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How much do you download? 2012-02-13
How much do you download in a month.
Illegal search acronyms. 2012-02-13
I'm trying to determine what percentage of Internet users are aware what these acronyms mean. It'...
Online Polls 2012-02-07
Do you believe internet polls are correct?
Character of the Year Poll! 2012-02-07 (closed)
It's the first annual character of the year poll! Vote for your favorite character of jennj772 here!
What will happen to CWC? 2012-02-03
Have you Implemented Search Engine Optimization in your Marketing Strategy? 2012-02-02
Do you ever implement SEO in you marketing?
Favourite Iphone Apps 2012-02-02
Basically what I want you guys to do is to vote for your favourite Itunes apps! If you select ...
What Do Sites/Software Do You Use? 2012-02-02
What search engine? What web browser? What social network? etc.
what filehosts use for your files uploads? 2012-01-30
after megaupload closed and filesonic fileserve and others get down what filehosts you use for up...
Where do you shop and what order 2012-01-30
Where do you shop and what order
"To be legal, or not be legal" - A Poll About Music Downloading 2012-01-23
All this SOPA and PIPA talk has got me thinking: OBVIOUSLY the entertainment industry is not hurt...
Favorite website 2012-01-16
Favorite website
Tengaged Survey 2012-01-16
This is only for the users of tengaged.
What Do You Want to Do? 2011-12-13 (closed)
I want to know what kind of staff development teachers want.
John D. Wells Tech Survey 2011-12-13 (closed)
Survey to students regarding technology
Is there a future in Web Based Accounting System? 2011-12-01
This poll is to evaluate whether Web Based Accounting System could solve problems that Offline Ac...
How many facebook friends do you have? 2011-11-08
How many facebook friends do you have?
Cell Phones 2011-11-03
What do you prefer
How often do you use MisterPoll 2011-11-03
How often do you use MisterPoll
Questionnaire: Elderly and the Internet 2011-10-31 (closed)
Questionnaire: Elderly and the Internet
Reading 2011-10-20 (closed)
this is for my gopo class its just a couple questions it be cool if you could fill it out. THANKS!
Why did you click on your last ad? 2011-10-13
State the first thing that comes to mind. Tips: You can think about ad charasteristics: content, ...
Fanfiction.Net and DeviantArt 2011-10-13
questions about them.
What is your Favorite Social Networking Site 2011-10-10
What is your Favorite Social Networking Site
Web Search Engines 2011-09-28 (closed)
Web Search Engines