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Weirdest school ever (all about the foot) 2014-07-07
so in my head i made up this very weird school and its concerns about the foot i e shoes and socks.
Wetting yourself while older 2014-06-30
A poll for people between the ages of 12 and 16 asking if they ever wet themselves between those ...
Girls and Guys wrestling 2014-06-30
This is a poll for any girls or guys that have wrestled against the opposite gender. It covers q...
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? -girls only- 2014-06-30
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? -girls only-
Story Time: Suggestions! 2014-06-30
I am a bit of a writer, but I need some ideas on what people would like to see in my newest story...
Tie Up Games Poll 2014-06-30
Have you ever played tie up games?Did you enjoy it?Would you do it again?If you said yes to any o...
car accendent 2014-06-30
only for those who have been in an accident
dream house 2014-06-30
dose it match mine
more zombie stuff 2014-06-30
more zombie stuff
Girls wedgie stories 2014-06-30
Girls wedgie stories
mister poll 2014-06-23
mister poll
battles 2014-06-23
zombie stuff 2014-06-23
zombie stuff
zombie team 2014-06-23
chose what part of a zombie fighting team you would like to be and what class you would be the be...
Women & bloopers at the shopping mall :-)) (adult women only!!) 2014-06-23
Women, how many times have you been involved into unexpected pranks or embarrassing accidents dur...
Pet Peeves of customers in retail shopping settings 2014-06-23
This is a poll to see if I am alone or in good company with the masses when it comes to retailers...
The Ultimate Teen Girl Poll 2014-06-23
The Ultimate Teen Girl Poll
slime Sarah 2014-06-13
How should Sarah get slimy and other daring challenges
Girls N.I.P. (Nude in Public) Activities 2014-06-09
This survey is for girls only. A N.I.P. Activity only counts if other clothed, unsuspecting p...
older kids and teens in diapers/pullups 2014-06-09
Well, like my name says i am still a bedwetter - at the age of 14! My little sister is the same....
Does this police officer have a fair policy? 2014-06-09
I know a police officer who has an unusual policy for testing pepole for drunk driving.I created ...
Help Me Get over my Foot Shyness 2014-06-09
I can't go barefoot in front of other people. I don't know why. I just get VERY nervous. If you w...
Foot Shyness/ Forced Shoelss 2014-06-02
On one of my other polls, someone responded saying that their mom FORCED her to go barefoot speci...
Do you have to pee? 2014-06-02
Take this poll if you have to pee to see if you do (If for some reason ypu dont know...)
Which would you choose poll? part 6 2014-06-02
This poll relates to the third poll of this series except it is about what role you would choose ...