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favorite type of dr dre beats 2014-04-07
which kind of beats you like the best
Girls, have you ever peed on plants or flowers? 2014-04-07
I have seen some polls about peeing in unusual space both indoor and outdoor. Then I found peeing...
Decide on My Mouth Soaping Punishment 2014-04-07
Decide on My Mouth Soaping Punishment
Decide on My Punishment 2014-04-07
Decide on My Punishment
Product Questionare 2014-04-03
Product Questionare
What sort of tickling polls should I make? 2014-03-31
What sort of tickling polls should I make?
Your Opinions On Spanking Kids 2014-03-31
This is just to get an opinion on what you think about spanking kids.
Weedwacking in bare feet 2014-03-31
Do you punish your weeds in your bare feet?
Imaginary Boarding School 2014-03-31
This is for making an imaginary boarding school for boys 8-14 years old (3-8 grades). The school ...
Lost swimsuits 2014-03-31
Lost swimsuits
Should i join my dad's business 2014-03-25
Hi my name is Kate. I don't know how to start but this is my story. My dad runs a <a href=&quo...
Le Poll of Randomness 2014-03-25
The title says it all.
Barefoot in Country Areas 2014-03-24
I've decided that people who live out in the country are (On average) much more comfortable with ...
Beeing small 2014-03-24
Questions about beeing the smaller member of the family.
How would I tickle you? 2014-03-24
I have a poll about how you would tickle me but how would I tickle you? I am a 6ft, 17 year old ...
Would you pop my zits? (females only) 2014-03-24
Are you that girl who just cant contain yourself from squeezing if you see something on my skin t...
Favorite Weather 2014-03-24
Favorite Weather
sehsitefetishes 2014-03-24
Why Did You Stop Wearing Tighty Whities 2014-03-17
Questions on underwear
Are girls stronger than me? 2014-03-17
I'm an 18 year old guy and I'm kinda weak and not muscular. My biceps measure at about 10 3/4 of ...
A Blank Picture 2014-03-17
A have a blank outline of a person which I will color and add details to look like you.
Peeing yourself in different types of clothing 2014-03-17
This poll assumes you do wet yourself and wants to know how you do it in different types of clothes.
How should I punish myself? 2014-03-10
I have been bad. I would not like to say what I did over the internet but what I did was REALLY b...
Death of Insects 2014-03-10
A brief poll on crushing insects. I'm not sure why I made this.
shoeplay, dipping, dangling and a shoe going out of reach 2014-03-10
Hi, thank you for looking at my poll and hopefully increasing my knowledge of why you enjoy playi...