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Underwear 2014-02-19
Hello,please take this and put anything else in the comments thanks
How should I punish myself? 2014-02-19
I have done bad stuff and need to punish myself! I also sometimes punish myself for fun ;) DO ...
Spanked? 2014-02-19
I'm a 13 year old girl. I have to have a spanking from my mom for cheating on an important test i...
Random Stuff about Teen Girls (12-18) 2014-02-10
I wanted to compare myself to other teen girls...
Barefoot (Boys only please) 2014-02-10
Just some questions about wearing shoes or being barefoot, because I like being barefoot myself b...
Are Penny Stocks A Scam? 2014-02-10
I am wondering whether people believe that penny stocks are scams?
Lucid Dreams and Sleep study 2014-02-10
This poll is for a speech over the sleep cycle and dreaming. Please answer all questions honestly...
Little accidents 2014-02-07
Little accidents
Illusions and the Magician's Assistant 2014-02-07
About illusions involving an assistant.
Pie in the Face from my Mom 2014-02-07
My mom is going to pie me for losing a bet
Burp/Belch quiz 2014-02-07
Message me if you liked or disliked this quiz along with what you liked or didn't like, and feel ...
Lent 2014-02-06
Lent is coming up soon and some people try to give up something like desserts - drinking alcohol ...
Is this fair? 2014-02-02
A while ago my mom made a poll on my acc. to finish an argument we were having about pajamas. Now...
being barefoot 2014-02-02
being barefoot
barefoot 2014-02-02
Create your own modern day world 2014-02-02
Create your own modern day world
pee challenge 2014-02-02
put on some old cloths and try to hold it!!!!!
GAG ME 2014-02-02
Would you gag me and if so with what?GIRLS ONLY PLEASE
how would you kidnap me? 2014-02-02
how would you kidnap me?
Knife throwing acts 2014-01-29
Do you like acts where knives are thrown around a woman's body?
An other dare for the your kids 2014-01-29
to fin out if any kids dare get in the bathe or shower fully clothed in their school uniform when...
Barefoot for a Play, Performance, or Presentation? 2014-01-27
I have heard people talk about going barefoot in a play, and have seen some people do it in a pla...
Have you gone to the toilet outside? 2014-01-27
Have you been outside and needed the toilet but one is to far away?
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? {{girls only}} 2014-01-27
Has an old lady ever tickled your tummy? {{girls only}}
Would you kill somebody? 2014-01-27
Would you kill somebody?