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Do you need diapers? 2014-05-19
A test to determine if you should/shouldn't wear diapers.
How do you find your dentures? 2015-11-21
A survey to see how satisfied you are with your dentures.
Coke or Pepsi? 2001-06-08
Simple Poll, my fave is Coke but you decide
Harnessed Children 2001-10-19
This poll explores the use of children harnesses. Either parents of harness children or child...
Winter vs. Summer 2001-12-13
Now everyone knows that Winter and Summer are the best seasons of the year...but which is better?...
Your shoe size - US/Canada men 2002-10-23
What is your shoe size? US mens sizes only.
younger sister stronger than older brother (boys) 2002-10-28
Sometimes young sister can beat and outmuscle her older brothers. Is it a rare situation? Perhaps...
Boys humiliated by girls 2003-10-07
When I was a girl I used to do all sorts of things to embarrass and humiliate boys.Sometimes with...
Would you rather? 2005-03-01
These are 'would you rather?' questions.
Guys, is your younger brother stronger than you? 2005-03-22
Does any guy have a problem having to deal with a younger brother who is superior to you?
guys getting gut punched 2006-03-02
how common do guys really get hit in the gut?
What if you could hypnotize 2006-04-13
WHAT IF you could hypnotize people answer for every person
what you hate & love 2007-09-04
wat do u hat/love
Who's Stronger? Girls or Guys? 2007-09-15
There have been tons of polls here about girls maybe being stronger than guys. I want to see if t...
rings 2007-10-30
how many rings people wear and where they wear them
Being Barefoot at a Friend's Home. 2008-11-26
When I visit a friend, his family has a rule that you must take off your shoes; therefore, I have...
Underwear Contest Round 3 2009-05-22
We are down to four candidates in finding what underwear is the greatest. After 50 votes, I will ...
Underwear Contest Round 4 2009-06-12
This is the final round is the underwear tournament. After 50 votes, Hanes Boxer Briefs amd thong...
Fat belly poll 2009-11-15
This poll is about fat bellies and whether you like your own belly or other peoples' bellies to b...
all about your belly 2009-11-20
a poll with details about your belly, stomach, abdomen, whatever you want to call it
Peeing Your Pants (girls only) 2010-02-04
This is for girls only. WARNING! You will pee your pants while taknig this if you don't want to t...
GUYS ONLY POLL: about going shirtless. 2010-08-20
Guys my age seem to love going shirtless out in public n the spring and summer. This poll is for...
Have you ever been kidnapped for fun? Taken some place. You didn't know where you were. Perhaps...
Have you ever been kidnapped for fun? Taken some place. You didn't know where you were. Perhaps...
GUYS ONLY SURVEY: Showering in a public shower-room. 2010-09-18
This survey is for guys only, about showering in public shower-rooms that don't have curtains or ...