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Your PJs 2014-07-29
Just curious what you wear at bedtime.
Men's Underwear Poll (for men) 2011-06-13
This poll is for men: to determine our preferences, influences, and buying habits, related to und...
Girls, please vote to help me make my 19th birthday the best 2014-07-29
A silly boy lost a bet to me, so for my 19th birthday he's going to become a human Barbie for me ...
Poll About Panties (Girls) 2014-07-29
Poll About Panties (Girls)
Men's underwear (mostly for younger guys) 2012-01-30
Just a poll about men's underwear to see what you normally wear and other related things
Who loves the aprons in your house? 2010-12-01
A survey to investigate and share a love of aprons
Men's Underwear Poll 2011-04-29
Please be truthful! Thank you! Leave a message regarding or explaining your favorite pair of und...
Crop Tops on Teenage Girls 2012-01-02
Crop Tops on Teenage Girls
should I let my 16 yr old son wear a crop top to a party? 2012-08-09
should I let my 16 yr old son wear a crop top to a party?
Thong swimwear 2012-08-21
Thong swimwear
Wearing Clothes the wearer can't take off him/herself 2014-01-02
This poll is for people who wear, or make others wear clothes that they can't take off themselves...
Underwear at sleepover (guys only) 2014-05-19
What underwear should i wear at a sleepover?
Views about men in Kilts. 2014-05-19
Curious to know what you think about men wearing a kilt.
boys who like to be in underwear 2014-06-09
this is a poll for boys who like to be in their underwear (or for dads who have sons who like it)
What Kind of shorts? 2014-07-24
What kind of shorts do you prefer?