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What would you do for $100? 2013-12-31
Basically, a bunch of questions that ask what you would do for $100.
Girls are stronger 2013-12-26
I'm 24 and my skinny 12 year old sister lifted me with one arm and is smarter by a lot.
Open for both genders. Everything about tickling on your opinion
Colors 2013-12-26
Shoes When Doing Yardwork/Farmwork? 2013-12-26
It seems to me that a lot of people decide not to wear shoes when they're working outside, prefer...
Locker room (girls) 2013-12-26
Just a general poll about locker rooms
Perfect tickling fantasy poll 2013-12-26
Is there someone you want to tickle torture? who? How? do tell! (Now with more Questions!)
Girls, how do you take off your bra? 2013-12-26
Girls, how do you take off your bra?
Shrinking Spouse? 2013-12-18
I am writing a short story in the Sci-Fi Genre, I'm looking for real world reactions to help me b...
Beer Pong Bet Wager 2013-12-17
Me and a friend will be a team against two other friends. 3 games of beer pong will be played. Ch...
A new dare for kids 2013-12-17
to find out how many kids would do this dare
Female Shoes 2013-12-11
Female Shoes
Barefoot in Cold Weather 2013-12-09
With the first big snowstorm of the year upon us, I wanted to do a poll to see whether people go ...
Urinals 2013-12-09
Males only
Ririko's FC Tournament: Final Round/Bronze Round 2013-12-09
Final Round and Bronze Round!
Stomachache 2013-12-09
Do you get stomachaches, and from what? I know I do!
Peeing In Portapotties (girls only) 2013-12-06
Peeing poll centered around portalets.
Pissing under the shower 2013-12-06
as the name says
Forced to hold it 2013-12-06
Have you ever been made to hold it and had an accident?
Foot Shyness 2013-12-06
Hello, I'm a 20 year old guy, and have a massive foot shyness problem. I am almost always wearing...
Shoe question - Men only 2013-12-06
Shoe question - Men only
Problem with Watch Forum/Topic Notifications? 2013-12-06
I have been a Mr. Poll member for years, and watch many forums and topics. I usually receive at ...
can i as for som advice 2013-11-27
to get some advic on some thin my 8 year old so wishes to start doing
Women only: Interview and sweating 2013-11-25
When you go for a job interview or any type of interview do you sweat? If so, where do you sweat ...
if you travel to 1945 just moments before HITLER committed suicide 2013-11-25
if you had a time machine and back in time to 1945 and gets into the Fuhrerbunker just moments be...