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the male tickling poll 2001-06-18
Are you a ticklish guy? Do you like to be tickled? Answer some questions and see how other guys...
Socks habits 2004-02-02
Several days ago a friend of mine and I discussed about socks. Since then I wonder about people's...
Trapped on an Island 2004-08-29
Alright, it's the the old question what if you were trapped onto a deserted island. Have fun!
being handcuffed for minor traffic violation 2004-09-28
Recently, I had a minor traffic accident. The state police were called to the scene. This acciden...
Youngsters in socks at the cinema 2005-11-18
It´s getting more and more common to see youngsters enjoying movies in the cinema with their sho...
Are girls better fighters than boys? 2008-06-07
In my school there have been a couple of fights between girls and boys and in both fights the gir...
Speedos!!! (straight guys) 2009-03-25
For all those unanswered questions about speedos. Please, only straight guys answer
What Super Power Would You Want? 2009-06-08
If you could have any super power, which would it be? Would you be a super hero or super villain....
School Discipline 2009-08-23
This poll relates to primary school(5-11) only. There will be a version for secondary school (11-...
Vampires vs. Werewolves 2009-11-10
For the sake of this poll, these are the rules:<br><br> Vampires:<br> Move at ...
Fat belly poll 2009-11-15
This poll is about fat bellies and whether you like your own belly or other peoples' bellies to b...
Guys Underwear 2009-11-25
What type of underwear do guys wear
Humiliating Mixed Boxing (Females only) 2010-09-27
Having gotten tickets to go to the fights, you and a group of friends travel out to watch a night...
Arrest and jail 2012-01-23
Survey of arrests and jail experiences, includes options for those who have not been arrested/sen...
Underwear Q & A 2013-01-03
Underwear Q & A
Your barefoot experiences 2013-01-07
Your experiences with going barefoot.Didn't you read the title?
Barefoot for a Play, Performance, or Presentation? 2014-01-27
I have heard people talk about going barefoot in a play, and have seen some people do it in a pla...
All About Gunge!! 2014-04-21
Another little poll, getting you lovely people's opinions on gunge/slime!
A Barefoot poll for Non-Barefooters. 2014-05-27
Exactly as the title says. If you go barefoot occasionally, but not excessively, this poll is for...
Foot Shyness/ Forced Shoelss 2014-06-02
On one of my other polls, someone responded saying that their mom FORCED her to go barefoot speci...
What should my punishment be? 2014-11-24
I lost a bet what is the punishment
Men and boys tied up naked by other men 2014-11-24
Men and boys tied up naked by other men