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Is generation y of the 21st century out of control? 2013-05-21
i am doing an oral presentation how gen y has degenrated as the decades go on. i would really lov...
Math4/22 2013-04-22
Math poll
Higher Education in America 2013-03-25
Higher Education in America
Split Pants 2013-03-11
girls only
Toilet in a lockable cubicle within a private bathroom 2013-02-25
The news coverage of Reeva Steenkamp being shot in her boyfriend's bathroom is the ffirst time I ...
Owning Cars v Public Transportation 2013-02-21
The mayor of the largest city in our area seems to believe that to convince more people to move t...
Stock Market 2013-02-18 (closed)
Stock Market
Views on Islam 2013-02-05
Just wanna see the worlds views on Islam
National Debt 2013-01-25
Our school project requires us to determine who out of people in America believe the economy is o...
Do guns need to be banned? 2013-01-09
Do guns need to be banned?
A chance to sit on the dunk tank 2013-01-03
I'm sitting on a dunk tank next week. I want as many people as possible to want to dunk me, I fig...
Official WHS Quill Poll- December 2012 2012-12-13
Official WHS Quill Poll- December 2012
Gender Inequality 2012-12-04
Whos treared more unfairly
Women's Equality in the Workplace 2012-11-28
Women's Equality in the Workplace
Obesity in America 2012-11-26
Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday 2012-11-17
I'm doing an article for my school paper on it and I wanted to see How you all feel, Will you be ...
Event Attending 2012-11-07
Event Attending
Songs 'N S'mores Feedback 2012-10-29 (closed)
How satisfied were you with SuperTroop 71's Songs 'N S'mores event? Please help us make the next ...
Childhood Obesity 2012-10-26
Childhood Obesity
Romney vs. Obama 2012-10-04
Who will you choose in the 2012 election?
The Ultimate Universal Studio's Orlando Theme Park Survey 2012-09-25
Cheers to everything Universal Orlando!
the 47% and Mitt Romney 2012-09-25
does the video change the direction of the 2012 election?
Underground Tx Music Awards 2012-09-10
This is where you vote for your favorite artist or group for the upcoming award show to be held i...
legitimate rape 2012-08-21
how do you fell about the crime of rape and the political opinion of Todd Akin the tea party sen...
Does America Need Tougher Gun Control Laws? 2012-08-08
In light of tragedies like the gun murders of Columbine, Virgina Tech, Arizona (Gabrielle Gifford...