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Make A Superhero 2003-06-18
This poll is for all you comic book lovers and X-Men fans. This poll is about what you think woul...
Do you need to pee? 2010-01-14 (closed)
Take if you need to pee really bad. Do not go to the toilet in the middle.
How strict are your parents? 2001-11-03
THIS IS NOT A POLL FOR ADULTS! You're still living with your parents. So, what do you think? Are...
Ticklish? 2003-02-19
i am 16 and i LOVE tickling! I've read a lot of the other tickling polls and tried to ask things ...
Boys who have spanked their girlfriend 2008-05-27
Hi I'm a 14 year old boy and you know that poll of girlfriends spanking their boyfriends. Well, I...
nail polish on guys 2007-01-10
hey, im a punk/goth person, and will sometimes wear black nail polish and wondered what people th...
Gays Teen Survery 2007-12-18
This is a survey for any GLBT teens. Its about how gay teens think about themselves and how they ...
Fashion capital of the world? 2004-02-16
Where do you think the fashion capital of the world is situated?
Totally tickling and nothing else. 2003-07-06
This is the Ultimate Tickling Poll in the world! If you love tickling then this is the poll for you
younger sister stronger than older brother (boys) 2002-10-28
Sometimes young sister can beat and outmuscle her older brothers. Is it a rare situation? Perhaps...
Girls vs. Boys Who's stronger? 2003-11-04
First, I'd like to state that I'm SICK of all these rigged polls made by girls who want to be str...
Most memorable spanking 2009-07-21
Vote on the circumstances of your most memorable spanking (punishment only).
Tickle Torture 2003-07-16
everyone knows about the fun way of entertaining you and your mates or family; tickling! But have...
Punishment for Brother. 2009-07-05
My brother (15) has been extremely unruly recently and he has destroyed my homework and posted f...
Mom's to little girls (peeing habits) 2009-07-13
This poll is for mothers of girl from potty trained all the way up to about 12
girls wrestling boys 2001-05-18
Can girls beat boys in wrestling, play fighting?
Sleep & Dream Survey! 2005-11-13
A short, confidential sleep and dream survey. Please be honest in your responses!
Is it okay to be shirtless?(GUYS ONLY!!!) 2006-01-04
I am probabally never shirtless around my house, and it's been that way for years. Suddenly, it ...
What should a male Maid of Honor wear in a wedding? 2001-12-31
My girlfriend has chosen a boy to be her Maid of Honor. We think we want him to be dressed just l...
The worlds best country is....... 2003-05-07
The worlds best city poll seems popular so far. Here is another based on countries.
Are Bugs/Insects animals? 2006-04-07
My friends and I are having an arguement. Maybe you can decide. Are Insects (or "bugs" ...
Do you have to poop? 2010-01-15 (closed)
Do not use the bathroom at all during the poll.
Pre-Teen/Teen Boys Sleepwear 2009-05-23
Just a poll too see wat most pre-teen/teen guys wear to bed.
How do you pronounce...? 2004-09-02
This is more or less for those with American and Canadian accents. How do you say the following ...
Tickle Mania 2002-09-25
My friend and I think tickling is VERY fun. We wrote this poll to find out about other people's ...