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Current Events


Hurricane Wilma 2005-11-06
I was recently in South Florida when Hurricane Wilma struck. She killed many people in the state,...
Mideast geography quickie 2005-10-24
Don't cheat-- I just want to see where people's mental maps are at
Bird Flu 2005-10-21
Lets see what your thoughts are on the possibility of Human to Human Bird Flu
Halloween Poll 2005-10-20
Vote on which Halloween costume is your favorite!!
The Bird Flu 2005-10-20
A new flu pandemic is quite possibly on the way. What do you think? And for fun, check and see if...
Bird flu toll by 2007? 2005-10-19
Sixty humans have died of bird flu since 1997. How many more will die by the end of next year?
The #1 Language in America 2005-10-10
Which language(s) do you think should REALLY be taught in schools and why?
News Media 2005-10-07
The national press has many pros and cons. This poll asks how well they do their job.
Halloween: How do you feel about it? 2005-10-03
Halloween stirs in people many opinions; some are excited to dress up and trick or treat door to ...
Will you take a bus with gas going up 2005-09-26
With gas prices going up up and up, how likely are you to take a public bus.
Hurricane Katrina 2005-09-23
Hurricane Katrina funds
Katrina Spending 2005-09-22
News media are asking -- surprise, surprise -- if we should cut back on Iraq spending to finance ...
America faces tragedy. 2005-09-14
Pitting the emotional impact of 9/11 vs. the emotional impact of Katrina.
Katrina's 'Hamlets' 2005-09-13
What were Bush, Chertoff (DHS), and Brown (FEMA) thinking that led to such long delays? (Check al...
Blame Game 2005-09-13
In a National tragedy it is very easy to place blame. Especially after seeing the suffering on TV.
Rebuilding New Orleans 2005-09-07
The city of New Orleans is mostly below sea level, so if it's rebuilt it will again be vulnerable...
Katrina Preparation 2005-09-06
Do you think the Governor of Louisiana overlooked the poor people of New Orleans when a Mandator...
Hurricane Katrina 2005-09-06
Do you feel that the government's response to Hurricane Katrina has been adequate?
Gas Prices and New Refineries 2005-09-06
It's been known for years that US refining capacities are low due to the lack of refineries. If g...
Assassination/Robertson 2005-08-31
Pat Robertson said Venezuelan president Chavez ought to be assassinated. How do you feel about t...
Best Thing about Global Warming 2005-08-28
Positive aspects of Global Warming
Corporate Life 2005-08-24
Your views on the subject
Is jealousy a motivation for the Al Queda? 2005-08-24
Ever since the bombing of the World Trade Center which was hit Sept 2001 I've wondered if jealous...
War in Iraq 2005-08-18
Political views
Do you expect a U.S. terror attack within 2 years? 2005-08-17
About half of Michigan adults expect some type of terrorist attack on the United States will occu...