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Fantasy Hero Personality Quiz 2014-08-25
I've made a story with 5 Heroes, which takes place in a fantasy world. Each one is very different...
To lazy to find a job??? 2014-08-25
I'm 23 now and still live at home with my parents. They have been trying to get me to get a job f...
swat weapons 2014-08-25
swat weapons
Pelvic floor therapy. 2014-08-18
Anyone experience a pelvic floor therapy.Both men and women how was your experience with that the...
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (<girls only>) 2014-08-18
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (<girls only>)
Wedgie tiiiime! Story, pick the girls! 2014-08-18
Yo! Gonna be doing a wedgie story here, so you get to pick the girls and pick the wedgies!
choose a weapon 2014-08-18
choose a weapon
Wedgie My Roommate! 2014-08-13
Hey! My friend and I are getting a new roommate in our college dorm! We plan on torturing him and...
Guys what would you do? 2014-08-13
Imagine this guys. You leave for a several day business trip. You get to your hotel and in your...
100 day challenges 2014-08-13
this is a poll on what you would do as a challenge for 100 days
Sitting on my face 2014-08-13
Sitting on my face
female desperation (eltern) 2014-08-13
female desperation (eltern)
Female Desperation (Autobahn Teil2) 2014-08-13
Female Desperation (Autobahn Teil2)
Female Desperation (Arbeit teil2) 2014-08-13
Female Desperation (Arbeit teil2)
Female Desperation (stechend dringend) 2014-08-13
Es ist ja oft so das man frauen gerne mal nicht aufs klo lässt und sie einhalten lässt bis sie ...
Female desperation (vergnügungspark) 2014-08-13
Female desperation (vergnügungspark)
female desperation (jetzt) 2014-08-13
female desperation (jetzt)
Bully Dares 2014-08-13
My biggest fetish is being given dares that are the types of things bullies would do to their vic...
What Entertains You? What do you want to see? 2014-08-13
Poll about songs and parodies! Info will be used to improve the YouTube Channel: https://www....
Please help choose what clothes my boyfriend will let me wear 2014-08-13
Hi! My name is Heather. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I’m 5’2” and 111 lbs currently. I...
Restraining kids 2014-08-13
Restraining kids
laying/sitting on a girls soft flat stomach 2014-08-13
I just have that fetish...I'm not a heavy guy either lol. Does any female out there enjoy this ...
Watersports and Bedwetting 2014-08-13
For anybody who likes to pee and who still likes to wet the bed
Gunge My Sisters! 2014-08-05
I have a bet with a friend, and to win I have to gunge at least one of my sisters. I thought I'd ...
Telling People About Nudism 2014-08-05
I've recently started trying to become a nudist, and to go any farther with it I need to tell my ...