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What has been the most important nation (or empire) that has ever ruled? 2014-04-21
What has been the most important nation (or empire) that has ever ruled?
Influences & Messages of the Media 2014-04-14
This poll is to see how much of an impact the media has on society today. (I need this ...
Environmental Survey 2014-04-07 (closed)
Please answer these questions about the environment. Thanks!
WWE Wrestlemania XXX Predictions 2014-03-27
Wrestlemania 30 is April 6, 2014 take this poll and join the discussion of Old School Wrestling o...
Ethics and Facebook,Have You Been Refused A Job For Not Giving Your FB Password? 2014-02-19
This poll is for anyone who feels they have not been hired by an potential employer because they ...
Ethics and Facebook, Have You Been Fired Beacuse of Your Facebook Post(s)? 2014-02-19
This poll is for anyone who feels they have been FIRED from their job because of a Facebook post ...
Olympics 2014-02-19
This is a public opinion poll I have created for a school project in my AP Government & Polit...
Worst Person of the Year 2013 2013-12-06 (closed)
While TIME Magazine's editors deliberate on who their Person of the Year should be (and the publi...
Will Israel strike Iran soon? 2013-11-18 (closed)
Tensions in the Middle East are high now as Iran closes in on nuclear bombs. Recent attempts to m...
Xenophobia 2013-11-06
Xenophobia is the intolerance, hatred, or fear of a group of people because of their race/religio...
Do you fear a market bubble right now? 2013-11-01
A market bubble collapse.
Long Distance Poll 2013-09-30
We are all unique and different in our own ways. Find out what others around the world are like!
Unemployment 2013-09-23
War in Iraq and The US Economy 2013-09-23
This poll aims to find out how the public feels about the war the US is leading in Iraq and how i...
Is Jesus Christ an Alien? 2013-08-01
Is Jesus Christ an Alien? Keep in mind that all people are not the same. All races are not the...
If the Savior walked this earth today, how do you believe he would be received t 2013-06-20
Picture this. Our Lord and Savior returns in this day and age. How do you believe his presence wi...
Is generation y of the 21st century out of control? 2013-05-21
i am doing an oral presentation how gen y has degenrated as the decades go on. i would really lov...
Math4/22 2013-04-22
Math poll
Higher Education in America 2013-03-25
Higher Education in America
Split Pants 2013-03-11
girls only
Toilet in a lockable cubicle within a private bathroom 2013-02-25
The news coverage of Reeva Steenkamp being shot in her boyfriend's bathroom is the ffirst time I ...
Owning Cars v Public Transportation 2013-02-21 (closed)
The mayor of the largest city in our area seems to believe that to convince more people to move t...
Stock Market 2013-02-18 (closed)
Stock Market
Views on Islam 2013-02-05
Just wanna see the worlds views on Islam
National Debt 2013-01-25
Our school project requires us to determine who out of people in America believe the economy is o...