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Girls' Swim and Beachwear 2015-11-20
What you wear and do with and in your swimsuits
Teen Underwear Survey (guys only) 2015-11-16
Teen Underwear Survey (guys only)
Shirtless 2011-04-29
Guys Who Wear Skinny Jeans 2010-12-06
This poll is for guys only. Skinny jeans are now very common and even the percent of guys who we...
Button Down Shirts (guys) 2011-04-22
Button Down Shirts (guys)
Male Teen Fashion & Sagging 2011-08-08
Male Teen Fashion & Sagging
Teen Boy Underwear Questions 2013-07-08
I want to find out what kind and how teen boys ages 10-17 wear their underwear.
Boys sagging 2013-09-16
Do you sag (wear trousers low)? If so where do you sag and why do you do it. If not then why not?...
Views about men in Kilts. 2014-05-19
Curious to know what you think about men wearing a kilt.
Why do you wear skimpy clothes, when it's cold? 2014-08-13
I noticed that there are some girls on this site who like to go out scantily clad even in cold we...
Wedgie Poll (Girls) 2015-01-02
This is for girls ONLY!
Guys who prefer to wear one shoe only 2015-01-13
As long as I remember, I've liked to take off my right shoe and just have a left shoe and a sock ...
Pajama for my son 2015-03-02
My son is turning fifteen and is growing out of all of his clothes, including his pajamas. I have...
Thoughts on speedos 2015-04-06
Thoughts on speedos
How do you wear your sweatpants? 2015-11-17
How do you wear your sweatpants?
Panty lines 2015-11-18
This is a poll about your thoughts on panty lines. I have always had mixed feelings about panty l...
Facial piercings for guys 2015-11-22
What facial piercings look cool on guys and which piercings should guys consider getting done, if...
Plastic Pants 3! 2015-11-26
I want to hear all about plastic pants from people that have worn them before or love wearing the...