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Current Events


Is there a Rise in Japanese Nationalism? 2006-10-10
The ReAwakening of Nationalism in Japanese Youth
Banned Books Week 2006-10-04
poll to express your opinions on Banned Books Week!
Pluto. Planet, not a planet 2006-10-02
424 astronomers have determined that Pluto is no longer a planet.
Natural Disasters 2006-09-22
This poll is being conducted to find the publics view on our countries prepardness for natural di...
Where were you on 9/11? 2006-09-19
We will never forget that aweful day and how it changed all of us. I'm just curious: where were y...
Go Healthy Poll 2006-08-19
This is a poll about the average persons lifestyle. Take my quiz, coming soon!
proactive 2006-08-10
does proactive really work
People of the World 2006-07-28
This is a simple poll to learn about the people of the world.
Israel's security 2006-07-23
When will Israel finally feel secure?
Our Lovely President 2006-07-14
I just want to see how the president rates as far as his first and second terms go.
North Korea vs US 2006-07-10
North Korea has tested its Taepodong 2 long range ballistic missile, capable of reaching territor...
What is your news source? 2006-07-05
Where do Americans get their news?
Hydrotherapy 2006-07-05
Believe it or not?
bird flu, a big panic over nothing 2006-06-29
bird flu has been in the news non-stop, but only 100 people have died. compared to 400000 a year ...
Who Do You Want In The BB7 House? 2006-06-27
Which 6 houseguests will you pick?
I HATE SUMMER!!!!! 2006-06-24
do you hate summer as much as i do!!! if u do take this poll!
Miss Universe 2006 TOP 15 favourites 2006-06-21
Pick the contestants that you think will advance to the finals of Miss Universe 2006?
4th of July plans? 2006-06-21
What are your plans for 4th of July?
Tiny Vampires of Doom 2006-06-12
It's West Nile virus season!
Fireworks 2006-06-10
Do you buy fireworks on 4th of July?
Who Are "We The People" ? 2006-06-08
Most polls say Americans are for immigration but against illegal "immigration". Who are...
Make a difference 2006-06-01
We have seen in the last few days that there is no way the politicians are going to lose their vo...
censorship 2006-05-26
this poll is about wherther censorship is going to far
Illiteracy 2006-05-23
Sophomore Project Survey
Fun poll! 2006-05-23
What's lazier?