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Cat Dilemma in Cleburne! 2012-01-09 (closed)
Cat Dilemma in Cleburne!
Will the EURO survive? 2011-12-29
Will the EURO survive?
Christmas presents 2011-12-21 (closed)
What can I get my little 9 year old sister for Christmas? She is in love with zebra and loves lim...
Your opinion about Bradley Manning 2011-12-18
I would like to hear what you think about him, the things he did and what shall happen to him. Pr...
Christmas Season or Holidy Season? 2011-12-12 (closed)
Over the past few years, the debate has grown about saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Whi...
Should AOL delete comments after they have been published? 2011-12-12 (closed)
After AOL news or the Huff Post quite often comments are removed although originally allowed. Is ...
What is your Christmas like? 2011-12-05 (closed)
What are you doing in the month of December? Maybe you don't even celebrate Christmas. Please tak...
Asian/Asian-American Women, what is you opinion regarding these laws? 2011-11-30
Most people don't realize that while Asia has had a history of gender equality issues, there are ...
Are You Prepared for December 21, 2012 2011-11-20
All of us have heard of the dooms day senarios about December 12,2012 and everything that may pos...
The War in Afghanistan 2011-11-16
These questions are to be answered in your own opinion and no one else's. Thank You for your time.
What do you think? 2011-11-16
What do you think?
Who will you vote for? 2011-11-08
Out of all the 2012 Presidential Candidates which would you vote for?
do you trust the mainstream media on significant international affairs? 2011-11-08
do you trust the mainstream media on significant international affairs?
Immigration 2011-11-08
How do you feel about immigration and immigration laws?
the lisbon treaty 2011-10-20 (closed)
a question on the knowledge of the regular people on the EU on The Lisbon Treaty
Financial Distress and Hunger Issues 2011-10-18
This Survey is to show what the effects of the economy are truly for all persons.
Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court Ruling 2011-10-18
Do you agree with the 2011 Supreme Court ruling that said that the Westboro Baptist Church's Firs...
Printed media vs Social media 2011-10-11 (closed)
The role of printed and social media on conveying messages to audiences.
Immigration 2011-10-10
Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Trial Verdict 2011-10-03 (closed)
This is your chance to voice your opinion on the death of the superstar Michael Jackson, and whet...
How much would you pay for Solar panels 2011-09-27
Just some Research to find out the demand for solar panels
Quantitative 2011-09-27 (closed)
i am trying to find out what kind of age group like a certain live performance like concert or da...
T. Little's Poll 2011-09-20 (closed)
The purpose of this poll is to see if educators feel that government involvement in setting readi...
Favourite Planet Poll 2011-09-09
Which planet in our Solar System (Pluto included) is your favourite?
This survey aims to gathers some of your thoughts, opinions and perceptions about animal cruelty ...