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shoeplay, dipping, dangling and a shoe going out of reach 2014-03-10
Hi, thank you for looking at my poll and hopefully increasing my knowledge of why you enjoy playi...
drunk naughty peeing - girls only (please) 2014-03-10
following some questions about your experiences of peeing situations when you were drunk and in a...
Women who lost a fight with another woman. (Women only) 2014-03-07
This poll is about what happened after you had a fight with another woman.
Women watching two women having a screaming argument. (Women only) 2014-03-07
Women watching two women having a screaming argument. (Women only)
Napoleonic Era Ship Choice 2014-03-07
If you were a captain during the Napoleonic Wars what side and what kind of ship would you choose?
Be a Powerful Overlord 2014-03-07
I've made numerous stories, all with different villains in the plots. I want to see which villain...
Catfight after work. (women only) 2014-03-03
Catfight after work. (women only)
What should I add to make my corner time feel more miserable? 2014-03-03
I often punish myself with corner time, but I need it to be more miserable. DO NOT GO EASY ON ME!
Diapered teens and their parents 2014-03-03
Hi i wanna know if you are a teenager who still needs diapers how your parents treats you
Spanking, if you could go back and change events 2014-03-03
Suppose it were possible to temporarily go back in time and inhabit yourself at a younger age. P...
PREGNANCY HIGH: (Wattpad story) name babies. 2014-03-03
Name the first four girls' babies. Starting with Aria, ending with Emily.
Fetishes (girls only) 2014-03-03
I'm interested in finding out what fetishes other girls have...
for people with a weak bladder 2014-03-03
hi, i am 15 year old girl and a bedwetter. Sometimes i have dytime accidents too. Now i wanna kn...
Underwear 2014-03-03
Please take this quiz.
Would you date me? (Teen guys only) 2014-02-25
I was bored and curious how many guys would find me attractive and want to date me. So... yeah.
Would you date my guy friends? (For teen girls) 2014-02-25
I have several good guy friends and I wanted to know which ones other teen girls would find attra...
Have you ever wet the bed at a sleepover? 2014-02-25
Have you ever wet the bed at a sleepover?
Belly Torture 2014-02-25
What do people that have a belly fetish do to their belly?
How long have you been babysat? 2014-02-25
Hi, i am 15 years old and still get a babysitter when my mom is going out or has to go on a trip ...
Do the amount of sexual polls on here frighten you? 2014-02-25
Do the amount of sexual polls on here frighten you?
Spitting (guys only) 2014-02-25
Spitting (guys only)
Can You Survive My Ultimate Peeing Challenge? 2014-02-25
Not many people will survive this unless you cheat. Good luck.
Weird Situations & Habits 2014-02-25
Just some stuff to see if some people have habits like I do, or would do a similar thing in a cer...
Peeing togheter with friend - husband (wife) / boyfriend (girlfriend) M & F 2014-02-19
Funny situation when you had to pee "not alone" togheter with a friend of the same sex...
Underwear 2014-02-19
Hello,please take this and put anything else in the comments thanks