoot 2003-08-18
This poll is only for people under the age of 30, I have been noticing a recent which shows that ...
Which Girls Like Tattoos On Which Guys and Why 2003-09-19
This is a very specific Poll only for GIRLS to respond to. I want to see what different types of ...
girls thighs 2003-11-04
Do you have very large well built thighs im doing this poll 2 find out how large girls thighs are...
An extremely ticklish poll 2004-04-06
Are you a ticklish person? Do you like tickling? These are just some of the questions on this tic...
Foot size poll 2004-05-23
Whats your foot size?
Bananas 2004-07-16
If you even want to take this poll, you are a freak who arranges napkins for fun.