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Naked at a Party 2014-10-26
This is a poll about going to parties naked.
mixed wrestling girls who beat boys 2014-10-26
A poll to see how girls rub it in when they defeat guys at wrestling
Run a crime ring 2014-10-26
This poll talks about how you would run a crime ring if you were in charge. Will your group succe...
Tickled By Kids 2014-10-26
A poll for anyone who has been tickled by a kid or many kids. Whether while babysitting or playin...
Armpit Questions (Teen Guys Only!!!) 2014-10-26
Some random questions I've been curious about how other people would answer.
Where are you most ticklish? 2014-10-26
Where are you most ticklish?
Do you like to be tickled on your feet? 2014-10-26
Do you like to be tickled on your feet?
Out of 10, how ticklish would you say your feet are? 2014-10-26
Out of 10, how ticklish would you say your feet are?
Are you Ticklish? 2014-10-26
18+ only.
woman vs boy armwrestling 2014-10-26
Who do you think would win in an arm wrestle between a average 12-14 y.o boy and a average woman ...
Question for moms 2014-10-26
What would you do with a young daughter if this happened?
Mom's who blow raspberries on their kids bellies (belly blowing) 2014-10-26
I did a poll about girls getting raspberries, now I want to hear from the other side.
Topless public protest ( Females only ) 2014-10-26
Public exposure and nudity at a time and place where we dont expect it has an undeniable attentio...
Painting life 2014-10-20
Painting is a mode of creative expression. The perception and representation of intensity enables...
kick me in the stomach 2014-10-20
I want to know if you would and why
Getting gunged (what to wear) 2014-10-20
I'm going to be getting gunged soon, but don't know what to wear. Help me decide.
The Harland Highway 2014-10-20
The Harland Highway
Link between Horror and Comedy 2014-10-09 (closed)
I'm a university freshman studying what factors make horror media funny. The survey is 17 questi...
justforfunpoll 2014-10-09
Just a bunch of things
DWI GOGGLES 2014-10-06
Recently,I had a chance to try out a pair of DWI,or "Drunk"goggles.DWI goggles are glas...
Gags 2014-10-06
Who would win? Horned King vs Jafar 2014-10-06
Setting: Outskirts of a small town, at around noon. The wind is at 4-6mph. There is a small bit o...
what quote should I put on my flask? 2014-10-06
what quote should I put on my flask?
Guys Puberty 2014-10-06
Guys Puberty
Were you made to wear tights/pantyhose as a boy? 2014-10-06
As a young teenager, I was a page-boy for my cousin. My aunt made me wear a quite sissified outfi...