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Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy? 2015-05-04
Has an old lady you didn't know tickled your tummy?
Lets make a new gunge poll 2015-05-04
I'm bored and I've missed doing these so I'm going to make a new gunge gameshow poll, but I need ...
Psych in school 2015-05-04
This poll is to get feedback for a school project. I want to touch on how the government can use ...
hurt me 2 2015-05-04
I'm a male of muscular build, I like to be hurt and beaten.. I particularly like to be kicked aro...
Dealing with Bedwetting II 2015-05-04
How would you deal with an older bedwetting child? I personally have problems staying dry at nigh...
Family Law Lawyer Fairfax, VA 2015-05-04
Family Law Lawyer Fairfax, VA
Losing a shoe 2015-04-18
A couple of days ago I got my heel caught in a drain and walked out of my shoe. I would like to k...
Evolution 2015-04-18
The theory of evolution is a theory accepted world wide, about the origin and diversity of life o...
random 2015-04-18
Bored 2015-04-18
I want to do a new poll and want some ideas.
Swimming and PE at School (over 18s only) 2015-04-18
As there is one for teens, this one is dedicated to those over the age of 18. The survey is to se...
Poll for girls 2015-04-08
Poll for girls
Who Knows You Are A Nudist? 2015-04-08
As we age (or I age), what once seemed so very important to me, is no longer important or simply ...
assasin types 2015-04-06
choose what type of assassin you would be. and I mean a silent assassin
Pick My Wedgie AND Self Spanking 2015-04-06
I have some time this week where I figured I'd do a special self wedgie and a special self spanki...
What wedgie spanking and swirlies should I receive 2015-04-06
What wedgie spanking and swirlies should I receive
do you girls like when a man flashes his penis on street? 2015-04-06
Only girls please answer
Relay For Life Themed Laps 2015-04-06
We need three themed laps for the day of Relay! I want your opinions too! The three laps with the...
How Long Have You Been A Nudist? 2015-04-06 (closed)
There are a lot of reasons in support of naturism, the lifestyle, and social nudity. I believe t...
Pubic Hair (for gay guys only) 2015-04-06
To determine grooming preferences among gay men.
peeing situations 2015-04-06
in this poll you are a father with one son and one daughter. you can be any gender/sex to answer.
Dissatisfied Wal-Mart Shopper 2015-03-30
Unhappy with not being informed of Wal-Marts Policy before purchase of item.
Are You THAT Good? 2015-03-30
Is your marketing plan working? Are you that good that you don't need help? Find Out Now!
in the garden 2015-03-30
pee situations in the garden. for this poll, you have a large, secluded garden
Alternatives to prison and fines ( females only ! ) 2015-03-30
Here are some alternatives to serving time in prison or to paying big fines. What is your openio...