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Controversy / Morality


Are you a racist? 2004-02-27
A test for people of any race, to see how we are in race relations in the USA
School Violence 2005-03-29
questions about school violence.
Sex in schools 2007-02-05
The distribution of contraception in schools has always been a controversy.
Gay marriage 2007-10-27
This is based on oppinion or your belief not other peoples. This is a research for a project I'm ...
The Big Questions 2008-04-14
Please answer the questions as best you can. If none of the options for a particular question are...
China gymnastic team 2008-08-19 (closed)
Do you think the members of the Chinese olympic gymnastic team are of age?
should kids be taught about gays in school 2002-03-19
this poll is to see if people are ok that schools teach about gays & gay rights
Child Abuse 2007-12-06
How do you feel about the importance of child abuse
Nudity or Violence? 2006-02-20
You tell me which you think is worse for a child to see.
Die Now or Live Forever? 2008-09-04
Die Now or Live Forever?
Abortion and Ethics 2009-08-31
Abortion and Ethics
Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture 2009-11-07 (closed)
This survey is one-hundred percent confidential and will be only used for personal study. It will...
Perceptions of the paranormal (Westbourne IB Programme) 2012-07-02
On Friday 6th July, Westbourne School (IB World school, Wales, UK) is having its annual Theory of...
What is moral on the "Holodeck" 2009-03-28
The Holodeck was a feature on Star Trek, and was basically a limitless virtual reality environmen...
Which capital punishment method would you choose? 2005-09-19
If you were to be put to death under capital punishment, what method would you choose?
if u had to 2008-01-31
given a choice, which would you chose?
Racism against whites? 2010-09-14
Has anyone noticed that in countries like Britain and America, there seems to be a lot of racial ...
American Women and Topless Sunbathing 2011-12-29
Are you a woman living in the United States?
Your opinion on Adolf Hitler 2003-12-12
Just want to see what people think!
fear of sharp objects 2008-05-12
I want to know how common it is to fear sharp objects. Now please answer what you COULD DO if you...
Is Slavery still relivant for the benefit of human society today? 2011-06-13
This poll has been compiled to determine the individual citizens personal perspective about moder...
What Do You Consider Child Abuse? 2001-01-12
Child abuse is UNACCEPTABLE, but what actions do you believe are abusive?
Piercing ,Tattoos, And Society 2003-02-20
Hey Folks, Most of you are here because you are in Dr. Parsons Sociology Of SP Class, but even i...
Marijuana 2010-11-07
Doing a term paper, just trying to figure out some demographics.
Do you think it is going overboard to take obese children from their parents? 2011-07-21
Do you think it is going overboard to take obese children from their parents?