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Event KAM2 preference 2012-01-20 (closed)
via deze poll kan je kiezen welk type event je verkiest
Math4/22 2013-04-22
Math poll
Unemployment 2013-09-23
Ethics and Facebook, Have You Been Fired Beacuse of Your Facebook Post(s)? 2014-02-19
This poll is for anyone who feels they have been FIRED from their job because of a Facebook post ...
Gas Prices and New Refineries 2005-09-06
It's been known for years that US refining capacities are low due to the lack of refineries. If g...
Hurricane Katrina 2005-09-23
Hurricane Katrina funds
Payday Loans 2006-01-09
I am wanting to take this poll to get opinions on payday loans and should they be banned in all s...
To Dye or not to dye? 2006-04-18
Should Chris dye his hair gray if Taylor is in the bottom 3 or back out to keep his wife happy?
Illiteracy 2006-05-09
Hey this poll is for my Sophmore project.
Boris for PM 2006-05-10
I believe Boris Johnson is the ideal candidate for PM. He is extremely intelligent, a real man of...
Fun poll! 2006-05-23
What's lazier?
Illiteracy 2006-05-23
Sophomore Project Survey
What is the cause of the lower gas prices? 2006-10-24
According to Energy Department, gas prices have dropped from $2.92 a gallon in mid-August, to $2....
J0hnxOCS VS 58Proxy 2009-08-31 (closed)
who do you think wins the drawing battle?
Would you travel to a country recently effected by political unrest/riots? 2010-07-01 (closed)
Would you travel to a country recently effected by political unrest/riots?
Do you think that rising oil prices affect your lifestyle? 2011-04-05 (closed)
Do you think that the rising of crude oil prices affect your lifestyle? If it does, please specif...
Last Step Towards Registration HC25+ 2012-02-20
Last Step Towards Registration HC25+
Dealing with a Pay Cut 2012-03-14
Dealing with a Pay Cut
ex-pmc farewell activity 2012-03-15
Hi, I would like us to meet for a nice activity.
Katrina Preparation 2005-09-06
Do you think the Governor of Louisiana overlooked the poor people of New Orleans when a Mandator...
Bird flu toll by 2007? 2005-10-19
Sixty humans have died of bird flu since 1997. How many more will die by the end of next year?
Chomsky 2006-03-21
Where do you stand on Noam Chomsky?
LCA 2007-05-18
Monitor power
Gold Investment 2007-09-04
A modern way of purchase gold
Who do u know the most 2008-07-08 (closed)
It is a poll to identify who fans know the most in the DB5 Crew