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GUYS ONLY!!! What do yo do while masturbating? GUYS ONLY!!! 2014-05-19
And more related questions...
TEENAGE GUYS ONLY--Where/When/How much do you masturbate usually? 2014-05-19
This is for teenage males. Girls, please leave.
Design more Footie PJs for me 2014-05-19
Based on responses to a previous poll, please design more footie pjs for me. You can make them as...
Saab Spare Parts in South Africa 2014-05-19
This poll would be to asses if Saab owners in South Africa would be interested to purchase parts ...
Medical health checks 2014-05-19
If you have annual health checks, or have had them in the past. What exactly did get checked and ...
Girls only pooping survey 2014-05-19
Ladies, take it if you want.
kids having a fully clothed swimming race 2014-05-19
to find out if parents will have thier kids have a fully clothed swimming race in thier shoes and...
Military toilets 2014-05-19
If you have been in the military, what are the toilets like?
What is the coolest skill / job to have? 2014-05-19
This poll is designed to see what people see as cool jobs or skills to have and if finding work h...
If you went on a survival course 2014-05-16
I'm interested to know what would encourage or put you off going on a survival / bush craft course.
Wild camping 2014-05-16
This poll is about wild camping, without modern facilities.
Pajama & Bedtime Rules 2014-05-16
Follow-up poll to "Is this fair?"
Car Trip in a Skirt 2014-05-16
I am a guy who is going to be making a round trip alone by car on Memorial Day. The trip is 200 m...
Cystoscopy medical procedure 2014-05-16
Have you ever had to have a cystoscopy? What was the procedure like?
Mud and quicksand fun (Guys only) 2014-05-05
A poll for guys that have fun playin and sinkin in mud and quicksand
Help with Spanking? 2014-05-05
My boyfriend is going to start spanking me, and I'd like some info on what's normal. I'm talking ...
Which would you/ I be? 2014-05-05
Choose out of the given options which one you would be and wich one I would be.
Foot fetish 2014-05-05
This poll is foot fetish related with scenarios. WARNING! contains questions about morgues and de...
Challenge Poll 2014 2014-05-05
I have some challenges for all of you to try. Post your results from the challenges in the messag...
girls wearing diapers to school 2014-05-05
This is a poll of teenage girls who wear diapers to school
girls peeing in the bath 2014-05-05
a poll for girls who have peed in the bath
Summer camp:2014 (2) (13-18 year old guys) 2014-04-28 (closed)
I am going to summer camp this summer and I am a 15 year old male.
Ladies would you, pull off your belt to spank your man's bare ass with it? 2014-04-28
A poll related to Female Led Relationships. Where the woman gives her man belt spanks, and makes ...
Ladies would you, use your belt to spank your man with it? 2014-04-28
This is a poll related to Female Led Relationships. With women spanking her man with a belt in th...
Public restrooms #1 (Males only) 2014-04-28
This poll focus on situations where females enter in male restrooms, and males enter in female re...