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Video Games general poll. 2013-08-19
This is a poll with general questions for video gamers.
Runescape Holiday Events 2013-08-16
A poll about past and future holiday events in Runescape.
Playstation 4 or Xbox One? 2013-08-16
Will you be getting a Playstation 4 or an Xbox one?
Grand Theft Auto V 2013-08-14
Questions about upcoming video game GTA V m
Mario Vs. Sonic Voting 1 2013-08-12
Team Mario vs Team Sonic
Board Games and Tabletop RPGs Poll 2013-08-01
This poll is for a market research study on the demographics of people who play board and tableto...
Favorite Mario Kart 2013-07-15
Favorite Mario Kart
Asteroids Game Remake 2013-07-02
For my computing project i am going to recreate the classic game Asteroids. But i need to do some...
Favorite Super Smash Bros. Game? 2013-07-02
Favorite Super Smash Bros. Game?
What to build on minecraft 2013-06-26
Random stuff to build
What's better: Steam or Origin 2013-06-24
Please feel free to post a comment on why you think whatever one you chose is better.
what game should I buy 2013-06-24
I need to know what games I should buy
who to gunge 2013-06-24
decides how gets gunged me or my partner :)
Super Smash Bros. 4 After E3 2013-06-20
As shown at E3 and Confirmed For Wii U what characters do you think should make SSB4
E3 2013 2013-06-20
E3 2013
Most Wanted Civilizations post BNW 2013-06-11
Most Wanted Civilizations post BNW
Final Fantasy III 2013-06-11
Until I finish the poll for FFXIII, here's a poll for the DS remake of Final Fantasy III.
E3 2013 Games Hype! 2013-06-10
Multiple choice, games poll, E3 2013. Some expected to be shown, some in playable form... all con...
Xbox One or PS4? 2013-06-05
Xbox One or PS4?
Gaming Questionnaire 2013-06-03
Gaming Questionnaire
Videogames 2013-05-31 (closed)
I want to know a lot of things about your favourite Videogames.
What's Better? 2013-05-23
Which Game Console Do You Prefer?
Minecraft Presedential Candidates 2013-05-20
On Minecraft I am doing a presidential vote: Chicken- pay rises- better arcitecture- bigger ai...
Sonic Adventure 3 2013-05-15
What kind of stuff you want from a hypothetical Sonic Adventure 3?
Games to Play on Follower's Choice Friday 2013-05-13
What games would you like to see Limpy play on Follower's Choice Friday May 18th? Choose as many ...