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Controversy / Morality


Punished for Fighting or Not Fighting 2009-02-15
Punished for Fighting or Not Fighting
Embarassing drunk things 2002-05-06
Most of us adults like drinking alcohol to relax and socialise, but sometimes we go too far...Hav...
When will women rule? 2005-08-08
Women have surpassed men in education and some areas of the economy. This trend appears to be gai...
Which Medieval Death Would Be The Worst? 2008-01-31
Throughout history we have come up with some pretty gruesome ways of dispatching with other human...
Nudity or Violence? 2006-02-20
You tell me which you think is worse for a child to see.
Ethics-Long, Interesting Poll 2008-04-04
Common questions of ethicality, some easy, some hard. This is a serious poll so please answer tr...
NORTH KOREA 2009-06-12
Should the US destroy North Korea?
Abortion (18 years or older please) 2011-04-29
Your opinions on the abortion debate
(MALES ONLY) Would you lay down your life for a woman? 2006-09-05
About a century ago, when a ship was going down, women and children had first priority on the lif...
What is moral on the "Holodeck" 2009-03-28
The Holodeck was a feature on Star Trek, and was basically a limitless virtual reality environmen...
Homosexuality: Inborn Trait or Learned Trait? 2001-11-13
I'm writing a sociological research paper on whether homosexuality comes to be from factors outsi...
MUGS 2004-09-10
There is a slowly growing movement for men to wear MUGS. A MUG is a "male Un-Bifurcated Garm...
Gay marriage 2007-10-27
This is based on oppinion or your belief not other peoples. This is a research for a project I'm ...
Suicide 2008-06-11
I am doing a project for school and need to survey peeps.
vacation - nude couple's play 2015-07-10
Everyone cuts loose during vacations. I'm curious how naked you get, or wish you could get. How m...
What is the best way to put women back in their place? 2005-08-31
Women have gotten increasingly out of control in the last few years. Look how much teen pregna...
2012 2008-12-15 (closed)
~~~ -- What happens to miscarried and aborted babies? -- ~~~ 2005-06-13
We all know that miscarried and aborted babies never get the change to accept Christ as their Lor...
Do you believe of global warming 2008-05-12 (closed)
Gloabl Warming
Gay : Right or Wrong? 2003-09-30
I want to know people's views on homosexuality.
Sex in schools 2007-02-05
The distribution of contraception in schools has always been a controversy.
War 2007-08-04
what is good/bad about war
Child Abuse 2007-12-06
How do you feel about the importance of child abuse
On the Death Penalty 2008-06-04
Various questions on the subject of the death penalty
Obesity in North America 2011-08-06