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How much clothes to go out for mail? 2015-06-21
I scamper out to the mailbox every morning to get the mail for my mom and dad. I just wear my un...
Whats the best thing about getting slimed/gunged? 2015-06-21
Pick your one favourite part of getting slimed or watching somebody else get slimed.
Boys wearing girl clothes 2015-06-21
This poll is about boys wearing girl clothes. The top part is for boys and the bottom part is for...
how do 14 year old dudes sleep at night? 2015-06-21
Poll to find out how most 14 year old dudes sleep
How do you want to die? 2015-06-21
Tell me how you want to go out.
What war is associated with the American National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner)? 2015-06-18
What war is associated with the American National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner)?
Your feet and weedwacking weeds to punish them 2015-06-01
Just a little poll about your feet and weedwacking weeds :)
What's your sign? (astrology) 2015-06-01
Another poll just for fun :-)
What's your birthday? 2015-06-01
Just for fun :-)
punishing commands-giving and obeying 2015-06-01
How would you react when your parents or teachers will punish you too mildly/harshly? And how wo...
School punishment preferrences 2015-06-01
Imagine that your school and parents use punishments like detention,kneeling,standing in corner,c...
Respecting (girls) 2015-06-01
This is a poll about how the girls/women show respect to their boyfriends/husbands or how they ar...
an idea for a sponsored swim to raise money for a scout group 2015-06-01
to find out if any scout leaders think that having their scout group do a sponsored swim fully c...
Birthday Licks 2015-06-01
Its my birthday on Friday, It has been suggested i receive a birthday spanking, do you agree
Spank me for punishment. 2015-05-21
Hi! I have been a very bad girl lately, so I wanted to know how I would be spanked.
Do guys go barefoot more than girls? 2015-05-19
I've experienced that many guys go barefoot at home or during P.E. at high school, even during ou...
teen guy vs adult in a fist fight 2015-05-19
im 23 and this 17 year old dude wants to fight me. who do you think would win?
Holidays 2015-05-19
Corner time and things for adults 2015-05-11 (closed)
Trying to get feedback and prepare for corner time.
Girls that have been tied up 2015-05-11
girls have you ever been tied up?
Choose my clothes for the weekend and time off 2015-05-07 (closed)
You will help decide my clothing for the weekend and my time off. I will follow this for the rest...
How many driving lessons did you need? 2015-05-07
How many driving lessons did you need?
Nappy/Diaper Punishment 2015-05-04
I have recently bought some nappies/diapers and want to have some fun!
Kick to the nuts 2015-05-04
Kick to the nuts
Head banging 2015-05-04
I was in a bar a couple of weeks ago, and two guys started fighting. This female bouncer came ov...