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Controversy / Morality


What topic should I try to inform my speech class on... on friday? 2012-10-01
I have to give a speech to my class tomorrow on a random topic that has a lot of value in America...
Infant ear piercing. 2012-09-25
Should children be old enough to consent before their ears are pierced, as The American Academy o...
One last Tweet 2012-09-17
You live in a society where cannibalism is accepted practice and just found out you are on the me...
Groin strike! Excess force? 2012-09-07
<p>Most people would agree that in a life or death situation its acceptable to use force ag...
8c tarkine poll 2012-09-04
how did you like the performance?
taking shoplifters' shoes 2012-08-28
There was a store clerk who when he caught someone attempting to steal that he gave them two choi...
Belt Spankins 2012-08-28
This a Poll about Being Smacked/Spanked with a Belt. I have a Poll for the Cane as well For this...
Chastised: Child rights vs Parents 2012-08-23
<p>The idea of keeping children pure by limiting their sexuality is nothing new. In fact f...
Superiority: Men vs Women 2012-08-23
Straight up Men vs Women poll. No extra questions.
Are demonic possessions real? 2012-08-20
Do you believe there is such a thing as, people being overtaken by unholy spirits?
Only Feminists Answer 2012-08-20
This is to examine feminist stereotypes and learn what actual feminists believe.
What are UFO's? 2012-08-15
Let's get down to the bottom of it, shall we?
Animal cruelty questionnaire 2012-08-09
This is a senior grade questionnaire which will determine the public's view on animal cruelty
What would you do in these situations? 2012-08-09
Basically, I'll give you some situations that will most likely never happen, and you tell me what...
The Bris - only a Jewish issue? 2012-07-30
<p>In light of a recent German court ruling that circumcision of boys violates human rights...
Judaism without circumcision 2012-07-30
<p>Many religious individuals, including Jews have no problem with the statement "I be...
Bedtime For Bonzo 2012-07-30
We live in modern times. We have multi-income households with people coming and going all the tim...
Do you believe children should be taught to "respect their elders"? 2012-07-23
Do you believe children should be taught to "respect their elders"?
Shorter Work Day 2012-07-23
<p>In most countries in the world, a standard workday is considered to be 9AM to 5PM. This...
Which do you think is more harmful for a child to see? 2012-07-23
I'm making this poll after a mass murder and this is in the news.
Girls Bathing With Relatives 2012-07-23
This poll was inspired by a recent letter to "Dear Abby." A six year old girl took a b...
German Cut 2012-07-20
<p>In 2012 the German court ruled that circumcision of boys done for non-medically essentia...
Ethics and Morals 2012-07-13
I know a lot of people might lie on these questions if they were asked them in real life, but thi...
Would you find the license plate 'KZMAZ' inappropriate or offensive? Yes or No? 2012-07-12
I requested a special/personalized license plate from the BMV and they said that it was inappropr...
Rav Wish 2012-07-09
Rav Wish