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Your PJs 2014-07-29
Just curious what you wear at bedtime.
do girls like to sag their sweatpants? 2010-07-31
for all girls who sag their sweats
Are you a man who likes to wear man thongs? 2011-01-21
I have recently noticed more and more men and teen boys using thongs at the gym. In addition, the...
No longer Resist Being Dressed Up " 2 " 2011-01-25
Well it has been almost 2 years since I made my first poll. In the last 2 years some things are s...
Sagging 2011-02-17
Are boxers healthier than briefs? (13-30 year old males only) 2011-03-26
Like most young men these days, I switched to boxers because I find it more comfortable and more ...
Is that a skirt or a belt, young lady? 2011-04-05
The title is straight from my Dad - he made me change to a different skirt. How long is an apr...
Button Down Shirts (guys) 2011-04-22
Button Down Shirts (guys)
Teen Underwear Preferences 2012-03-26
Teen Underwear Preferences
girls & your prom dress 2012-06-11
a poll for the girls to answer about their prom dress
Dress shirts without an undershirt 2012-11-26
I try to convince all my colleagues at my office that wearing an undershirt under your dress shir...
home uniform 2013-04-29
i decided im going to make my kid wear a uniform at home, it is his punishment, what is a good un...
speedos (guys in America only please) 2014-04-21
this is about guys wearing speedos in America
Underwear at sleepover (guys only) 2014-05-19
What underwear should i wear at a sleepover?
guys how to you get dressed in the morning. 2014-05-19
this is to figure out how people get dress in the morning
Dress Code for Adults 2015-02-09
This is a poll for adults who have a dress code imposed upon them or who fantasize about it. This...
School uniform after school 2015-02-09
a detailed poll on how people wear their school uniforms at home and at school to see ho it chang...
Underwear poll 2015-03-23
I want to know what kind of underwear is most popular. Here are my results: 1. girl 2. 16 3. ...
What of these pleated skirts would you like wear ?( females only) 2015-03-23
What of these pleated skirts would you like wear ?( females only)
male underwear 2015-03-30
male underwear
Tighty Whities Factor 2015-04-06
This poll was created to assess the public view of the famous (or infamous) classic white brief. ...