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Current Events


natural disasters 2006-04-07
based on hurricane katrina, and the ideas that sorround it
Fun poll! 2006-05-23
What's lazier?
LCA 2007-05-18
Monitor power
Gold Investment 2007-09-04
A modern way of purchase gold
Who do u know the most 2008-07-08 (closed)
It is a poll to identify who fans know the most in the DB5 Crew
Should those who have sons in the war, be the only ones who can have a voice in 2008-09-20 (closed)
Should those who have sons in the war, be the only ones who can have a voice in
Are economists useful to the economy? 2008-10-07 (closed)
What do you think?
R u confident that we will come out of this present mess 2008-11-13 (closed)
R u confident that we will come out of this present mess
Recognize these missing persons cases? 2009-05-11 (closed)
I want to know how recognizable these missing persons names are to the general public, to gauge h...
What is your favorite ride at Dollywood? 2009-08-03
What is your favorite ride at Dollywood?
Kayla Berg: Abducted, or ran away? 2010-07-08
Kayla Berg has been missing for a year... Attention has come back to the case, but there isn't an...
MLP:FiM Approval Rating --- Feb. 13th. - Feb. 19th. 2012-02-13 (closed)
My Little Pony - Approval Rating study conducted. Under advisement, and conducting poll while adv...
Elecciones 2012 2012-04-23
Hagamos un simulacro de por quien vamos a votar en 2012. Una encuesta independiente, no mediatica...
Olympics 2014-02-19
This is a public opinion poll I have created for a school project in my AP Government & Polit...
Katrina Spending 2005-09-22
News media are asking -- surprise, surprise -- if we should cut back on Iraq spending to finance ...
Interest Rates by December 2006 2006-05-10
A poll to determine opinion on interest rates set by the Federal Reserve
LCA 2007-05-18
Shower water
Poll: About the Terri Schiavo Memorial Run 2007-09-10
Word On Wheels® will be hosting the first annual Terri Schiavo Memorial Run from March 18 - 31, ...
Viva La Encuesta 2008-10-10
Poll to see if Latino Real-Estate Professionals believe the Government bailout will have a positi...
Current Financial Chrisis USA and the World 2008-10-26 (closed)
How do you feel about the fall 2008 melt down in the Financial Capitals of the world how will it ...
War On Terror 2008-11-10 (closed)
War On Terror
Increasing Temp Employees Hours for Benefits Fair? 2008-12-12 (closed)
a certain grocer, privately owned, has decided that part-time employees should now be required to...
Are your customers happy? 2009-02-20
In this market, customer satisfaction is survival. Can you afford to lose another customer t...
Wear or Tear? 2009-05-19
Would you wear this outfit, or tear it! Once one answer gets to 30 people[when they vote] A new o...
do you diss like 2009-07-15
do you diss like