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Small Penis Humiliation you down 2014-11-17
Small Penis Humiliation you down
I need wedgies for my boyfriend to do to me 2014-11-17
My boyfriend is coming for a visit, so we agreed to give me a wedgie everyday, at breakfast, show...
Tie me up poll (guys only) 2014-11-17
If you could tie me up how would you do it and what would you do to me?
Chastity belts 2014-11-17
I would like to see how many people are in chastity and why
Diapers for teen girls 2014-11-17
This is a poll for girls who have to wear a diaper for daytime wetting accidents. I have to wear ...
Teen Guy Questions (13-22 ONLY!!) 2014-11-17
Curious what other people think
Should I poop myself? 2014-11-17
Should I poop myself?
Pick My Wedgie! 2014-11-17
Choose what wedgie I give myself, as well as other punishments.
create a charactor 2014-11-17
create a charactor
Procrastination Punishment 2014-11-14
I have been procrastinating a lot. Punish me.
Do you have siblings who wear diapers too? 2014-11-04
I'm Kiara and I'm 13. I have two brothers who are younger than me, my little brothers. They are 6...
Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation? 2014-11-04
Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation?
Su opinion sobre www.margaritamia.com alquileres vacacionales en Margarita
how you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing skirts? ( females only) 2014-11-04
how usually you sit down in a backless stool if you're wearing a pleated , wide ,flared or ruffl...
Toilets and hygiene for guys 2014-11-04
How do your toilet habits and toilet hygiene compare to others? This is a poll for males only.
Abuse me 2014-11-04
i'm a man who wants to be abused! would you abuse me if you could get away with it? if you had th...
United States Military 2014-11-04
United States Military
witch is the grossest 2014-11-04
witch is the grossest
power to turn into animals 2014-11-04
power to turn into animals
Tied Up 2014-11-04
Tied Up
Naked at a Party 2014-10-26
This is a poll about going to parties naked.
mixed wrestling girls who beat boys 2014-10-26
A poll to see how girls rub it in when they defeat guys at wrestling
Run a crime ring 2014-10-26
This poll talks about how you would run a crime ring if you were in charge. Will your group succe...
Tickled By Kids 2014-10-26
A poll for anyone who has been tickled by a kid or many kids. Whether while babysitting or playin...
Armpit Questions (Teen Guys Only!!!) 2014-10-26
Some random questions I've been curious about how other people would answer.