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Controversy / Morality


Punishing the innocent or letting the guilty go free? 2015-08-13
Punishing the innocent or letting the guilty go free?
Is the Moral choice always the right choice? 2015-08-13
Morality dictates the way we should act, but are there times when the Immoral act is the right th...
vacation - nude couple's play 2015-07-10
Everyone cuts loose during vacations. I'm curious how naked you get, or wish you could get. How m...
Fathers Helping Daughters in Changing Rooms 2 2015-07-10
From the responces to <a href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/594255">Girl's spo...
Fathers Helping Daughters in Changing Rooms 2015-07-10
From the responces to my polls<a href="http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/594255">Gi...
Airport Security and Kids6 2015-06-21
This poll is sequel to my Airport Security and Kids Polls (Main, 1-5). In these polls I have trie...
Nudity 2015-05-21
This poll is to investigate attitudes about nudity. Background - I am a 39 year old mother in Wes...
For Parents: Parental Physical Exams For Girls 2015-05-21
As the daughter of a medical doctor I've had more than my share of medical exams growing up. Inti...
Genital Spanking 2015-05-04
I'm a mom with two girls, 5 and 8. I use corporal punishment even though I'm not very open about ...
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? 2015-05-04
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? Just once. Be a cannibal...
World Peace? 2015-04-18
World Peace?
Mouth Washed Out with Soap 2015-03-23
Mouth Washed Out with Soap
Spanked in Public 2015-03-23
Spanked in Public
Spanking poll for adults 2015-03-23
Looking for how you would like to be spanked.
Spanked by others 2015-03-23
Another spanking poll for teenage boys
Boys relative to girls 2015-03-23
Boys relative to girls (self-play)
what do you think about this punishment?(women only) 2015-03-23
My girlfriend thinks I talk too much so when we are sitting alone together she clamps her hand ov...
Wich punishment is more effective? 2015-03-23 (closed)
In general, punishments are used to correct missbehave. Some methods seem to get old (like spanki...
Circumcision Botch Compensation 2015-03-02
<p>Circumcision. A risk-free painless procedure, especially easy on infants that are incap...
The effectiveness of spanking as a punishment 2015-02-09
Throughout this poll spanking is taken to mean corporal punishment that is somewhat premeditated ...
lower the drinking age? (Natthan) 2015-01-19
do you think the drinking age should be lowered?
Decide my son's punishment 2015-01-02
My teenage son recently hacked my email and Mr. Poll accounts and created polls about cross dress...
Is Shia LaBeouf telling the truth 2014-12-16
...about what was done to him during IAMSORRY
Airport Security and Kids5 2014-12-16
Some parents have informed me that their children were subjected to skin-to-skin pat downs at air...
Breast punches during fights 2014-12-08
Poll for women who have been in real fights that involved breast punches.