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Current Events


Terrorism 2007-04-18
Terrorism is the biggest problem of the 21st century what is going on?
Racism 2007-04-18
Racism is major in the world what do you think?
Are The USA Bullies? 2007-04-09
The USA think they can rule the world but are they bullies?
Is New York's Finest the finest? 2007-03-29
Do you think the NYPD is the finest police department? Why or why not?
Take my Norwood Survey 2007-03-13
Since I haven't really done anything outside the town of Norwood since I graduated High School, I...
Predict the Future 2007-03-06
2007 Assault Weapon Ban Bill 2007-02-26
HR 1022 proposes a new "Assault Weapon" Ban that now includes weapons with detachable m...
Your Views 2007-02-22
I'm conducting a survey to explore honest views on topics and think the Internet is the safest wa...
What do you want in 2008? 2007-02-22
Answer the following questions about you and your views and see how your answers compare to others.
Do you know anything about Sudan, Africa? 2007-02-15
How many people know about the events happening right now in Sudan, Africa? Particularly in the D...
Purse Snatching; statistics on the rise! 2007-02-11
Statistics show that purse snatcing crimes are on the rise after a report of over 220,000 attempt...
Control of Senkakus/Daiyoutai 2007-02-05
The ownership of the Senkaku/ Daiyoutai islands has been contested over the years between Japan a...
The Iraq War 2007-01-26
This poll has to do with the war and i am using these stats in a documentry
New Year 2007-01-20
BODY IMAGE 2007-01-10
a quiz about body image for my english coursework. Please help by filling it in. Thank you very m...
Should Bhutan move ahead for a Democratic System of Govt.? 2006-12-31
IN 2008, Bhutan will be a Democratic country. Till date, under the leadership of the Wangchuck Dy...
War in Iraq 2006-12-29
Should we or shouldn't we? Good or bad? Needed or unnecessary? Let the poll speak for itself.
Minimum wage 2006-12-28
What are your thoughts and feelings about this whole minimum wage thing? Several states have alr...
Public Executions 2006-12-27
Don't bother taking this poll if you're AGAINST the death penalty. This poll is about PUBLICLY ex...
How do you feel about Christmas? 2006-12-15
Christmas is coming
Which issue is the biggest long term threat to peace in Asia 2006-12-11
There are many serious issues that affect peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region. Which of...
Axe Scents 2006-12-10
there are many axe scents, including a new one, Axe Clix, which i heard is really good! Which sc...
Palmer B1 Stem Cell Research 2006-11-20
Your opinion about stem cell research.
U.S.-Cuba Relations 2006-11-13
The Cold War has been over for more than a decade now, and I was curious if the U.S. should now n...
Should we go to war with N.Korea? 2006-10-27
Unless you have lived under a rock, you have surely heard of the nuclear tests happening in North...