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Geometry Dash Skills! 2015-04-08
So, I searched up Geometry Dash! But I found nothing! So here, ladies and gentlemen, is maybe the...
Strip Games 2015-03-23
What kinds of experiences have you had with strip games? Which kinds do you like to play? How do ...
What rank are you currently? 2015-03-23
What rank are you currently?
Would a service that customized Ps4 controllers be successful? 2015-03-23
I am thinking of creating a service that would take your plain/stock ps4 controller and add a cus...
letting your kids play swim chicken 2015-03-03
to find out if any parents will let their kids play swim chicken for real
Resident Evil Showdowns 2015-01-13
Just a bunch of random duels I put together for characters across various RE games.
Titanfall 2015-01-06
A poll about Titanfall
Game Of The Year 2015-01-06
Game Of The Year
Best Games of Generation 7 2015-01-02
When pertaining 'best exclusive', one game per franchise is allowed. Anything else is fair game f...
Best Video Games of 2014 2015-01-02
Important notes: Ports and remakes are disqualified from most categories. If a game originally re...
SNES Hub Top 200 Rankings 2014-12-16 (closed)
Hello, this is a poll brought to you by the SNES Hub! We're an SNES fansite looking to reach out ...
favorite class in teamfortress 2 2014-12-08
favorite class in teamfortress 2
Destiny Hunter vs Warlock vs Titan 2014-11-24
which is the best class?
Best Pokemon game ever... 2014-09-15
What you have to do is, you have to just vote...
Which Sly Cooper character are you most like? 2014-09-15
Which character in the Sly Cooper series do you think fits your personality the best, fits your v...
What do you like to wear while gaming 2014-09-15
What do you like to wear while gaming
Favorite Pokemon Type 2014-09-12
There are now 18 different Pokemon types! It can be hard to decide which to use. That also makes...
are you stealth or loud in call of duty 2014-08-13
are you stealth or loud in call of duty
CaptainSparklez' next Survival series 2014-07-09
What mods should he use :)
Skyrim: Imperials Or Stormcloaks? 2014-07-08
If you've played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, answer this question, if not, get it or read about ...
Build Time Suggestions 2014-07-07
We want to hear more from the viewers of what you guys think we should do more of on our channel!
roblox 2014-06-30
for roblox players only
The Great Guild Wars 2 Poll 2014-06-23
Various questions about Guild Wars 2.
What video game systems do you own? 2014-06-13
What video game systems do you own?