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Choose my underwear for a week 2014-08-18
I backed out of completing a dare so as punishment this poll will decide my underwear for a week....
Are boys in skinny jeans hot? 2013-12-06
A poll preferably for girls about whether skinny jeans are hot and what type of skinny jeans are ...
Guys Who Wear Skinny Jeans 2010-12-06
This poll is for guys only. Skinny jeans are now very common and even the percent of guys who we...
Men's Underwear Poll (for men) 2011-06-13
This poll is for men: to determine our preferences, influences, and buying habits, related to und...
Wearing one shoe 2012-01-02
What do you wear on your shoeless foot when going Out in public with only one shoe?
Do you like to see a lady wearing a twinset? 2012-01-24
Do you like to see a lady wearing a twinset?
Men's underwear (mostly for younger guys) 2012-01-30
Just a poll about men's underwear to see what you normally wear and other related things
Uggs and Uggs look alike boots - females only 2012-02-22
Uggs and Uggs look alike boots - females only
Men In Women's Clothing 2012-05-29
There is no reason why men shouldn't wear women's clothing. After all, they wear ours! Why is it ...
pantyhose 2012-06-11
Pantyhose preferences
Bra Size 2012-09-14
Curious if body size dictates bra size.
Why does it feel good to take a shoe off? 2012-10-04
I'm really wondering why a lot of women take their shoe off while sitting somewhere. Is it just f...
What is your choice 2013-01-29
When I look around me I see that guys seem to wear a wide variety of clothing types and that seem...
Wearing Clothes the wearer can't take off him/herself 2014-01-02
This poll is for people who wear, or make others wear clothes that they can't take off themselves...
Guys in leather sweat pants. 2014-02-10
Guys in leather sweat pants.
teen girls wearing diapers for special occasions 2014-02-25
I want to know how people feel about teen girls wearing diapers under dresses for special occasio...
Guys & female clothes :-)) (boys/men only!!) 2014-03-31
Guys, have you ever been forced (or persuaded!!) to wear female clothes by other girls and/or wom...
Guys & female clothes PART TWO :-)) (boys/men only!!) 2014-04-07
Guys, how many times did you wear female clothes (willing or not!!) during a party or other situa...
Dressing a man in female clothes? (women only) 2014-04-14
This poll is only for females: would you want to dress a man you know in typically female clothes...
Men wearing women's shoes and other clothing items 2014-04-21
Women wear men's clothing items all the time but few men wear women's clothing items. How many me...
Why do you wear skimpy clothes, when it's cold? 2014-08-13
I noticed that there are some girls on this site who like to go out scantily clad even in cold we...
My Halloween Costume 2014 - Preliminaries 2014-08-13
I'm a 17 year old girl. I have a reputation for being popular with the guys and I'd like my Hallo...
Guys wearing Shorts 2014-08-19
This poll is to find out what kind of shorts should guys wear if at all.