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Pick a name for a male character 2015-03-02
I'm writing a story, and I have a couple names that I want to use, but I can't decide on which one.
Common bathroom in a women's prison 2015-03-02
There is a women's prison where all female inmates wear as prison uniforms a simple dress with nu...
How desperate do you need to pee/poop? 2015-03-02
If you are desperate, then take this poll!!
What is Cool? (poll for teen and college age guys) 2015-03-02
What is Cool? (poll for teen and college age guys)
I [heart] Being Tickled by Guys 2015-03-02
I'd like a shirt with "I <3 Being Tickled by Guys" written on it and then see what p...
self-confidence 2015-03-02
In which areas do you need more self-confidence?
The 2-Answer Poll 2015-03-02
Each question has 2 possible answers. If your choice isn't there (like if it asked for your favor...
Guess the weight! 2015-02-20 (closed)
Baby Greysen will be born on or before April 27th 2015. Now what you are enlisted to do is take p...
Age Defying Perfume 2015-02-20
This item would be manufactured by Bobbi Brown a cosmetic company that is trying to launch a new ...
should I go shirtless this summer 2015-02-20
Should I go shirtless this summer or not. If I should, how often. I am a 25yr old male. I use a ...
Women watching men fight 2015-02-17
This poll is see how different WOMEN feel towards men who compete in fist fights.
Skinny Dipping (Girls) 2015-02-09
Just a general poll about skinny dipping
penis size by age 2015-02-09
for males 12 to 21 only please choose the correct age
Number 13 2015-02-09
I'd like to find out more about people who live at number 13, or on the 13th floor.
Punishments opinion 2015-02-09
Imagine that you are a teenage boy or girl who was naughty and you have to be punished. But if y...
Pie in the face 2015-02-09
Pie in the face
Totally Random Poll 2015-02-09
This is just some totally random questions
Most Attractive Disney Female 2015-02-09
Most Attractive Disney Female
punishment for nephew 2015-02-09
I am going to decide some kind of punishment for my nephew and wanted ideas. Also he's 11 so don'...
junior high boys quiz 2015-02-09
poll for junior high boys
Female Desperation (Weinachtsmarkt) 2015-02-09
Female Desperation (Weinachtsmarkt)
Naughty dare 2015-02-09
Gimme 1. 12 m. Have a 10 yr sister. (Please don't post incest). But I could wear her clothes or m...
Forced to be barefoot in the hospital 2015-02-09
This poll is about situations in which the patients are forced into being barefoot in the hospita...
What's your tickle fantasy? 2015-02-09
Ever wanted to tickle someone from a tv show,anime,video game,or your own made up character. This...
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (-girls only-) 2015-02-09
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (-girls only-)