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Gunge My Sisters! 2014-08-05
I have a bet with a friend, and to win I have to gunge at least one of my sisters. I thought I'd ...
Telling People About Nudism 2014-08-05
I've recently started trying to become a nudist, and to go any farther with it I need to tell my ...
(Boys and Girls welcome) Word association! 2014-08-05
The question will be a noun...pick the answer of the word that comes to mind the quickest when th...
First Mixed Wrestling Experience - Males who lost 2014-08-05
To find out about the feeling and the experience of wrestling the opposite sex for the first time.
your zombie to do list 2014-08-05
your zombie to do list
The Battle of Fort Blanket 2014-08-05
Vote for your favourite Any Given Sundae blanket fort.
Create a wedgie story 2014-08-05
Choose a show from nick, Disney, etc and make a wedgie story (try to only use female characters a...
Family Incest (Men Only) 2014-07-29
Women in the family (Incest) (MEN ONLY)
Sat on by Parents. 2014-07-29 (closed)
This is for people that have been sat on by parents as kid.
Girl Bathroom Habits 2014-07-29
Im a high school girl and I was just wondering if my bathroom habits were normal haha.
Silly Would you Rather? 2014-07-29
Just for fun!
Diapers and treated like a baby. 2014-07-29
My mom and dad have me treated like a baby.....they are real strict....my babysitter and freind h...
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (-girls only-) 2014-07-29
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (-girls only-)
Name of our wolf dog 2014-07-24
My wife and I are having a disagreement over what to name our new wolf dog. Your help would be a...
Would you want Powers? 2014-07-24
In this poll, I shall see how people would take in a new ability that is beyond normal.
Mouth Trap Challenge 2014-07-24
If you have ever herd of a mouth trap challenge and would like to see me try it take this poll
Shoes in the house 2014-07-24
In TV-shows, most people are wearing their shoes in their house. But what about you?
Kinds of shoes and socks... 2014-07-24
Some shoes are worn with socks (like trianers) but some are worn without socks (like sandals). Bo...
emergencys in your home 2014-07-24
emergencys in your home
Which mobile phone is best? 2014-07-24
A poll about what type of moble phone people have found to be good and those which have been noth...
Random(ish) poll for females 2014-07-24
Random(ish) poll for females
Favourite wrestling pins 2014-07-14
I always enjoy pining my opponent in a schoolboy pin ( mount). I find this the best, strongest h...
GUYS ONLY!!! Full Masturbation Survey! Enjoy! 2014-07-14
It's preferable that you are under 25 years of age, but that is no limitation. You can answer som...
MW Florida Law 2014-07-09
MW Florida Law
Girls N.I.P. (Nude in Public) Activities 2 2014-07-08
Again, this survey is for girls only; and is meant to be a continuation of my previous N.I.P. sur...