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slime Sarah 2014-06-13
How should Sarah get slimy and other daring challenges
older kids and teens in diapers/pullups 2014-06-09
Well, like my name says i am still a bedwetter - at the age of 14! My little sister is the same....
Does this police officer have a fair policy? 2014-06-09
I know a police officer who has an unusual policy for testing pepole for drunk driving.I created ...
Help Me Get over my Foot Shyness 2014-06-09
I can't go barefoot in front of other people. I don't know why. I just get VERY nervous. If you w...
Foot Shyness/ Forced Shoelss 2014-06-02
On one of my other polls, someone responded saying that their mom FORCED her to go barefoot speci...
Do you have to pee? 2014-06-02
Take this poll if you have to pee to see if you do (If for some reason ypu dont know...)
weapon use 2014-06-02
weapon use
vehicles 2014-06-02
rescue teams 2014-06-02
rescue teams
more guns 2014-06-02
more guns
swat weapons 2014-06-02
pick your swat stuff
Weedwacking weeds is mean 2014-06-02
This is a poll for those who feel bad for weeds to discuss how they feel. If you don't feel bad f...
Air transportation 2014-05-29
A poll about airports and air travel.
Guys Going Barefoot for Girls 2014-05-27
This girl I'm hooking up with is really in to getting me to do stuff barefoot. I want to see how ...
shoes and socks situations and more 2014-05-27
lots of thing have been happening with my feet in different situations so in this poll there is s...
Jerking off (guys only) 2014-05-27
Jerking off (guys only)
My name 2014-05-27
So my full name is John Maxwell IV (I'm the fourth consecutive John Maxwell in my family). I've ...
Pooing 2014-05-27
All about you and your poo
A babysitter that wont be able to sit! 2014-05-27
Hi I'm Sara! Last night i babysat my neighbors 9&7 year old. After i put them to bed i fell a...
A Barefoot poll for Non-Barefooters. 2014-05-27
Exactly as the title says. If you go barefoot occasionally, but not excessively, this poll is for...
Do you need diapers? 2014-05-19
A test to determine if you should/shouldn't wear diapers.
home birth 2014-05-19
I am 9 months pregnant, and i was thinking of having a home birth. I've layed out pands in the re...
potty training boys 2014-05-19
I have five boys. My 4 year old is scared of the toilet, so much so that he will not use it no ma...
girls peeing positions 2014-05-19
When im in the bath and i have to pee really bad, but the toliets a ways away, i get on all fours...
GUYS ONLY!!! What do yo do while masturbating? GUYS ONLY!!! 2014-05-19
And more related questions...