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Should I go See the Lion King or Should I go See Wicked 2010-05-29
These two plays both seem to be very good, yet i don't know which one I would rather see. Disney'...
are you crazy 2010-05-29
please say i wanna know if most people are crazy
Classical Music Radio in St. Louis 2010-05-29 (closed)
This poll seeks public input regarding what should be done about the classical music format on th...
Unemployment-A Licence to Laze? 2010-05-13 (closed)
This quick poll will be used in a research project looking at how unemployment is currently perce...
Australian Flag 2010-05-02
Your opinion on our flag
Massage Licensing in Vermont 2010-04-22 (closed)
Should massage therapists be licensed in Vermont? Express your opinion.
The Fuss over Phosphates... 2010-04-08
I'm doing a research paper for my class. I am not going to give away my opinion on the issue but...
Obamas Heath care bill 2010-03-29
This poll is just for or agenst ( feel free to leave a foment on why you have the veiw that you do)
Innovation in Fashion 2010-03-28 (closed)
Innovation in Fashion
Nuclear Energy 2010-03-27 (closed)
Do you think that the United States should pursue nuclear energy as a major energy resource?
What's worse? 2010-03-26 (closed)
If you were an airline traveler, which would concern you more?
Your opinion on bias in the Media 2010-02-16
Your opinion on bias in the Media
Do you blog? 2010-02-16
Do you share your thought on line?
Creation, evolution or both ? 2010-02-05
Creation, evolution or both ?
The White Coat - To Wear or Not To Wear 2010-02-04 (closed)
What would you prefer to see doctors wearing on the wards?
Corporate and union election ads 2010-01-29
In a recent case, the United States Supreme Court ruled that corporations and unions can't be pre...
How much do you spend on gas per week (on average)? 2010-01-28 (closed)
Gasoline/petroleum for your vehicle, that is
airport security 2010-01-22
airport security
abortion? 2010-01-14
Ticklish Moms between 30-40 2010-01-14 (closed)
The mothers in between 30-40 years old & extremely ticklish
abortion poll 2010-01-14
pro life or pro choice?
abortion debate 2010-01-14
make it illegal
Ticklish Mother (Extremely) 2010-01-14
For those mothers who are extremely ticklish & being tickled by their children.
legalizing marijuana for medical purposes 2010-01-14
legalizing marijuana for medical purposes
Immigration debate 2010-01-11
stricter controls for immigration