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Going Commado (Girls only) 2010-07-26
Research has shown that going panty free is far healthier for women and many "modern" c...
Do you go commando? 2010-07-28
Thinking about trying some of these but wondering if it's normal.
Speedo Teen Poll for Guys 2010-08-20
I'm a teen swimmer on a team, and into speedos :)
Barefeet 2... 2011-05-28
What kind of experiences have you had barefoot?
Do you like to go barefoot? 2012-02-06
I want to see if people like to go barefoot as much as me.
What goes with bare feet... 2013-01-14
okay yeah, you read the title, but what do you like to wear when barefoot? What do you think look...
What overalls do you own? 2013-12-26
Tell me what kind of overalls (UK: Dungarees) you own. If you have more than one pair, tick all t...
Stuck in clothing 2013-12-31
Have you even been stuck in your clothes? If it happened more than once, you can select all ap...
Your PJs 2014-07-29
Just curious what you wear at bedtime.
Parents and Children Going Barefoot 2014-10-26
This is a place to poll parents and children about their relationship with shoes and going barefo...
Wedgie poll (Boys) 2015-01-02
This is for boys ONLY!
School uniform after school 2015-02-09
a detailed poll on how people wear their school uniforms at home and at school to see ho it chang...
Formal clothing for my son 2015-02-20
My son is about to turn 15 and I wanted to get him som new formal clothes for his birthday as his...
Clothing Restrictions 2015-03-02
My husband wants to control my clothing and is making me do this poll to determine what my clothi...
Pajama for my son 2015-03-02
My son is turning fifteen and is growing out of all of his clothes, including his pajamas. I have...