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Best places to visit 2014-04-21
This poll is to figure out where would be the best place to visit and when to visit. I have picke...
Barefoot (girls) 2014-04-21
Barefoot (girls)
Barefeet (GIRLS ONLY) 2014-04-21
Questions for girls about barefeet.
Gun Safety For Children 2014-04-21
Gun Safety For Children
All About Gunge!! 2014-04-21
Another little poll, getting you lovely people's opinions on gunge/slime!
(Adult women only) You vs a teen boy 2014-04-18
A male is generally stronger than a female of same measurements. I want to know a comparison betw...
Drones in the USA 2014-04-18
A poll gathering information about the public's perception of drones in the USA.
Cyber-Mistress wanted 2014-04-14
Does anyone want to be my mistress via email if so take this poll.(girls only obviously).
Foot Tickling 2014-04-14
Just a general poll to get people's opinions on having their feet tickled, or tickling someone's ...
Fictional Character Tickling 2014-04-14
If you could tickle torture any fictional character, who and why?
Slaves(Guys only) 2014-04-14
Hardcore feminists have taken over the world and enslaved all of the male population. Guys are be...
If there was a man you could do ANYTHING to... 2014-04-14
As the title of this poll implies, this poll represents a hypothetical situation in which you hav...
I want to kiss you. (Women only) 2014-04-11
At the office party last Christmas, I was asked this by a 18 year old boy. I'm 48. What would you...
Shoe Question - Men only please 2014-04-07
Simple question about a shoe
Nudity for humour or fun 2014-04-07
My new poll to see if or how people use nudity for some non sexual situations included below or s...
Pee Quiz 2014-04-07
Pee Quiz
favorite type of dr dre beats 2014-04-07
which kind of beats you like the best
Girls, have you ever peed on plants or flowers? 2014-04-07
I have seen some polls about peeing in unusual space both indoor and outdoor. Then I found peeing...
Decide on My Mouth Soaping Punishment 2014-04-07
Decide on My Mouth Soaping Punishment
Decide on My Punishment 2014-04-07
Decide on My Punishment
Product Questionare 2014-04-03
Product Questionare
What sort of tickling polls should I make? 2014-03-31
What sort of tickling polls should I make?
Your Opinions On Spanking Kids 2014-03-31
This is just to get an opinion on what you think about spanking kids.
Weedwacking in bare feet 2014-03-31
Do you punish your weeds in your bare feet?
Imaginary Boarding School 2014-03-31
This is for making an imaginary boarding school for boys 8-14 years old (3-8 grades). The school ...