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boys & teens : underwear, swimwear and sleepwear poll 2004-06-02
hello to all I'm a 14 yo boy, and i just want to know what you guys usually wear. if you have sto...
Corner Time As A Punishment At Home (Standing In The Corner) 2007-01-03
I do understand that Corner Time (Standing in the corner) can be a good punishment at home for ki...
A Spanking Poll 2010-03-26
This poll is for people of both genders. It is about a typical spanking that you would have recei...
Are you a college student and still spanked? 2014-04-28
Poll to get statistics on college students who still receive corporal punishment (spankings) from...
Which would you choose poll? part 1 2014-05-27
If you kidnapped me would you blindfold me or gag me or both?
Do you like slime/gunge? GIRS ONLY PLEASE. 2014-07-08
How would you like to be gunged? Share in detail how you would/do like to get messy. This poll is...
Gunge My Sisters! 2014-08-05
I have a bet with a friend, and to win I have to gunge at least one of my sisters. I thought I'd ...
What's Your MBTI? 2001-10-24
Being successful in Life is partially determined by how well you know yourself. The Myers-Briggs ...
Whats your favorite....? 2001-11-09
This Poll is to determine favorites of people our age. Music, careers, colors, TV shows and other...
If you could be any age or sex 2001-12-21
If you could somehow magically be either sex, and any age you wanted for as long as you wanted, w...
Cowboy Duds 2002-01-21
Many reading this page may like to dress up like a cowboy. If you do, this poll is for you.
Draft Board Physical Exams, Military Group Medical Exams 2002-03-20
Every American Male over 50, no doubt has vivid memories of the mandatory draft board pre-inducti...
Girls wrestling other girls 2002-05-12
A few questions about girl vs. girl wrestling!
Overalls 2002-10-03
I like overalls (boiler suits) and want to find out what other people think about them!
Girls in men's changing room 2003-08-10
Sometimes single parents will bring children of the opposite sex into the changing room at swimmi...
Self-defence 2003-08-13
Poll on self-defence.
Bus Whingers Poll 2003-09-02
Are you let down by public transport, in particular buses.
Boys humiliated by girls 2003-10-07
When I was a girl I used to do all sorts of things to embarrass and humiliate boys.Sometimes with...
Boys were you ever overpowered and embarrassed by a girl? 2003-11-06
There are already several polls here that are similar to this one.But I was wondering if any of t...
Being Barefoot 2003-12-16
I like to be barefoot, and I love looking at peoples barefeet
Socks habits 2004-02-02
Several days ago a friend of mine and I discussed about socks. Since then I wonder about people's...
An extremely ticklish poll 2004-04-06
Are you a ticklish person? Do you like tickling? These are just some of the questions on this tic...
Men's Survey 2005-01-25
All the burning questions in one convenient poll! All questions contain three possible answers, ...
Trouble With The Law 2005-03-08
Have you ever gotten in trouble with the Law?
Strongest Character Ever Created Tournament Round 1 2005-03-10
Who is the strongest? Battles to KO Death or unable to fight anymore Who Wins.