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Poll for guys. 2015-01-25
Stomach growling 2015-01-25
Are you turned on by stomach growls?
Do you suffer from a cold nose when experiencing cold weather/climates? 2015-01-19
This applies to any and all situations, not including being sick. Perhaps you have experienced th...
Papoose Board 2015-01-19
Papoose Board
How is the New Year going for you so far? 2015-01-19
How is the New Year going for you so far?
Low blows in fights 2015-01-13
Just wanting to see if guys have ever used low blows (hits to the testicles) during fight with ot...
Guys Only: How many pairs of underwear do you own...if any? 2015-01-13
This survey is only for guys.
Top holiday for 2015 2015-01-13
Top holiday for 2015
Rules for a Diapered Male 2015-01-13
Rules for a Diapered Male
How will you punish a female prisoner? 2015-01-13
How will you punish a female prisoner?
Should I audition for a play? 2015-01-13 (closed)
One of my mom's friends said she could get me an audition for a play and she thinks I would be gr...
how should men take down women in combat 2015-01-13
how should men take down women in combat
Bad or disgusting behavior on headset. 2015-01-06
Me and a friend were discussing what people consider to be disgusting or bad on headset behavior ...
am I the only one that pees foever 2015-01-06
Hi yes I was wondering if any of my female companions on this site has done this its been since ...
Oh no, I have got my car stuck (Ladies only please) 2015-01-06
A poll about how and when you have got your car stuck.
Longer camp poll (first sleep-away camp) 2015-01-02
Someone who took my other camp poll told me it needed to be longer. This is still about your fir...
Our Tie Up Game 2015-01-02
While my parents are out for dinner and a movie, we play a tie up game.
Lets go shirtless (Guys only) 2015-01-02
A bunch of different questions on going shirtless.
My niece is my mistress.. 2015-01-02
For the past few weeks my 11 yold niece has been forcing me to wear girls clothes, make up and he...
What was your first sleep away camp (summer camp) like? 2015-01-02
This is for anyone who ever went to a camp where they stayed there and slept at least a few night...
Your Slave 2015-01-02
What would I have to if I was your slave?
Take if you have to poop. 2015-01-02
Can you hold hold it? Or will you poop in your pants?
I know it's over done, but please help me choose my punishment 2015-01-02
I'm a 19 year old female. I'm bordering on failing out of school, since I've come home for winter...
Wedgie Stories 2015-01-02
Tell your stories of you giving or getting wedgie.
Family Pie Fight 2015-01-02
My parents, brothers, and I are having a pie fight with 5 pies. People can throw more than one p...