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underwear (plain and simple) (for males only please) 2015-01-02
I am trying to do this for a professional study, so please answer honestly.
Pie in the Face Bet 2015-01-02
Lost a bet with my dad over basketball, with a pie in the face of the loser as the wager
Male underwear choices 2015-01-02
Various questions on your underwear preference... Please note it is only for the male half of the...
Girls bullied 2 2014-12-16
Poll for girls who have been bullied
Diaper punishment for period accident (for girls) 2014-12-16
I had 2 accidents where I forgot my pads for my period and had my period leak through my clothes ...
Diapers (boys only) 2014-12-16
For boys 18 and under who have accidents, wear diapers, or are diaper punished.
General Examinations 2014-12-16
General Examinations
College Guys: what goes on in dorm showers. 2014-12-16
This survey is for college guys that live on campus at college.
Shoeplay, dangling, dipping and losing your shoe. (Ladies only) 2014-12-16
An opportunity for any lady who likes to do this with there shoes to share experiences and for me...
Stopped by the cops 2014-12-16
Have you ever been stopped by the police while driving?
Stripped by bullies at school 2014-12-16
I got stripped naked and paraded around in school and want to know how else has
humiliation for me round 2 2014-12-16
I apparently havent learned my lesson from the laat time and you followers of mime had such grrat...
School Stuff (Boys only) 2014-12-16
What would you do here
Tied up and what happens after 2014-12-16
I'm a 21 year old girl who likes to be tied up. If you were to be the one to tie me up, what all ...
uncircumcised guys (women only) 2014-12-16
How far would you go with an uncut guy
Kidnap Me 2014-12-16
A poll about how you would kidnap me why and what you would do to me. Please note that I am a mal...
Damsel In Distress 2014-12-16
This is a poll about your damsel in distress fantasy and how it would happen.Would you be the vil...
Can women hold their pee for longer than men? 2014-12-16
Can women hold their pee for longer than men?
College guys who live in dorms at college. 2014-12-16
This survey is strictly for guys who live at college and live in the dorms.
Should I buy diapers? 2014-12-16
I'm 16 and I like to wear diapers. Should I buy them to pee and poop in and what type should I buy?
If you could choose your sexuality, which would you choose? 2014-12-15
If you could choose your sexuality, which would you choose?
Lost my shoe and have to pick my own punishment 2014-12-08
I was at the park with friends and we wanted to play football so we used my shoe I played just we...
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (<<girls only>>) 2014-12-08
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? (<<girls only>>)
Weedwacking, your feet, and punishing weeds in crocs 2014-12-08
This poll is for those who love to punish weeds and wear crocs to help them weedwack. I see a ...
How often do you poop? 2014-12-04
How often do you poop?