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Current Events


Was the snow too much? 2011-02-10
Was the snow too much this year or too little?
London Olympics 2012 2011-02-10
London Olympics 2012
How do you feel about the new airport security? 2010-12-12
How do you feel about the new airport screening machines?
Do you think the extensive airport security with pad down practice necessary?? 2010-12-01 (closed)
I saw the complains of TSA pad down practice, would like to whether you will support the pad down...
Outsourcing 2010-11-07
A quick one question poll on outsourcing. You need to have a job for this.
Do you know alot about America? 2010-11-01
Can you call yourself a true american?
Roman numerals, or modern 2010-10-16 (closed)
Some people say that they understand Roman numerals as far as the number XII, which they see on o...
ANWR Drilling 2010-10-16 (closed)
ANWR Drilling
How Many Times Should You be Able to Be Late for Work without Getting Dismissed? 2010-10-15
How Many Times Should You be Able to Be Late for Work without Getting Dismissed?
Nuclear power in a developing country? 2010-10-15 (closed)
What is your oping on building a nuclear power plant in a developing country?
(a)obama-nation 2010-10-09
about obamas bad choices
The Karmageddon SEC 2010-09-30 (closed)
The Karmageddon SEC would provide a deterrent to dishonest and illegal trading activity as well a...
13 th September - INTERNATIONAL TAYLOR SWIFT DAY 2010-09-14 (closed)
Do you think it would be nice & decent to honour a young lady who at 20 years of age is the C...
ARNA will pass approval from FDA advisory Panel? 2010-09-12
Adam's and his Hedgies says ARNA will fail approval.. I say ARNA will pass FDA panel for appr...
Public Transit 2010-09-12 (closed)
I am working on a paper regarding public transportation. Please help me out!
Society 2010-08-21
This is a test of our Screwed society.
What will Adalita & Dev's baby look like? 2010-08-21
What will Adalita & Dev's baby look like?
Indan NJ/NY/PA Brides 2010-08-20
Poll for Indian vendors
David Guetta / DeadMau5 2010-08-20 (closed)
David Guetta / DeadMau5
MOSAIC THEME NAME 2010-08-20 (closed)
Suggest a theme name for mosaic Theme is wireless nd space technology Names 1. Break Free 2. ...
Finance 2010-08-07 (closed)
Despite the fact that Pakistan once stood as a role model in economic structuring for other count...
Intercambio de Moneda 2010-07-17
Intercambio de Moneda
iphone: case or naked? 2010-07-16
iphone: case or naked?
VOTE For Your Most Favorite Female Personality On PALTALK 2010 2010-07-15 (closed)
part 2
Best President 2010-07-15 (closed)
Who is the best President.